Best 15 Alternative games to Candy Crush for Android and iOS

The Candy Crush Saga is the most famous mobile game around the world. Candy Crush has more players than PUBG and COD Mobile combined, yes that much popular it is. Candy Crush made their players addicted to the game and people from all age groups comes under that fanbase. In simple, there are more than a billion players in the world who have at least tried Candy Crush once.

Candy Crush is not just swiping on the screen to match candies, it is quite of a brain teaser game. Also, Candy Crush is more addictive than you think, that is why Candy Crush has more players than PUBG, Call Of Duty, or CSGO. The game itself may seem childish but the game is very good. Candy Crush may seem easy at first but in later stages the became damn hard and almost impossible to crack. People also search for solutions over the net, so that they can crack the level and go on to the next.

If you are an Arcade Game lover, then Candy Crush might be a big thing for you. If not, but you loved Candy Crush anyhow, and still want to play more similar games, then this article is for you. I have searched the net and app stores thoroughly to find out the best Candy Crush alternatives for everyone. Moreover, I would like to say these games are not Candy Crush alternatives, but similar, no game can replace Candy Crush itself.

Top Candy Crush alternatives for Android and iOS

Bejeweled Blitz

Developer: Electronic Arts and PopCap Games

Platform: iOS | Android

Bejeweled is a classic puzzle game and one of the best alternative games that was launched before Candy Crush. Electronic Arts have been working on such projects since long ago. The theme of Bejeweled Blitz is based on jewels and gems. Players can play casual matches where they can score points and complete the level by matching identical gems.

Bejeweled Blitz best candy crush alternative


  • The main screen features an 8×8 grid that is filled with gems.
  • To match the identical colors you have to swap the adjacent gems to place them next to the similar ones.
  • If you plan properly and lead to continuous combos, you can score big multiplier scores.
  • If you like the game Bejeweled Blitz has other sequels too named Bejeweled Classic and Bejeweled Stars.

Pros: Enjoyable, Older than Candy Crush, Free,

Cons: Lots of forceful Ads, contains some glitches


Jewel Mania

Developer: Storm8 Studios and TeamLava

Platform: iOS | Android

Another Candy Crush Saga-like gaming app was created by the famous Storm8 Studio that also developed Bubble Mania games. Jewel Mania features over 600 levels, and the difficulty level increase as you go on. The main theme is smashing glass and digging treasures to score points.

Jewel Mania Candy crus replacement


  • You can make combos and earn multipliers.
  • While making combos there is also a chance of getting rewards like magic diamond and rainbow stars.
  • Jewel Mania has other installments developed by TeamLava named Jewel Mania: Halloween and Jewel Mania: Mystic Mountain.

Pros: Free, in-app purchase store, Fun, and well-rated match-3 game

Cons: Contain adds, some levels are excessively difficult score 3 stars.


Two Dots

Developer: PlayDots

Platform: iOS | Android

Two Dots is another best Candy Crush mobile game that has a very minimalistic look, but the game is not that easy. Two Dots is a complex game and it becomes more difficult in the later stages. In Two Dots, the levels feature different worlds, where each has different mechanics and objectives. You have to understand the mechanics and use them accordingly to connect the dots, to progress in the game.

Two Dots game for smartphone


  • The stages have no time limit, so you can play slowly and you can enjoy the game whenever you have spare time.
  • Two Dots feature 3700 fun and addictive levels. You can even challenge your friends on Two dots on Facebook.

Pros: Free to play, fun to play, unique gameplay and design, 3700 addictive levels.

Cons: Contain long 15 second ads, sometimes deducted money doesn’t show on the app.


Puzzle & Dragons

Developer: GungHo Online

Platform: iOS | Android

Puzzle & Dragons are very popular in eastern Asia, and it is a true alternative to Candy Crush. Apart from Japan, Puzzle & Dragons have a lot of players in the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and China. In this game, the player has to form a team of monsters who are going to help in the battle.

Puzzle Dragons


  • Each monster possesses unique abilities and they help the player to counter the increasing difficulty of the game.
  • Puzzle & Dragons combine the concept of a puzzle game, lottery, and JRPG in one game.
  • The monsters are unlocked by the lottery system, and it depends on your luck.
  • The ultra-rare monsters provide significant advantages to the team.

Pros: Daily spin with valuable prizes, Unique gameplay, Star bonus, Multiple heroes to choose from, Some new graphics has been added recently

Cons: Contain lots of ads, no option for changing the name



Developer: EightyEight Games LTD

Platform: iOS | Android

This game is a combination of match-3 and dungeon-run gameplay. In 10,000,000 the player plays as an unnamed character who wants to escape from a dungeon before being trapped inside it. To do that, you have to match three tiles identically to make an effect instead of scores. By doing so, you can get treasure loot, or you can attack enemies with a melee or magical approach.

