9 Best alternatives to AdSense for blogger

Let’s see some best and popular Google Adsense alternatives to increase your Blog revenue. Moreover, if your Adsense account has been banned then also these Adsense replacement advertisers can help you to survive in this competitive online world. 

Working as a blogger can be a rewarding career as one can express, share and refine his/her self completely. They tend to earn money online while doing their favorite thing at their place. This career can lead a person to gain more exposure and become an authority in the industry. In the growing competition of bloggers, one can make a bit of extra money through advertisements. Placing advertisements on the site requires an advertising network which is a service that connects online advertisers with website publishers.

Why go for an AdSense Alternative?

There are few drawbacks to Google’s platform that makes it unsuitable for other blog sites. Below are few valid reasons behind preferring other platforms. Many networks demand that applicants must hit firm metrics on their website before they can be a partner. If Google doesn’t agree for the blog to have an AdSense account, there will be a need for a network with more lax approval necessities to get started. Because of the platform’s severe click fraud control, one might also end up with a disabled account.

With AdSense, publishers obtain almost 68% of the revenue produced by ads on their websites. This is a modest rate, but some substitutes offer an even better share. A top-notch website is needed with steady and high traffic to qualify, but it’s worth it if one finds such.

Some ad networks let the user modify the look of ads to the website’s theme to aid them fit in more logically with the original content. The level of customization differs by facility, but many allow to regulate the color and sizing of a unit, which is more elastic than what AdSense allows.

Moving to the alternatives, listed are some of the networks that can be used instead of AdSense.

Adsense Alternatives to Choose for Blog Earnings

1) Valueimpression

It is not popular as Adsense, but if you have more than 1 lakh traffic per month then a blogger or website can apply for this best Adsense alternative for higher-income than Adsense. The Dashboard provided, the ValueImpression is quite simple, unlike the Adsense that could be complicated for beginners. Well, it is tried and tested.



2) Media Net

Another replacement for Google Adsense is Media.net. It is a front-runner in contextual advertising. Bing and Yahoo run the facility, and it is broadly considered the go-to AdSense alternative. Media.net offers numerous types of display ads and native ads for desktop and mobile as well. Media.net wants that the majority of your visitors are located in the U.S., U.K., and Canada.



3) PropellerAds

PropellerAds as a substitute for Google Adsense is a fast-growing platform that delivers monetization openings for both new and old blog sites. PropellerAds is recognized for pop-under ads, which load behind the present browser window and seem when this window is shut. Suppose pop-unders seem to be too aggressive for your blog. In that case, PropellerAds delivers other targeted and non-targeted ad choices for desktops, including native ads, banners, and video ads as well. PropellerAds also helps mobile sites and applications and even proposes a push notification ad type for these channels.



4) Monumetric

Monumetric (also known as the blogger network) is a blogger-centric advertising system that pays special care to its comfortable creators and ensures the ads shown on their site are high-quality and suitable for the readers. They do this in part by talking to them and provide required support in need.



5. AdRecover

Well, if you think that most of your revenue gets lost due to the Adblocker, then you should go for AdRecover. It has partnered with Adblock, to comply with their terms and conditions, to serve static, non-intrusive, UX-compliant ads on the system of users who are using ad blockers. That means you will be able to generate revenue from your most of the traffic.

However, to start with Adrecover, the user should have at least 10,000 visitors per month.  To get approval from this Google Adsense alternative the user has to first install AdRecover, and after analyzing the traffic of the website for a week the site would get approved to show ads.



6) Revcontent

Revcontent is famous for native ads, which are planned to contest the look and feel of your blog content. These ads are extremely targeted to help them merge in on your site’s pages. Revcontent also offers ads in other set-ups like display, mobile, and video. Revcontent has a reputation for excellent clients on both the originator and advertiser sides.



7) Ad Thrive

Ad Thrive is another much-admired ad network that takes good care of its bloggers. This cost-per-impression network works carefully with both its producers and its advertisers to settle that your blogging site is only viewing ads for excellent products by exceptional businesses. The Ad Thrive team works with you on a monetization tactic to help you place your ads in the ideal spots.



8) Mediavine

Another best alternative to Google Adsense in the list is Mediavine. With its 75% revenue portion to bloggers and highly-tailored ad placements, Mediavine is somewhat comparable to Ad Thrive but only needs half monthly page views. This ad network tugs from many lifestyle advertisers, meaning this service is concerned with lifestyle bloggers. Mediavine also carries understanding and the partnership, which is surprisingly hard to come by in this space.



9) Revenue hits

A relative stranger to the industry, Revenue Hits is gaining grip as a reliable monetization platform. Revenue Hits has its progressive ad optimization tool, which acquires facts from your ad performance and shows you where to place the ads on the sites.



A high-quality AdSense substitute can help you lock an additional revenue stream that can inspire you to yield more blog content and help cover the cost of running your website. When choosing an ad network, settling for the first one can make you lose the better options. Be sure to test at least a few dissimilar options over a set period, then regulate which ones create the most passive income for you without unsettling the user experience.







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