Google has made YouTube player corners rounded from angular edges

Google is known for deploying changes to its apps and services, considering their aesthetic elements. Recently, a new wave of changes has been incorporated into YouTube’s logo.

The application’s angular edges are being substituted with curved ones by YouTube in an effort to make it more aesthetically pleasing. The main player for videos is now similar to the mini player and video suggestion on the left panel as per the most recent update.

The new rounded edge is meant to offer a softer look and an air of modernity in contrast to the previous version’s sharp edges. The theater mode will not be able to use the new look. The video will likely take up the entire screen when it is maximized by the user.

The new look is not all about visual appeal, as it has some visible drawbacks. Reportedly, YouTube is cutting down on pixels from the original content, in essence, the platform is showing cropped videos.

Moreover, design experts feel that rounded corners may not go well with desktop monitors that come with squared-off corners. Several users took to Twitter to express their displeasure with the new change.

The skip advertisements button on YouTube appears to be also going through testing for a similar change. Google Maps utilized curves in its design earlier this month. It seems like the tech giant might incorporate this more delicate aesthetic into its other services.

YouTube player corners rounded

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