10 Best Software to replace Teamviewer: Free and paid

List of best Teamviewer alternatives for Linux, Windows, or macOS to remotely control the PC from another PC in Open source plus free categories.

We all help some known people in our lives once in a while to get them over some critical tantrums in the digital world, and sometimes, we too need the same. When it comes to some problems with computers or laptops, the only way to help them out is to be physically present in front of the computer or laptop, which doesn’t seem to be so feasible at all times. Thanks to some remote control programs like TeamViewer, which can allow us to help others and get some blessing, and vice versa by sitting at a different geographical location. That’s undoubtedly cool.

Best TeamViewer Alternatives-  Free, Open Source & Paid

When it comes to remote controlling programs, the first that comes to our mind is TeamViewer. I am talking about the majority of users. It is free, easy to use, and offers almost all the things that you will need while remote controlling another desktop.

Though TeamViewer is a decent piece of tool and can help you get your job done effortlessly, it isn’t the only one in its category. There is a huge bunch of tools, which can be used to replace TeamViewer, and some of them are even better than TeamViewer itself. So I am here with the top 10 alternatives of TeamViewer you should try out.


Looking for a free TeamViewer replacement which is cross-platform remote control software to control your computer from another computer or a portable device, AnyDesk could be the best remote controlling software that you can consider.

From managing your computer to accessing files, you can do everything with AnyDesk. AnyDesk remote controlling software has support for an address book to store addresses of the computers and devices you frequently control, and it is also possible for a remote user to block requests to access the system, even if the controller has the password to control the remote computer.

AnyDesk has all the options you might need from remote controlling software, and thus, it is worth using. Just like TeamViewer, you can even see the screen and control your smartphone from AnyDesk, which is cool.

AnyDesk is available for Windows, Linux, Android, and Free BSD, and is very user-friendly. So there aren’t any reasons, you shouldn’t try out AnyDesk at least once if not adapt to it for all your activities.

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Looking for an open-source alternative for TeamViewer! UltraVNC is the one that you should go for. UltraVNC can be used to control a Windows-based system from different other platforms, with a decent performance. UltraVNC has almost everything that most people need from remote controlling software that includes, file management, and chat options, apart from just controlling the remote systems.

UltraVNC is really easy to set up, and you can even optimize the remote connections as per the performance of the internet connection that you or the other party is using. UltraVNC remote controlling software being open-source, the user interface might not look as clean as TeamViewer, but it is packed with all the features you will need from remote controlling software.

You can find a plethora of apps to view and control VNC desktops from different platforms like Android, Linux, and many others. Ultra VNC also supports several other advanced features, which you can find, once you start using this amazing piece of the program.

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Chrome Remote Desktop

If all that you need is to control a remote computer! Chrome Remote Desktop can help you get the job done. Chrome Remote Desktop is just too easy to use, and it is quite lightweight. Though it cannot be considered a one-to-one alternative for TeamViewer, as it doesn’t include all the features TeamViewer has to offer, it will not be too wrong to consider Chrome Remote Desktop as a close alternative to TeamViewer.

If you aren’t looking for a lot of advanced features, Chrome Remote Desktop is for you, and the best part is, it is cross-platform. You can use it on any platform as long as it has the Chrome browser installed, along with the Chrome Remote desktop and the host is installed. The app is also available for Android and iOS as a separate one on the Google Play Store and App Store.

All the sessions that you access, using Chrome Remote Desktop are end-to-end encrypted, so you need not worry about security. Just install Chrome Remote Desktop on any computer, and get started using the free and lightweight remote desktop app.

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It is relatively new remote desktop software but a very nice option to replace Team Viewer. AweSun is also available in free and paid versions. Being a cross-platform application, we can use it on Windows, iOS, and Android to access remote Windows machines. In terms of security, the software complies with RSA/AES (256-bit) encryption and H.264 technologies.

Apart from this, the users can share files between remote and local Pc on a secure line. It doesn’t force users to restart the Transfering of files in case some breakage happened, thus resuming file transfer is possible. We can rename, delete, and download the remote files with just one click using the software.

Some other features are Showing Blank screens, whiteboard features, Desktop Recording, Synchronized Clipping, Remote Printing, and CMD/SSH.

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Lite Manager

Another great and cheaper alternative to TeamViewer is the Lite Manager, which offers almost all the features, you might need from a remote access program. To start with, why Lite Manager is a great alternative to TeamViewer, it offers an intuitive user interface, which almost all users will find handy.

Just like TeamViewer, Lite Manager remote controlling app has a free, as well as a paid version, each offering different sets of features. Lite Manager is cross-platform, and you can access your computer from numerous platforms, including mobile devices.

Lite Manager is optimized for some special set of online activities like remote learning, overseeing the employees in an office, providing remote support, etc. With the free version, you can control up to 30 computers, but you will have to pay for controlling more computers and avail yourself of the other premium features it has to offer.

With Lite Manager, you can control a remote computer, access the remote files, chat with the connected peer, etc. Unlike TeamViewer, you will have to pay a one-time fee for using Lite Manager forever.

Lite Manager doesn’t offer exactly the similar features as TeamViewer has to offer, but it can help you get your work done, along with some bonus features unique to Lite Manager.

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Looking for a lightweight yet powerful remote-controlling tool? You should surely try out Supremo, which does what it says. Supremo comes in a very small package, and you don’t need to install anything to get started. Just open the executable and you are ready to go.

