• How to Migrate a Blog From WordPress.com to WordPress.org for FREE

    If you are a user of WordPress.com for a while now. things were quite best so far, however, you’ve come to some extent wherein you’re geared up to go beyond WordPress.com. You need to put in plugins and customize your issues. You need to simply start monetizing your website and be in full manipulate. Well, you are at the right place today we show how to switch from WordPress.com and WordPress.org.  Here we are going to show you a way to correctly move your weblog from WordPress.com to WordPress.org. You can transfer all your WordPress.com content to a WordPress.org web site with all pictures and media. Before moving from WordPress.com and WordPress.org be sure you have Domain and hosting somewhere such as on Godaddy or Bluehost.

    Are you equipped? allow’s begin shifting your WordPress.com weblog to your new self-hosted website online.

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    Things you need earlier Before Migrating from WordPress.com to Self hosted Platform

    1. A Domain Name
    2. Hosting service

    If you want to migrate it for free then contact us we will do it for you free of cost.

    Moving From WordPress.com to Self-Hosted WordPress.org

    First of all, go to your WordPress.com and export all you post, pages, media, and feedbacks:

    Step 1: Open your WordPress.com blog Dashboard

    WordPress.com to WordPress.org

    Step 2: From the right side of the Dashboard select Tool-> Export

    Step 3:  From the windows select “All content” and cClick on “Download Export File”.

    WordPress.com to WordPress.org download

    Install WordPress and Import Content from WordPress.com to WordPress.org

    Now go to your self-hosted WordPress and Import the downloaded content of your WordPress.com blog.

    Step 1: Click on Tools->Import. Select the WordPress option as shown in the screenshot and install it.

    WordPress importer

    Step 2: Once the WordPress importer plugin is installed, select the download WordPress.com XML file and upload it.

    Wordpress.com migrate

    Step 3: After successful uploading, assign the author and check the Download attachment option.  If you have too many attachments, this might fail, and you will need to repeat the above steps.

    Import Images from WordPress.com to self-hosted WordPress.org:

    Step 1: Go to Media and click on Import images option and import all your previous blog images.


    Import-WordPress.com images

    Set permalinks

    If you haven’t changed the previous blogs permalinks then you do not need to follow this step. But if have custom permalinks then go to settings->permalinks and changes it according to your WordPress.com permalinks.

    WordPress permalinks


    Enabling 301 redirects on previous blog i.e WordPress.com

    To maintain the SEO and your user traffic you need to enable the 301 redirect. For enabling the permanent 301 redirect in WordPress.com, go to-> store and buy an add-on called Site Redirect. The cost of Site Redirect is 13 dollar per year. The main benefit of this add-on is it put a permanent redirect to your old blog to new WordPress. This will not only save you blog SEO but also helps you to maintain the organic traffic.



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