How to Add and Use Disqus WordPress Comments on Your Website

What is Disqus?

The Disqus for WordPress is a third party commenting system which enables the visitors to comments on your website using the social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ among others. It is can be installed on a variety of CMS but in this tutorial, we will focus only on WordPress. The comments appeared on the page are also index by the search engines which indirectly helps in increasing the page rank. So, when you are on WordPress with Disqus comment system it could help you to increase a spam free traffic. In this article, we will show you step by step how to add and use the Disqus Comment System plugin on WordPress.



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Create Disqus Account

Step 1: Go to Disqus website and signup. After successful signup, you will see a screen similar to given below.

Create Disqus Account

Select the second option “I want to install Disqus on my site”


Step 2: Select the basic plan, if you want to use the Disqus free of cost on WordPress.

disqus plan

Step 3:  In the next step you need to create a site. Give your website name and category.

Disqus Comment System in WordPress


Step 4:  As we know that the Disqus supports multiple Content Management platform and WordPress is one of them. As you can see in the screenshot, now select WordPress logo and you will redirect to the installation instruction page.

Wordpress platfrom for disqus

Step 5:  Now you will see the Disqus WordPress plugin installation instruction those we will discuss later, right now just click on the configure button.  

step by step disqus comment system installation guide for wordpress

Step 6: At the configure page provide the WordPress website details where you want to use the Disqus.

Configure the Disqus

Disqus WordPress Plugin Installation and configure steps

Step 1: Go to your WordPress Dashboard and from the left panel select the plugins-Add new

Step 2: You will find a plugin search box at the right corner. Type and search for Disqus.

Add Disqus WordPress Comments on Your Website

Step 3:  After installation and activation of Disqus WordPress plugin its time to configure that. Go to comments option available on the left side of WordPress dashboard and select the Disqus.

Disqus comment system on wordpress


Step 4:  When you open the Disqus plugin to configure it, the first thing it asks for is to upgrade the database. Click on Upgrade button to install the Disqus Comments files.


Disqus comment system plugin


Step 5:  After upgrading the database you will get Install Disqus Comments screen where you need to enter the username and password you used to create an account on the Just enter those and hit the Next button.

Install Disqus Comments

Step 6:  Click on the link “Continue to the moderation dashboard”.

Disqus installation on WOrdpress

Step 7:   You will bring to the Disqus comments moderation page. Right now we don’t have any comments in Disqus that’s why you will see the No comments but we can import our previous old WordPress website comments to Disqus comments.

Comments moderation page of disqus wordpress comments


Step 8:  To export old WordPress comments to your new install Disqus, click on the Comments option from the WordPress left panel and click on Disqus. On the Disqus comments section, you will see an option at the top right side called “Plugin settings”. That option takes you to another page as shown in the below screenshot where you will see two options  “Export comments to Disqus” and “Sync Disqus with WordPress”.  Click on the button “Export Comments”

Import old wordpress comments from WordPress to disqus


Step 9:  Now you will see all your old deleted, spam, pending and approved comments on the Disqus comments section.

Disqus add to wordpress

Disqus dashboard

If the Disqus frontend appears wider then your comments page uses the below CSS code:

#disqus_thread {
    margin: 0 auto;
    max-width: 604px;


Question and Answers

How do I change my profile pic on Disqus?

To change the profile pic, log in on Disqus and click on gear icon given on the right side of your avatar. From where select the Edit Profile option. For detail step by step see this– link.


How do I get rid of Disqus WordPress commenting?

To deregister or delete your account from the Disqus, again login and clear on the gear icon appear on your Disqus account on their official website. Under the gear icon select the settings and you will find an option called “Delete your Disqus account”. For more information See: Link

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