8 Best Grammarly Alternatives (Free & Paid)

Improve grammar & spelling errors using best Grammarly alternatives in the free, opensource & paid category, check out this list of alternatives to Grammarly…

If you are a writer or even if you are a student who has to turn in essays on a regular basis, you would know that writing is not simply as easy as stringing together a couple of words. To present something, your grammar ought to be impeccable. You simply cannot compromise on your blog rankings or your grades right? You must have heard of Grammarly by now. If you are not very impressed by it or do not want to indulge in it because it is pricey, you don’t need to worry because there are a plethora of Grammarly alternative options at your disposal.

Best Grammarly Replacements (Free & Paid)


It is a free and best online tool to check out your text against different levels. You can select your type on the basis of Essay (Any Type), Web Site Content, Resume, and Other to get optimal results. Furthermore it supports the direct upload of files available in .pdf, .doc, .docx, .txt, .rtf, and .odt formats.  Even being free it supports the plagiarism test of more than 2000 words in a single shot.



Though it doesn’t have a desktop app for free users, it is an excellent option if you are looking or an alternative to Grammarly which is not as expensive. You can easily incorporate it into your browser. That way it will keep checking your mistakes everywhere be it on Gmail, Facebook, or Twitter. Moreover, for the developers, it has even come up with an API to enable them to attach it to your better. Can it get any better?

Keeping aside the price factor, many of its features are indeed like Grammarly. It allows you to choose a particular style of writing be it general, business, or academic. Learning how to use it is truly a piece of cake, After installing the extension, you will see a small icon whenever you are in the text editor section. You just need to hover your cursor over it and you are good to go. The best part is that it easily integrates with MS Word and Google Docs as well.

If the thought of installing it is making you lazy already, we have a solution for that too. Simply visit its website and sign up on that. It also performs 25 types of tests texts like grammar, spelling, etc.  Its writing style feature is another attraction, By using it, you can boost the readability of your text and make it even more attractive for the readers.

It also has an inbuilt Thesaurus. This will make your text look rich in vocabulary. Also, you will never use words out of context. It will highlight certain words. All you need to do is hover your cursor over the icon and it will provide you with Grammarly alternatives.

If you still have doubts, you can be assured that you will get your money back if you are not satisfied. It promises a refund within 14 days. One drawback is that it doesn’t have a translator. Honestly, is this even a mandatory feature in a proofreader? Another one is that you can only use the plagiarism checker after fishing out a few pennies from your pocket. Summing it up, this is a phenomenal platform for the long list of features it provides at such a low cost.


WhiteSmoke- Grammarly alternatives

The best quality of this alternative for Grammarly is its unbelievable versatility. It is available on all platforms including Mac, Windows, web browsers, etc. It even has more than a hundred templates for resumes, condolences, etc. Its work just doesn’t stop at checking the grammar. It also checks the punctuation and spellings and provides suggestions regarding the writing styles.

You can be assured of the highest probability of being on the winning side in case of debate as this tool is built on the Statistical Machine Translation. It is not limited to English and supports over 55 languages. Just like a lot of other tools, it highlights the words and you can simply your cursor over them to make the necessary changes. There is no arena that is left unchecked. It checks 16 various arenas like Fragments, Incorrect Punctuations, Dangling Modifiers, etc.

Sometimes, if you don’t understand why a particular word has been highlighted it might get difficult for you to resolve the issue. This program even resolves that issue for you. Through your text neither will anyone be able to judge you if you have low vocabulary nor if you have a knack for using one word repetitively, thanks to its Thesaurus feature which provides you synonyms. If you are ever confused, you can also lookup for the definition of the selected word.

If you run a blog with the help of hired writers, this program has something in store for you. It allows you to check for plagiarism easily. Its add-on works amazingly with Outlook, MS Office, or other text editing apps. It is extremely user-friendly. It doesn’t make you go through a sea of randomly highlighted words. Misspellings are highlighted by red, grammatical errors by green and repetitive words by grey.

Apart from merely checking the text that you are currently working n, you can improve your language as well. It provides you with a series of video tutorials on topics like Prepositions, Auxiliary verbs, etc. Its customer service is extremely responsive and is available at your beck and call. You just need to give them a call or drop a mail.  The “Essential” plan of WhiteSmoke Grammarly alternative comes at a measly price of  $4.16/month and the premium yearlong subscription has a price tag of $6.67/month.

If you are dissatisfied with the Grammarly alternative program, you can claim for a refund within 48 hours for programs lasting a month or less, and for the others, the refund validity is for 31 days. One drawback of this program is that it provides a free trial of only four days.



If you are looking for a program more compatible than WhiteSmoke, stop right here. It is a favorite among teachers, students, and bloggers due to its sheer unmatched efficiency. Like few other Grammarly alternatives, this one is available for Windows, iOS, Android, Chrome, and Mac. You can use this program in two ways. You can either use its editing tool while typing in the text editing section of some other platform or simply use its own home page for typing and simultaneously removing errors. You can guess its efficiency from the fact that it is vigilant even when you are typing something on the search bar of YouTube.

One good thing about Ginger is that it makes the entire process unbelievably prompt. It highlights all the words in one go. You can simply hover your cursor and get done with the work. If you are feeling especially laid back, you can even go for the “Approve All” option and get the satisfaction of seeing no errors on the screen. Much like Grammarly, Ginger also provides an option of choosing between American and British English.