10000000 android and ios game


  • The main objective of the game is to get out of the dungeon alive with 10,000,000 points.
  • By spending the earned gold, you can upgrade your magical spells, which will prove helpful.

Pros: Highly praised by all the players, a unique game with exciting gameplay, doesn’t have any ads or in-game purchases, no lagging.

Cons: Not free to play, not a good choice if you are not into classic arcade games


Juice Cubes

Developer: Playlab and Rovio

Platform: iOS | Android

Coming from Playlab and Rovio the studio behind the world-famous Angry Birds franchise, Juice Cubes is another great match-3 game.

Juice Cubes Candy Crush alternative


  • Juice Cubes is a perfect alternative for Candy Crush Saga players, with more than 700 levels.
  • Juice Cubes features many elements like witches, mermaids, and pirates.
  • Of course, Juice Cubes is quite a smaller game with less amount of content and elements when it is compared with Candy Crush.
  • But Juice Cubes offer great quality fun over quantity.

Pros: Over 700 fresh & free levels, new updates with new characters and elements, Facebook connectivity to compete against friends, completely free with in-app purchases, the in-app purchase can be disabled.

Cons: Contain ads, updates can make your game choppy.


Cookie Jam

Developer: Jam City Inc.

Platform: iOS – Cookie Jam, Jam Blast | Android- Cookie Jam, Cookie Jam Blast

Like Candy Crush game, if you love colorful looks and visuals in your game, you are going to love Cookie Jam for sure. The game features over 1500 levels, to complete the game.

iOS Cookie Jam Jam Blast Android


  • Cookie Jam is a good game for all age groups of players, whether you want it for your kid or grand-ma, it’s perfect.
  • The theme is just the classic match-3 and point earning.
  • Cookie Jam receives monthly updates and with that comes the monthly events, and prizes to enhance your in-game collection.

Pros: Free To play, great visuals, fun to play, and has other sequels.

Cons: Contain ads, push the players to spend money on buying boosters, sometimes the “game not opening glitch” occurs.


Juice Jam

Developer: Jam City Inc.

Platform: iOS | Android

Juice Jam is developed by the same team behind the Cookie Jam. In Juice Jam, the concept is making juice from fruits, if somehow you didn’t like making cookies, then this is for you.

Juice Jam Android and iOS game


  • Juice Jam features over 100 levels, with some news and unique elements.
  • In Juice Jam you can use the new coat of paint if don’t like seeing the same cookies or candies continuously.
  • If you like match-3 games then there is no harm in trying the Juice Jam at least once, as it is free.

Pros: Free to play, attractive visual graphics.

Cons: Lots of crash reports logged, needs to have more content, contain annoying long ads.


Magic: Puzzle Quest

Developer: D3 Go Publisher

Platform: iOS | Android

With the addition of the Magic: Puzzle Quest this list is getting even better. With the match-3 mechanics, the elements of a card game were mixed to create this wonderful game. A popular card game named Magic: The Gathering was the inspiration behind this awesome game.

Magic Puzzle Quest like Candy Crush game


  • In Magic: Puzzle Quest you have to match identical gems, but you do that by using a card from your deck to cast the spells.
  • With the spells, you summon a creature to attack or dish out damage.
  • Just like a card game you can build your deck, use cards strategically to be effective in every given situation.
  • As you progress through the levels you obtain more cards and also you can buy a bunch of them from the in-game store.

Pros: Unique gameplay, even more fun than the Candy Crush itself, impressive graphics and visual effects, free to play, doesn’t feature ads.

Cons: Lag, freeze, and crash issues were reported several times.


MARVEL Puzzle Quest: Hero RPG

Developer: D3 Go Publisher

Platform: iOS | Android

Developed by the same developer behind Magic: Puzzle Quest and the same type of gameplay concept have been used. This time with the match-3 concept, the unique attributes of Marvel superheroes have been combined to create a new type of gameplay.

MARVEL Puzzle Quest Hero RPG


  • MARVEL Puzzle Quest is a great game for Marvel fans and superhero lovers.
  • Also with this kind of venture, the classic match-3 lovers get to enjoy a bit of uniqueness and hybrid concepts.
  • In this game, you get elements from all Marvel characters, including characters from Avengers, characters from X-Men, and characters from Fantastic Fours.
  • If you love superheroes it is your time to enjoy them for free.

Pros: Unique gameplay, even more fun than the Candy Crush itself, impressive graphics and visual effects, free to play, doesn’t feature ads, great for superhero and marvel fans.

Cons: Lag, freeze, and crash issues were reported several times.

Download: MARVEL Puzzle Quest: Hero RPG


Zookeeper Battle

Developer: KITERETSU inc.

