Best Alternative to Ccleaner Software

In this article, we would be talking about the alternatives for Ccleaner for Windows 10/7, Linux and macOS. So go through the article in full or skip to the part where the alternative to Ccleaner for your preferred OS is considered.

Ccleaner is the most used and loved hard drive cleaning and background task optimization utility application around the world. Ccleaner is free to use with paid facilities within and also it is very easy to operate which makes it everyone’s cup of tea.

Just with a click of a button, Ccleaner detects how much free spaces can be gained from the existing drives to enhance the storage capacity. Also dead shortcuts, Windows registry errors, duplicate files are detected and all these can be solved just with a click of a button.

Along with Hard disk cleaning, Ccleaner is also very good at detecting apps running at the background and loading at startup etc., which can be closed, stopped and even disabled to maximize the CPU performance and minimize the unnecessary RAM occupancy.

Though Ccleaner is available for almost all the OS platforms, not all of them are as good as the Windows 10/7 version of the application, and where the search for the alternative begins. But no matter how good an application is there will always be some alternative application which offers little more than the popular one, apart from that looking for an alternative to a highly popular application or service is not wrong at all.

Ccleaner Alternatives for Windows 10/8/7

Note: The discussed BleachBit, Remo MORE, Speedy Duplicate Finder and Click&Clean in this alternatives article are also available for Windows 10/7, so consider that application while choosing. However, here are some best and popular Ccleaner alternatives for Windows below.


Most of the PC users must be familiar with the name of TuneUp Utilities, which was one of the oldest and one of the closest competitor to Ccleaner, but later on, it had been taken over by AVG corporation, and now they produce it with the name of AVG PC TuneUp. As this application has an old reputation so there is nothing new to be said for them.

AVG PC TuneUp for WIndows 10 or 7

  • AVG PC TuneUp, a great application for boosting the PC speed.
  • For recovering old data, or accidentally deleted data AVG Pc TuneUp is a great choice.
  • For deleting unnecessary files, large-sized unused data, long-time unused data, duplicate files and folders AVG PC TuneUp is a great idea.
  • AVG PC TuneUp also comes with a Turbo Mode Feature which switches off all background tasks with a single click for more stable gaming performance.
  • You activate/deactivate any specific program or background app for reducing CPU load.
  • You enable/disable apps from getting launch at the startup, which will reduce the bootup time for sure.
  • Uninstall manager feature helps uninstall any program or disable it without uninstalling the program.
  • AS a single click HDD cleaner, a scheduled scanner and automatic system cleaner and as a privacy protector AVG PC TuneUp is really better than most of the application in this list.
  • PC TuneUp ensures better speed, stability, fewer crashes, more disk space, and better data privacy, which makes it a perfect utility application for all-round users.
  • AVG PC TuneUp also features an Update Manager which Ensures all your drivers and programs don’t miss any of the updates.
  • AVG PC TuneUp application also features a Flight Mode and an Economy mode for more single-click convenient control.
  • AVG PC TuneUp is a commercial application, but a utility application of this kind worth the price of every penny. The price is around $14 for a year in commercial license and $9 for 2 years for personal usage license.
  • AVG PC TuneUp is available for Windows OS only.

Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities comes in 23 languages and it is a very good application for registry cleaning, disk cleaning and system optimization needs.

Glary Utilities

  • With the help of Glary Utilities, the user can solve the problems related to startup delay, unnecessary apps loading in startup, performance downgrade because of unnecessary background apps, privacy protection etc.
  • Fixing dogged registry errors, wiping out clutters, internet speed optimization, performance-boosting all can be done using Glary utilities.
  • The Glary Utilities UI is designed for all type of users, so novice users can also use this application as well as a professional user also find the UI helpful. The UI also shows detailed instructions for novice users. The novice user can perform the tasks with simple1-2 clicks while for pro users there are many shortcut key, hotkeys available.
  • Glary Utilities is available for Windows 10/7 and Android only.
  • Glary Utilities is a Freemium application with limited time trial period.

Clean Master

If you are an Android user then may have encountered this name before, may even have used this application in your mobile device; yes, this is the same Clean Master application and it is available on Windows 10/7 also. Clean master is not just a popular application but also it is very easy to use, also an all-in-one app for system cleaning.