The ability to use your own brand’s logo while remote controlling other computers is an exclusive feature, which TeamViewer doesn’t allow at all. This can undoubtedly help in increasing brand awareness among users, and it is also the bottom line of Supremo, which makes it pretty popular among business users.

Supremo remote controlling TeamViewer alternative app features a very easy and user-friendly interface and it uses AES-256 encryption, which undoubtedly is quite strong to safeguard your privacy while remote controlling.

Talking about the basic abilities, you can use Supremo to control other computers within the same network for free, but you should have a subscription to be able to access other computers on a different network, through the internet.

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Another great and popular alternative to TeamViewer is Splashtop, which offers some cool features, and emphasizes a lot on security and privacy. Needless to say, all the sessions are protected with strong AES-256 encryption, just like Supremo.

Not just that, Splashtop also has other ways to safeguard your privacy with some additional methods like two-step verification, and device authentication, to prevent unattended access. Splashtop is very simple to use, and the user interface isn’t overwhelming at all, even for the newbies.

Just like Supremo, Splashtop is also free to access computers on the local network, but you will have to pay a yearly fee to access remote computers located at a different geographical location.

You can simply access Splashtop by running the executable and entering the 9-digit code of the remote computer to get started. Just like other popular remote-controlling apps, Splashtop is available for all the leading platforms, including mobile devices.

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Zoho Assist to replace TeamViewer

If you are looking for an alternative to TeamViewer that neither requires download nor installation, Zoho Assist is the perfect mate for you. With the ability to control computers directly from the browser, Zoho Assist is a web-based TeamViewer alternative. Users can set up unattended remote access and manage remote computers effortlessly. 

As long as you have permission to access a remote device, and permit access to your computer as well, it is just a piece of cake to change sides, just in case, you need assistance, as well.  

Zoho Assist, even after being such lightweight, has all the modern features that you will need from a remote-controlling app. It is feature-packed, and you can even get common features like file management, chat support, and the ability to record sessions. Apart from them, Reboot and Reconnect, Multi-Monitor Navigation, Wake on LAN, Screen-sharing, and more are some other features of it.

For security, it offers Action Log Viewer, Two-factor Authentication, Inactive Session Timeout, SSL, and 256-bit AES encryption. No need to perform any additional adjustments to use this enterprise remote desktop tool.

Though a browser-based app, Zoho Assist runs on all modern browsers. It offers 15 days trial period after which you need to pay for its services.  

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Parallels Access

Do you access computers frequently from a mobile device? If that is the case, Parallels Access remote control software is your cup of tea. Optimized for mobile devices, you can use Parallels Access to control your computers with almost no lags, no connection drops, and in a completely hassle-free way. It is one of the perfect TeamViewer alternatives for the macOS operating system.

Not just that, the bottom line of Parallels Access is its ability to recognize desktop apps as native mobile apps to give you a seamless experience of controlling your computer. The ability to recognize apps makes it easy to control apps running on the computers and send inputs effortlessly. Parallels Access also has support for gestures to carry out some simple activities without a lot of hard work.

Parallels Access is a must-have if you always want to access your computer from your office with your smartphone. Parallels Access remote controlling app also makes it very simple to copy and paste texts specifically with the help of a magnifier that appears at the time of copying or cutting texts.

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Windows Remote Desktop

You might already know about the Windows Remote Desktop, which might not be as good as other TeamViewer alternatives, but it can help you get the job done. Just enter the name of the remote computer, and get started with controlling the remote computer. Windows Remote Desktop runs on the proprietary Remote Desktop Protocol or RDP, and you can even find client apps to control your computer from other devices running on other platforms. 

It though requires some extra work to configure Windows Remote Desktop from a different network, but it is worth using if you are looking for the easiest way to remote control your friend’s computer. If you are using Windows Remote Desktop in full-screen mode, you can’t even feel that you are using a different system.

Get high-quality visuals with very low latency by using Windows Remote Desktop to control other computers running Windows. Windows Remote Desktop comes free with all the latest versions of Windows, and it is a great tool for those who don’t need a lot of advanced features.

Ammyy Admin

On our list of Teamviewer alternatives, the last one in our list is Ammyy Admin, which offers a similar user interface to what TeamViewer offers, but isn’t completely the same in all other aspects. Ammy Admin is mainly suited for controlling servers and networks, making it a great piece of software for large companies and corporates.

Ammyy Admin comes with a comprehensive set of options to set up unattended access, and even after offering the cool functionalities, Ammyy Admin is available in a small package of less than 1 MB. Ammyy Admin is completely free to use, at least for non-commercial usage, but you will have to pay for getting a premium or corporate license and unleash the full potential of Ammyy Admin.

Though optimized for controlling servers and networks, Ammyy Admin is equally competent for day-to-day uses, and you can use it for distance learning. Ammyy Admin’s remote controlling app makes it easy to share materials and chat with peers, which eventually opens a lot of opportunities to use the program in different situations.

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So that was the list of TeamViewer alternatives.

TeamViewer is a freemium software, just like most programs on the list. Depending upon the specific program you are choosing for your requirements, some features might only be available for premium users.

But the basic functionalities, like the ability to control other systems, and share files are free for the case of most programs, so that isn’t something to worry about, too much. If you are here, looking for Teamviewer alternatives for personal and non-commercial use, you can pick up anyone on the list and get started. It will surely get your job done.

I hope the information was helpful to you. Do you know any other great app that deserves its position on the list? Feel free to let me know about that, in the comments down below.

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