Ginger can be effectively used for a variety of needs. You can translate your document into some 50 odd languages like Chinese and Urdu. Moreover, you can search for the definition of the words you are stuck with and also improve the overall structure of your text by rephrasing sentences. If you have to use certain words but are tired of constant errors popping up on your screen, you can simply add these words to your dictionary and create a personalized Thesaurus. If you are embarrassed by public speaking because you are afraid that people might make fun of your pronunciation, Ginger is there for you. The pronunciation feature which is available at the premium prices is especially helpful for non-native English speakers.

Ginger Grammarly alternative comes in two packages: free and premium. The free one also does the job quite efficiently but there are some features like unlimited grammar checker and the text reader which are only available with the premium account. However, I would still advise you to install its browser extension because the website will only analyze a limited number of words.

There are two drawbacks of Ginger. Firstly, it does not come with a plagiarism checker which is a must in the online era. Secondly, when you hover your cursor over a word to look for alternatives, it opens into a new tab instead of displaying it on the same page. This process might seem tiring and cumbersome to some people.

Ginger costs $7.49/month which is quite cheap as compared to $11.66/month charged by Grammarly. It is available on a variety of platforms and you can even replace the annoying autocorrect on your phone with Ginger.


JetPack Proofreading

Note: The free Grammarly alternative, as of Jetpack version 7.3, the Proofreading module of it will no longer be included in Jetpack.  However, Jetpack still can use to check spelling and grammar using After the Deadline opensource tool.

If you are using WordPress, then fret not because you might be aware of this plugin already. Its functions are not just limited to proofreading and the number of features it offers is mind-boggling. It covers everything from monitoring the traffic on your site to enhancing security. It provides great ease of use to WordPress users. Instead of constantly juggling between an English checker tool and WordPress, JetPack provides you with the freedom to simply check your text in the same window.

Also, it is pretty easy to navigate through. It highlights the words in different colors. Red is used for misspelled words, green is used for grammatical errors and grey is used for those words for which you might want to go or a synonym. It detects complex words, wordy phrases, etc.

This tool provides proofreading services for documents written in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and French.

This tool is recommended due to its sheer simplicity. However, in the pursuit of simplicity, it has missed out on certain important features like it doesn’t point out misused words except when they are in English. You have to face errors every time you try to use specific words as it doesn’t allow you to create a personal dictionary and also it doesn’t let you choose from American, British and Canadian English. Though it is not as effective as Grammarly or Ginger, it is certainly worth a try.


Afterthedeadline Open source

As said above the Jetpack will no longer support spelling and grammar check in its new versions. Because it officially supports Afterthedeadline tool which is available as a WordPress plugin. Apart from the plugin, it also available asAtD Tool – A command-line interface; for bbPress; Bookmarklet – A utility to AtD to any web-page with one click; BuddyPress – Social Networking for WordPress; Confluence – Enterprise Collaboration and Wiki Software; as an extension for Chrome and Firefox web browser; for OpenOffice.org and Windows Live Writer.

If you are looking for Grammarly alternatives then this is the one. It uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology to find your writing errors and offer smart suggestions. It is free for personal use and also provides free server software of there open source grammar checker for commercial purposes.



PaperRater is based on the Grendel computer algorithm. This is here but still not as other great Grammarly alternatives mentioned above. To begin with, let me warn you regarding a major limitation of this tool. There are no desktop versions available for now. It is pretty old fashioned that way and you don’t have much choice other than visiting its website and pasting your text there. It will then highlight the misspelled words and help you in proofreading.

Trust me when I say that one of the drawbacks of this app is that it requires you to break a sweat. It does come with a plagiarism checker but in the free version, it only tells you the percentage of unoriginality in your text. If you wish to see the specific lines, you need to subscribe to the premium version. Also, the plagiarism tool is not integrated with the grammar checker and you have to search for it separately.

It includes a Vocabulary builder. If you wish to boost your vocabulary, you simply need to type the desired word in the box and this tool will not just provide you with the definition of the word but also with various examples portraying how this word can be used.

Though it is a pretty functional and nice feature, its free feature has certain limitations. It does not allow you to import files and the checker is limited to a maximum of five pages. The easy version is a bit complex. The tool becomes simpler if you opt for the premium version but quite honestly, you can’t rely on it blindly.



This app mainly focuses on improving the readability of the post. It has a desktop version too but you need to pay $19.99/month for the same. Out of other Grammarly alternatives, this has versatile and can be used easily in either WordPress or the medium editor.

It is easy on the user’s eyes as it highlights the errors in different colors. Moreover, it does not just tell you when a sentence is hard to read but it also provides suggestions to remove this error. It also comes with additional features like headings, bullets, inserting hyperlinks, etc. You must notice here that the brilliant feature of being able to insert hyperlinks is not available even in Grammarly.

If you ask us, the best way to use Hemingway would be to check grammatical errors on Grammarly and then use it for enhancing readability.


As you may have gauged already, there are a lot of alternatives to Grammarly but only a few of them can actually match up to the standards set by it. If you do know of any other tool which might be of help to others too, do let us know!

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