Clean Master for WIndows 10-7

  • Clean Master is a good application for cache clean-up, Windows registry, cleaning up long unused files, cleaning up large files, cleaning up residual files etc.
  • Being a system optimizer it also can clean the internet browser history, download history, cookies etc. Just with a single click.
  • Clean Master is also an app manager, so you can uninstall, disable, enable apps through Clean Master.
  • Clean Master is also a good application for killing background tasks or hanged up tasks. For clearing RAM occupancy, or reducing CPU load Clean Master is a very good choice.
  • Clean Master also helps the user to maintain the privacy in the device, as if you are using smartphones or even a PC it keeps tracks and record of each of your work and information, which can be leaked if you are not careful. Clean Master clean such private data automatically and also block unwanted programs and apps from fetching your data.
  • Clean Master is available for Android and Windows OS.
  • Clean Master is a freemium application with limited usage facility available for free. Even the free edition is worth a try, this app is that good.

Best Ccleaner alternative for Linux


BleachBit is the most recommended and good alternative to Ccleaner by most of the professionals, BleachBit is almost as same as Ccleaner while comparing the features. However, it also available for Windows 10/7 and macOS.

BleachBit CCleaner Linux alternative

  • BleachBit system cleaning tool deletes unnecessary files like a broken shortcut, duplicate files, task history and other junk files to clear up the valuable free disk space.
  • It can clear cache files, cookies, logs temporary files which in turn not only gives the user free HDD memory but also boost the responsiveness of the system itself.
  • BleachBit can detect the junk in internet history in the browsers and can clean them with just a single click.
  • Using BleachBit the user can uninstall any program easily and fast, as well as the user can configure the which program to be launched at the start-up of the system and which to be not.
  • Also, BleachBit provides a feature for managing background apps so that the user can enable or disable any background app according to need.
  • It is a Free and open-source application for all users.
  • It runs on Linux based OS fluently, though BleachBit is also supported by Windows 10/8/7 OS and MAC OS.


FSlint is mainly meant for Linux users with a very specific job in mind which is clearing unwanted data and files. Duplicate files, broken files or files with no usage at all are detected by the FSlint and can be deleted easily.

FSlint Linux Ccleaner alternative

  • FSlint has both GUI and Command Line interface to control the app.
  • FSlint is very optimized and uses very little resources to run.
  • FSlint is a free app available at Linux repositories. FSlint is only available for Linux users.
  • Though we are talking about FSlint in this article, FSlint is no match if you compare it with Ccleaner.


Just like FSlint, Click&Clean is also another application meant for a specific job, which clears all the data, history, cookies and all other junk files in the browser history. Unlike FSlint or Ccleaner Click&Clean does not work with clearing the junk files within the system. Using Click&Clean you can clear all the history and old data in the browsers which will help to improve the responsiveness of the browser.

Click&Clean browser history cleaner for Linux OS

  • Click&Clean is not a stand-alone application it is actually an extension or adds on for the internet browsers itself which is available in the add on the library of the browsers, you just need to navigate to it and install it and you are ready to use Click&Clean.
  • Click&Clean is supported in the Linux, Windows 10/7, Mac OS and Chrome OS architectures.
  • Click&Clean is available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Pale Moon internet browsers. Not available for Microsoft Edge or Opera browser.
  • Click&Clean is a free to use service app. Just like FSlint, Click&Clean is also not an up to mark match for Ccleaner.

Speedy Duplicate Finder

As the name says, Speedy Duplicate finder is a very fast application, which detects duplicate files along with duplicate image files, audio files, video files etc., cleaning up which can clear a couple of Gigabytes from the HDD.

Speedy Duplicate Finder

  • The main advantage of Speedy duplicate finder is that this application runs very fast, and can detect unwanted files within a couple of moments, no matter how big database your HDD contains.
  • The users can also configure the smart filters to detect the desired type of unwanted file. That means before scanning you can select whether you want audio files or video files to be detected or just the duplicated image files in a specific folder you want to be detected. Else you can check the all files button can go for scanning.
  • The smart filter system also supports the feature of finding files with a specific extension name or with a specific amount of size.
  • After downloading the file, you are ready to go as it does not need any installation.
  • Speedy Duplicate Finder is supported by the Linux, Windows 10/8/7 and Mac OS.
  • Speedy Duplicate Finder is not a free application, this one is a commercial service; the cost is around $10 for a one time- single license purchase. But, because of its blazing fast response, many professionals do fall for this application.


