Best Truecaller app alternatives which provide better service

While Truecaller propelled, it was one of the first applications to fetch collective caller ID services to smartphones. I myself loved using Truecaller as it permitted me to not only recognize the numbers I am getting calls from but also spontaneously block spam calls. That supposed, over the years Truecaller has converted into a resource hefty piece of tool. Truecaller is one of the main criminals after circumstantial battery loss in a smartphone. I myself also don’t like the element that the facility assembles too much data about the user’s calls and phonebook records, which is confidently big confidentiality anxiety.

For the above-said reasons, I personally am not at all eager about using Truecaller any longer. If you do also feel like me, go through this article as we are about to discuss some of the best Truecaller substitutes for Android Smartphones and iOS devices.


Whoscall is one of the greatest caller ID amenities out there and so it can be considered as one of the top Truecaller alternatives that one can use on his/her Android and iOS mobiles. This app has a record of being downloaded for more than 65 million times and has a database of over a billion numbers. One of the best features of this facility is the offline database which lets users recognize calls even when they are not linked to the internet. This is one of that unique feature which is not available with Truecaller itself.


Apart from the aptitude to recognize callers, other features of the app comprise the skill to block spam calls, blocking of specific numbers, unknown numbers search to track unknown numbers, and more. If you are considering for a Truecaller substitute, you should absolutely try this one out.

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Showcaller- Caller ID, True Call & Call Recorder

Showcaller is nonetheless one more Truecaller alternative that is stress-free to set up and use. The app is truly small (>4MB) and doesn’t consume much of your phone’s assets. It is also battery friendly and doesn’t trench as much battery in the circumstantial as Truecaller does. The app classifies most of the unidentified calls and shows comprehensive caller ID info on incoming calls, displaying you the names and photos of the people who are calling. The service is extremely good at classifying and stalling spam calls. In my analysis, the app jammed almost all the spam calls.


I also like that the app carries a fast T9 dialer letting the user to rapidly search through the contacts. Other facilities of this application contain unknown number search, offline repository, built-in call recording feature. etc.

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Callblock is a modest call blocking and alternative to TrueCaller application for iOS devices with its presenting feature being the capability to block spam calls. Do note clearly that Callblock is not a caller ID application, which means that it cannot recognize strange numbers. However, it comes with the most robust call blocking feature, I have ever seen in any application and henceforth it made the list. With the world’s largest directory of telemarketers (more than 3,000,000 categorized records) straddling over 100 countries, the app boasts of stalling more than 86.7% of telephone selling calls which is one of the best records in the business.


If you get a ton of spam calls every day and you are annoyed because of it, then none other caller ID apps declared on this list along with Truecaller itself are doing any better, you must install this app as the most dependable solution.

Get it for iOS.


Hiya which was previously identified as White Pages Caller ID is a very proficient caller ID app which recognizes the calls you want to take and blocks the numbers and texts you need to dodge. Just like Truecaller, the app recognizes unknown numbers, allows the user to comb for strange numbers, and by design blocks spam calls. My preferred feature of Hiya apart from its proposed functions declared above is the fact that the app is totally free of cost and doesn’t even show come up with any advertisement. Most of the other application on this list ask you to either pay a first-class price or show advertises to monetize their services.


Hiya does none of that and henceforth it has the best user experience among of all other caller ID application I have verified. If you don’t want to waste your time seeing ads but still want to explore all the features of a premium quality full caller ID app, Hiya is the perfect option for you.

Download Hiya for Android and iOS.

Mr. Number- Caller ID & Spam Protection

Apart from wearing quite a peculiar name, Mr Number is an honestly good caller ID and Truecaller alternative app which gets the job done nicely. This application does a great job of recognizing unidentified numbers and the spam call stalling was also on par with some of the best applications on this list. One of the good stuff about this app is that the user can predefine settings which let you block calls from precise users, area coder, or even an entire nation. This ability comes in very convenient to block global spam calls which typically filter through most of other caller ID apps. The app also brings all the other usual structures with the capability to search for strange numbers, call stalling for explicit numbers, and many more. It’s absolutely a worthy Truecaller alternative for anyone to check out at least once.

Get it for Android or iOS.


CallApp is a multipurpose caller ID app which not only recognizes strange callers and stalls spam calls but also comes with the capability to record calls. The app permits for the recording of both inbound and outbound calls and is a benefit for users who want this feature. Of course, being a caller ID app, its main purpose is to recognize unknown callers, which appreciatively, it does quite fine. I must admit that spam call stalling here was not as good as with some of the other competitive applications on this list. Though, it might just be that I was getting more spam calls when I was analyzing this specific application. One thing that I don’t appreciate about this application is its battery consumption, as it really a battery heavy application.


In my analysis, this app disbursed more battery and the drainage was comparable to outcomes I witnessed when using Truecaller itself. Though, it still is a very decent caller ID and as well as a call recording application and earns a place on this list. If you are bored of using Truecaller, then also this app serves the purpose of yours.

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Caller ID

As its name proposes, the app can recognize calls and show you photos and names of strange callers. The major feature of this app is its aptitude to sync with social media summaries. The app synchronizes with Facebook and other social media networks to recognize your contact’s correct photos to create a photo-based report book and dialer. That means you will obtain much more info on unidentified numbers using this app than either Truecaller itself or any other caller ID app discussed here. It can be said, the app has a minor repository than Truecaller which implies it won’t work as steadily as the latter.


I endorse that you use this application as a backup tool, as for acquaintances it has the data on, you can get better info. Other sorts of the app include the aptitude to stalling spam calls, readiness checker, and many more.

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Wrapping Up

Above apps are one of the best apps as the Truecaller alternatives according to me, so feel free and safe to try these apps on. I assure you there are a couple of the apps on this list which you will love. But, checking all the apps in the list, before settling with one surely worth it.

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