7 Best Alternatives to Netflix for Online Streaming-paid

Looking for streaming services like Netflix to watch movies and shows online on the desktop (Windows, Linux, MacOS) or Mobile platforms, here are some alternative options.

Netflix can be considered as the crowned king when someone is talking about online streaming of TV shows or movies. Though it is the best go-to option, in this competitive market Netflix is not the greatest one as there are many another stumbling in this industry.

Though Netflix does offer some amazing TV shows as well as the latest movies, also one can think about watching something of different taste just try something new or to have some fun with something unexperienced. Also, there are many countries around the world where Netflix server is not as good as some other countries. Then also you can have the taste of the globally popular TV shows online with some other Video streaming application.

Here in this article, we are enlisting some sites and application other than Netflix where you can watch popular TV shows and latest movies and even many exclusive TV shows (which are not available on Netflix) for your convenience. Try these out and also keep an eye on them as may be in the future some of them can overlap Netflix in terms of viewership or popularity. So, if your question is what is the best alternative to Netflix? Here are some streaming services like netflix to pondered upon.

Best Netflix Alternatives for Video streaming-Paid

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime best-paid alternative for Netflix

  • The best alternative for Netflix is Amazon Prime is the main contender for the first place in future. Without any doubt, they are giving the toughest competition to Netflix. Amazon has many original contents, mostly TV shows, some of them are really very popular. The picture quality and the streaming quality is out of the box as you will not face any lagging or buffering in most parts of the world.
  • This streaming services like netflix also offer several movies, but till date, they are about to start their own movie production, so they do not have any original movie content but they do offer most of the popular movies out in the market. With the premium plan, the user also gets many more offers along with the Amazon Prime Video access, like Amazon prime delivery while shopping from Amazon, some discount on many products etc.
  • Amazon Prime is also made a name for themselves to offer the viewers many latest movies even just a week after their official release.
  • The price for membership is also very low as only for $2/month and $15/year. They also do offer 30 days free Prime Membership demo period to allow the users to taste the facilities for free.
  • Some of their popular TV shows are, Bosch, The man in the high castle, Jack Ryan, The Tick, The marvelous Mrs Maisel There are tons of more original contents, as TV series, Documentary, Animated series, and programs for children available there.
  • Though most of the contents are in English, there are many more contents available there in many foreign languages, you can check those out if any of those fits your requirements. You can find many contents in other languages like Japanese, German, Korean, Spanish, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu
  • The contents also do come with many varieties like Drama, Thriller, Superhero, Animation, Reality, Romantic, Adult, Comedy, Fantasy
  • You can also use an Amazon FireStick to watch the shows and movies on your TV.
  • The Amazon app is also very useful to watch your favourite shows on the go.

Amazon Prime best-paid alternative for Netflix (website link)

HULU- streaming services like netflix

HULU netflix alternatives for streaming

  • If you are looking mainly for TV shows, Hulu is a great option for you. You can watch many of the latest TV Shows with daily or weekly episodes and can also watch many TV series as a season of its whole. If you are looking for the most popular shows you will not miss it with the HULU Plus subscription for sure.
  • The Plus (the premium package) starts from $8/month which comes with the most popular shows to watch along with no advertisers, which is a bothering point for the free users. Though there are many shows and contents available for free also.
  • On Hulu, you will find many popular shows like South Park, Empire, MythBusters, CSI, Law and Order, The Tonight Show etc.
  • The Hulu Plus subscription also does offer many popular movies. But according to my experience, the range of selection is not as good as Netflix or Amazon, but the catch is you may find a couple of not so famous but good movies in HULU directory which you may not find in the Amazon or Netflix. So, it is worth checking out.
  • The languages it does offer Japanese, Latin and Spanish other than English.


Vudu streaming portal alternative to netflix

  • Vudu is an initiative of Walmart, which is another best alternative for Netflix that gives them a very good backup economy support when it comes to purchasing copyrights, distribution rights and streaming rights. Because of its huge purchasing power, Vudu offers many of the most popular movies and Tv shows in their directory.
  • The coolest thing about Vudu is their distribution rights, because of which the user can buy most of the movies and TV shows to download it and keep it in your device. Though Amazon also provides some offers related purchasing movies and TV shows. The price for the content varies from one to another, but normally you will find deals ranging from $5-$20 on average.
  • They have a wide range of selection for movies and TV shows on their directory. You can also get some good deals if you are buying multiple contents in the bundle. In coming years Vudu is about to become a destination for mainstream contents to watch.
  • Though till date Vudu does not offer any free trial. On the other hand, if you surf their website then you can watch a lot of contents for free, which are only available on their homepage.
  • Some shows which they offer are Game of thrones, Spiderman, Roseanne, Jumpstreet, Flash, Magician, Big Bang theory etc.
  • The does support only English language, hence all the programs of Vudu is in English.

