5 Best Apple AirPods alternatives for Android, iOS, Windows 2019-20

The Apple AirPods – now comes with a wireless charging case, hands-free Siri, and longer talk-times – are an enhancement over the original AirPods, but they still face some thoughtful competition on both worth and features. The 1More Stylish is the best substitute to AirPods we’ve revised to date, an extraordinary fact considering they charge just $100. Though they aren’t precisely the very best wireless earbuds accessible right now.

Plenty of other brands are presenting their own great quality earbuds for Android, iOS, and Windows devices. You can use those along with your Windows or Linux based laptop as well. If you’re seeing to buy a pair of high-end wireless headphones, we’ve emphasized six of the best AirPod substitutions on the market nowadays.

1. 1MORE Stylish

It’s not every day you find an invention that runs laps around the one that stimulated it for half the cost, but the 1More Stylish true wireless earbuds pull the feat off persuasively. It starts with a sound sign — helped along by Grammy Award winner Luca Bignardi — that achieves to outdo the loyalists of this class cheers to a pair of masterfully tuned 7mm titanium drivers.

1MORE True Wireless Earbuds – Black Apple airpod alternatives

  • The 1More Stylish studied well in the Digital Tendencies office. They feature a bass profile that’s hard-hitting but not uncontrollable, and the well-balanced notes transversely the rest of the spectrum make them textbook for those with eclectic tastes. Bluetooth AptX helps them pass those delicate particulars through the air with ear-pleasing lucidity, somewhat that far too many earbuds pass on. 
  • With just a single charge will have you astounding for just over six hours, and the included charging case bumps that possible up to 24 hours earlier you’ll have to thirst for juice. You’ll skip through tracks with the comprised multi-functional key, though it’s hard to forgive the lack of devoted volume controls. All sit inside a water-resistant frame with a metallic coating that validates its namesake, all for a mere $100.


  • The price is around $100 from both Amazon & Walmart.

2. Samsung Galaxy Buds

They may now not be the toast of the city as they were once we 1st reviewed them, however the Samsung Galaxy Buds area unit still a number of the most effective AirPod alternatives you can buy. Samsung balances comfort, utility (the “find my earbuds” feature is fantastic), and power during a delightfully sleek package.

Samsung Galaxy Buds

  • While the six-hour battery life is enough to satisfy most listening sessions, the seven-hour top-up available in the included wireless charging case doesn’t give you a ton of extra room. And Galaxy S10 owners can use their phone’s battery to keep the music going.

  • AKG fingered the drivers here, which we found to be delivering extraordinary performance, particularly when one starts to figure out how the featured five equalizer modes influence the favourite tracks. Ambient audio mode and water resistance spherical out the list of desirables. You could point to any of their traits and feel confident in the Galaxy Buds.

  • The price is around $128 from Amazon while 150 from Walmart.

3. JLab Epic Air Sport

It’s funny — true wireless earbuds should be most desirable for runners and gym rats, but many tend to stop at basic water resistance for workout-friendly features. JLab disrupts the established order with the Epic Air Sport, one amongst the most effective try of stringless cans with a large number of ear tip and hooks choices to secure their match.

JLab Epic Air Sport

  • It is an interesting deal as the earbuds and included charging case are, presented with the technology inside for Epic Air Sport measures generously. The most fulgurant figure is that the extra seventy hours of battery life that the case adds, enough to charge the set several times before you have to hunt for outlets.

  • For sporty people, the IP66 water resistance will not only give them the sporty flavour but also keep them safe from sweat and rain, and intuitive touchpad controls make volume adjustments and playback options a breeze. The JLab Epic Air Sport supply a balanced soundstage out of the box, and with 3 equivalent weight modes to leap between, they’re a number of the foremost genre-versatile buds we’ve reviewed.

  • Cost the same from Amazon and Walmart which is around $150.

4. Klipsch T5 True Wireless

Classic audio brands like Klipsch aren’t perpetually adept at the technological aspects of their craft, however its T5 True Wireless earbuds area unit a major exception. For starters, they boast a number of the simplest base battery life you’ll be able to notice, giving up eight hours of continuous playback at full capability. The attractive brushed metal charging case — that adds another twenty-four hours of fun — may well be mistaken for a Zippo lighter to the untrained eye.

Klipsch T5 True Wireless Earphones Apple airpod alternative

  • These may well be the best earbuds for frequent callers. The four-microphone array picks up your voice with ease while working to counteract background noise. It’s doable to use alone earbud and retain most of your interface management, although you’ll invoke your digital assistant of option to regulate volume in this mode.

  • You don’t pay the Klipsch premium for voice calls, though, and we’re happy to report that the T5 more than meets the brand’s lofty sonic standards. It conveniently beats the AirPods and contests enough of the Powerbeats Pro’s wits, like IPX4 water resistance, to justify your $200 cost. Plus, AN equalizer can arrive whenever the Klipsch Connect app launches, that may well be any day currently.

  • For a quality product like this, you need to pay around $198-200 from Amazon.

5. RHA TrueConnect

Some folks truly like the vertical pipe style of the AirPods, and for them, the RHA TrueConnect earbuds represent a transparent upgrade. With many choices for silicone polymer tips within the box, they provide additional comfort choices, and also the sound signature options punchy bass that’s tuned excellently to avoid dominating your tracks.

RHA TrueConnect True Wireless Earbuds with Bluetooth 5 & Sweatproof for Sport

  • Battery life doesn’t quite match some of the other options on this list, but the five stand-alone hours alongside 20 extra in the elegant matte black charging case will get you through long days. Stunningly, you’ll restore five-hundredths of its power in only quarter-hour of charging.

  • The RHA TrueConnect actually packs all the needed features, and even adds some special tricks in the item and no one can claim it to be emulated, like water resistance, fall protection etc. With the great 4.5 star rating out five, these area units a number of the simplest true wireless buds we’ve tested.

  • It is going to cost you around $150-175 on Amazon.


Now one can wonder why all the above alternatives are so costly, as we are talking about alternatives of a killer product which comes from Apple itself. So, while you are looking for alternative of that product you must consider something with the same class, quality, durability and style, to get which you need to pay more, though all the alternatives above do cost less than the Apple AirPod, but the point of this article was not considering the cheap AirPod alter alternatives but quality and worthy AirPod alternatives.

If you want something cheap you can look for the Chinese products on the Amazon, Walmart or Flipkart. But, getting a luxurious product on a very little price range surely jeopardise the quality of the product itself. You can find such cheap AirPod alternatives on Amazon for around $20 as well, which does not worth it at all. Look for products from boAt, PTron, Leaf, Noise, if you are adamant.

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