Best alternatives to Ccleaner for macOS

The above discussed BleachBit and Speedy Duplicate finder is also available for MacBook, so consider those also while choosing. Here are more alternatives for Mac;


Remo MORE is a “One Click system maintenance” application for all kind of PC users. Remo MORE detects and cleans the junk files automatically, also fix issues with log files & broken shortcuts and optimizes the HDD space for better everyday uses.

Remo MORE for MAC

  • Like Ccleaner, Remo MORE also can be scheduled for automatic maintenance every day or every week, where the application will run and optimize the system by its own without even any user intervention.
  • Remo MORE offers more than 30 types of features which let the users do maximum with data management, system optimization (background task enable/disable or controlling the launches of the app at system startup), data recovery and pc performance enhancement.
  • The UI is also very simple and designed ergonomically which let the users navigate through the option very easily.
  • This CCleaner alternative also supports remote operations where the users can clean and maintain their PC remotely, with just a single click.
  • The battery status, the driver health, the update status for all the installed apps also can be monitored using Remo MORE.
  • The cloud support and data recovery and data backup using a cloud system also make it a cup of tea for professionals.
  • All other added device to the system and their storages also can be optimized by the Remo MORE.
  • It is a freemium application, so you can enjoy the basic version for a 30 days trial period, afterwards, you have bought the license for further usage.
  • Remo MORE license is one time-perpetual license, but the application is quite costly.
  • It is available for MAC OS, iOS (iPhone), Android (Phone & Tab).
  • Remo Software also provides solutions for Windows 10/7 users but in the form of many applications instead of one, where the service becomes more expensive.

CleanMyMac X

CleanMyMac is a very simple application removing junk files from your MacBook easily, with just a click of a button it clears loads of junk files from the PC safely, you do not have to worry about system files getting deleted, as this application is made and optimized for MacBooks only.

CleanMyMac X CCleaner alternative for MAcOS

  • A simple application for junk data cleans up, easy to use, user-friendly UI.
  • Available for Mac only.
  • CleanMyMac is a commercial app with a perpetual license cost of around $72-$75.
  • If someone does not like using third party application for security and system stability concern then this CleanMyMac is a perfectly safe option for him.


Onyx does maintain the system for providing more optimized performance. It works with miscellaneous tasks related to system optimization like enabling/disabling startup apps, background apps, cleaning system log files etc.

Onyx MacOS CCleaner alternative

  • The system log files, internet browsing history, cookies, downloads can be deleted by using Onyx.
  • Onyx can optimize the system by optimizing all the apps and background tasks so that the system performs better.
  • Even system and hardware tweaking can be done with Onyx.
  • Onyx is a free application which works flawlessly, but only available for MacBook users.


As the name states, Cocktail is a very good application if your target is system tweaking. It posses a variety of features for tweaking, even some hidden features which are not available in Ccleaner also.

Cocktail Macos cache cleaner

  • Comes with a practical tool-set with full of a variety of features, which are perfect for using the advanced UNIX functions at its best.
  • To get the most out of your PC you need to tweak the settings as needed, Cocktail is the perfect tool-set for the job, as this application is mainly meant for system maintenance and system tweaking.
  • Apart from the huge features which let the user maintain and weak the system, Cocktail has some pilot features which are straightforward tools for junk data cleaning from the system.
  • It is a commercial application with good quality customer support, check their website to know about the subscription and licensing charges.
  • This one of the best CCleaner alternatives are available for MacBook only.


As the name suggests, CleanMyDrive is a dedicated application for junk file clearing. CleanMyDrive not only cleans the HDD but also the USB drive, External HDD, SSD, SD card everything with memory module can be cleared from junk and duplicate files in it. CleanMyDrive also deletes those unnecessary files which are being generated by using multiple OS like Windows-Mac or Linux-Mac, this kind of files are generated especially in the USB type drives as they travel a lot.

CleanMyDrive 2 alternative for ccleaner

  • It detects all kind of junk files including service files, logs files, unnecessary backup files, browser history, download history, cookies, system temp files everything.
  • CleanMyDrive is available for MacBook only.
  • It is a freemium application, with 30 days trial period, afterwards, the user has to buy the license.


Other best alternatives:

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