Vudu alternative for Netflix (website link)


iTunes alternative for Netflix streaming service

  • Yes, iTunes is not a mainstream streaming service, but one can rent any movie from their directory or library just for a little amount, which in turn makes iTunes a considerable alternative to Netflix if entertainment is the motto there.
  • This function is mainly suitable for those who don’t watch several movies every week. Each movie rent will cost the user around $3-$4, and the user can watch the movie high definition picture quality within the next 48 hours.
  • Of course, if you are a movie enthusiast or avid watcher of TV shows iTunes is not for you. But, if you are one of those who like to watch something latest and also want to download it now and then, then iTunes is good for you as their wide range of variety in universal latest releases. It is a good choice for those people who are actually impulsive about new releases and want to buy or rent the contents, especially movies. I have not encountered any popular TV show on iTunes library.
  • Some of the famous Shows in their library are Game of Thrones, Killing Eve etc.

iTunes Movies, a Netflix alternative (Website Link)

Hotstar & Voot (India)

hotstar streaming service Netflix alternative in India

  • These are two different applications for mainly Indian Tv contents.
  • If you are a reader of this article from India, then you might have an interest in Indian Movies like Bollywood Movies and other Tollywood movies from different languages. If that so then Voot a very good option for you.
  • You will find Movies in nine different languages like Hindi, Bhojpuri, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Kannada, Bengali, Urdu
  • As India is the largest producer of movies as a country you will find a huge library with almost thousands of movies to choose from. If you are an Indian audience, then you will find many options suitable for your taste in this library. But do not worry if you are a non-residential Indian or a foreigner with interest in India’s regional movie content, Voot is not only available in India, but also in Singapore, Malaysia, UAE, England, Australia, and the US.Voot alternative to netflix
  • While coming to the price factor, Voot is a completely free option while on the other hand, Hotstar is not a free option, but the price is also very little. Though Hotstar offers many programs in lower picture quality (360p with adds and lags) for free users. Voot charges a very affordable price which is around ₹199/month and ₹999/year in India. The monthly package is as cheap as a cup of coffee at CCD. If you are looking for Indian movies and shows then it is the best option in terms of the range of variety and also in terms of price.
  • Hotstar also does offer sports contents like live telecast of English Premier League, Most of the Cricket matches, Formula-one Racing and all.
  • On the other hand, Voot offers many popular TV shows, and most of the TV shows from channels like MTV, Nickelodeon and Colors TV
  • Shows like Khatron ke Khiladi, MTV Roadies, Big Boss, Court Room and many more can be watched in Voot.
  • Voot also has some original shows one of which is Shortcuts, a critically acclaimed one.
  • On Hotstar you can watch all the programs of Star network as well you can watch many English contents also.

Netflix alternative in India -Hotstart (website link) and Voot (website link)

Stan (Australia)

Stan (Australia) netflix alternatives

  • Even in Australia Netflix is clearly considered as the best streaming service of all. But Stan is definitely the second best in this industry in Australia. In recent years the developing company of Stan has sealed deals many popular content providers around Australia and around the world.
  • They also have quite a number of exclusives contents, including the famous Breaking Bad and the critically acclaimed Better Call Saul. Stan is also working on their production sector to produce rival contents against their business rivals, which will bring many exclusive shows on the market. They are also producing some mid-budget movies as well to be broadcasted by their streaming services.
  • Almost all the contents including, TV shows, TV series, Movies and docuseries all come in English, they do not have such foreign language content collection.
  • Stan also comes with a tough to beat $10/month subscription price tag. This price tag is worth it because of its huge variety of shows and movies. You will also find some contents of Amazon on Stan, which makes Stan as the toughest rival against Netflix in Australian viewership.

Stan Australia (website link)

Acorn.TV (Brit-English)

Acorn TV (Brit-English) best alternatives for Netflix

  • When it comes to TV shows, British shows are one of the most popular around the world. For British content Acron. TV is a very good choice.
  • Tv shows like Holy Flying Circus, Queer as Folk, Outnumbered are very popular. All of this can be viewed via streaming in the US and Canada via Acorn.TV. The service is limited to mainly in these two countries till date.
  • It comes with a monthly subscription of $5/month only. You will find the whole season of some TV series, also weekly releases, daily soaps and all in this library. There are also some bonus contents and trailer releases also can be seen.
  • Though the variety in the library is very limited then also if you are a British show lover or British abroad in Northern America then you are going to love the collection.

Netflix alternative Acorn.TV (Website link)

Wrapping up the alternatives to Netflix list

All the alternatives listed here are some of the best in the industry. But remember Netflix has many original and exclusive shows which you can not find anywhere else. So, while looking for some alternative of Netflix remember you may end up watching some other tv shows and all. But yes, looking for something not in the mainstream is a very good idea, to develop a broad taste and wide point of view even in the case of entertainment. There are millions of people around the world who are looking for alternatives of Amazon, Netflix and Normal TV channels. This way you can also find some cool shows about which you may boast among your friends. While talking about movies surfing through multiple Streaming services increases the chance of finding your desired movie as any streaming service cannot hold all the movies in the world in their directory by its own.

If you know about some other awesome option as an alternative of Netflix do not forget to comment below.

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