Platform: iOS ZooKeeper Battle, DX Edition| Android – Zookeeper Battle, ZOOKEEPER DX TouchEdition

Zookeeper has already over 10 million downloads under its belt. As a Candy Crush alternative Zookeeper Battle already made its name and this article just sufficing it.

Zookeeper Battle


  • The unique part about Zookeeper Battle is challenging other players for a match. You will also have an animal companion with you at that time. The player with the highest score will win.
  • With successive continuous rounds, you advance in the game through levels.
  • There is also a slew of power-ups available which can aid your battle and strategy.

Pros: Free to play, Offers something unique, has sequels, and receives continuous updates.

Cons: Contain annoying ads, getting prizes are very tough, the black & white mode is disorienting for many players. The Zookeeper DX Touch Edition is not free to play.


Jelly Splash: Fun Puzzle Game

Developer: Ezjoy

Platform: iOS 

Jelly Splash is a supercute, mainstream, straightforward Candy Crush alternative. The gameplay is just like any other match-3 game in Jelly Splash.

Jelly Splash Fun Puzzle Game


  • The players have to connect lines of various Jelly characters in the game.
  • Features almost more than five hundred levels.
  • Facebook connectivity
  • Challenging tasks
  • Splendid graphics and Awesome new characters

Pros: Free to play, Stunning graphics, and easy to learn, sequel launched on iOS.

Cons: Contain ads, minimal glitch issues in levels after 400


Triple Town

Developer: Spry Fox LLC

Platform: iOS | Android

Triple Town is an old game in the industry, but still, it is one of the best Puzzle games on the Play Store and iOS. Triple Town was capped as Editor’s Choice on Google Play and also it was Runner up, indie game of 2011 on Edge Magazine, and Runner up, social game of 2011 on

Triple Town


  • Classic match-3 game, where you have to match towns instead of candies or cookies.
  • The bushes in the game become trees when you match them.
  • You can create your kingdom by matching small stuff and turning them into something big.
  • Among many others, bears are also an element in the game.

Pros: Free to play, a classic crown piece, compatible with low-end devices

Cons: Contain ads, encounter glitches if paying on modded or rooted devices


Pokémon Shuffle

Developer: Genius Sonority, The Pokemon Company

Platform: iOS | Android

Based and developed by the legendary Pokemon franchise and the game is all about catching the Pokemons. There is no need to introduce anyone to the Pokemons. In Pokemon Shuffle, you will be playing as a Pokemon trainer, but you will not be battling with them. But you will be matching them just like in any other match-3 game.


  • Pokemon Shuffle was an original release for Nintendo 3DS.
  • The game features a campaign-mode
  • You can also play it casually and battle, collect, level up Pokemons for hours of fun.

Pros: Free to play, lots of players, and a huge community of Pokemon fans

Cons: Contain ads, difficulties make it seems unfair sometimes.



Developer: Shaun Collins

Platform: Android

SpellSmash is made for kids. This is probably the easiest game to learn and master on this long list. In SpellSmash you will solve puzzles as a wizard in a match-3 genre. Though the game is easy, some stages can throw a challenge to the player.



  • SpellSmash is a mobile game for all ages
  • The game is designed for anyone to be able to play
  • All bugs fixed with a recent update

Pros: Free to play, runs on very old devices, small in size, doesn’t feature any in-app purchase

Cons: Contains many ads, available on Android only


Utilizer Deluxe

Developer: Oleg Antipov

Platform: Android

Utilizer Deluxe is another unique game on this list. If you are an arcade shooting game lover, but also love Candy Crush, then Utilizer Delux is made for you. Utilizer Delux features an arcade space shooter environment, mixed with a classic match-3 genre. In this game, you can make color block combinations, upgrade your spaceship gears, completer various sectors, and test your gaming skills in survival mode.


  • Come with a unique shooter, arcade, and match-3 combination gameplay
  • You can choose from 6 types of spaceships.
  • 30 different types of monsters and other elements featured.
  • Features 4 different game modes
  • Survival Mode features a leaderboard system.
  • Features a huge map consisting of 7 Star clusters and 45 sectors.
  • Features an endless mode named “The Abyss”
  • Features 20 different type upgrade options

Pros: Unique, Free To Play, Offline, Regular glitch, and bug fixes

Cons: Lots of glitches and bugs are still in the game, contain ads, need updates frequently, no iOS version available, ask for some personal data when launching the game first time.


Wrapping Up

In this article, I have Summed up all the viable Candy Crush alternatives in one list. Every player has a different kind of taste, that’s why I have mentioned different kinds of games for different types of players. Also when you are looking for an alternative, you must be looking for something unique in that, and in this list, each game has that something unique quotient with it. So, keep gaming and enjoy.

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