8 Best games like PUBG Mobile to download – Android or iOS

PUBG, the game that introduced the battle royale genre, might no longer be available to be played and downloaded in India. Still, other titles offering even better gameplay and character abilities inherit the genre’s legacy. If you used to enjoy playing the game PUBG and later BGMI on your Android, you can be occupied in the battle royale genre through other games available for Android. 

Today I will talk about the best games, like PUBG Mobile, that you can download and play on your Android. All the games that I will be mentioning here on How2shout might not look and feel precisely like PUBG mobile, but all these games are, in some way or other, battle royale games offering diverse game modes with some additional elements that you will indeed find enjoyable.

Best PUBG Mobile Alternatives in 2023

So, without further delay, let’s get started with the best games, like PUBG Mobile, that you can download and play on your Android.

New State Mobile

New State Mobile Pubg Alternative

The closest iteration to PUBG Mobile alternative game is by Krafton, the company that rebranded PUBG to BGMI in India New State Mobile. Like PUBG Mobile, you can use all the old weaponry skills and team up with your friends to be the last one standing in the battleground.

Unlike PUBG, New State Mobile is set in a new world with modern elements across the map, including electric vehicles, drones, escalators, etc. 

Besides the battle-royale gameplay mode, which is by far the most popular, there are multiple TDM modes, in different maps, with new maps coming with frequent updates, each offering unique gameplay.

The controls, too, are modernized to make the game a lot more convenient yet even more challenging than ever. Build your strategy, take down the opponents and grab the chicken dinner in the New State Mobile game.

Android | iOS

T3 Arena

T3 Arena a game like PUBG

You are searching for the perfect third-person shooting game for your Android! Look no further and download T3 Arena right now. You will be impressed at first sight with the console-quality graphics the game has to offer.

This is not your regular battle royale game, as it has a few of the most fascinating and unique modes you can unlock the more you play it. 

Besides having fantastic graphics, the gameplay on T3 Arena is highly smooth, unlike other budding battle royale games that eventually make the game more playable and dynamic. Talking about the gameplay experience, each hero has some unique abilities that you can master to achieve victory in the matches across different modes. 

Android | iOS

Vortex 9

Vortex 9

If you used to play the TDM or Team Death Match extensively on PUBG Mobile and currently missing the same, Vortex 9 is a game that presently features three maps to play the TDM match.

In Vortex 9, enjoy 4v4 matches to get the maximum kills, just like the TDM matches in PUBG Mobile. While the map isn’t as big as PUBG, the game is fun to play with auto-shoot and other seamless control options. 

However, the character’s movement is relatively slow, with no automatic movement in the forward direction, but that shouldn’t be a problem as it applies to all the players. But I felt the character’s action could have been faster. Perhaps, if you practice, you can surely master the gameplay. The game consumes around 320 MB, and if you have a mid-range smartphone, this can be a great game if you are looking for the best games like PUBG Mobile.

Android | IOS

Sausage Man

Sausage Man Royal battle like game

Just like PUBG Mobile, there are multiple weapons, many of which operate the same way as the same guns do in PUBG Mobile. Defense elements and jumping pods are scattered worldwide to better look at the weapons and guard yourself against your enemy’s precision shots. Another fun-to-play game Sausage Man is an excellent battle-royale game that looks like a toned-down version of Fortnite is a game that can be a great time killer.

The game features a big map to explore, and even though the graphics might not be as good as PUBG, the gameplay is fantastic.

However, I still don’t find any potential for the game to be an e-sport title shortly, but you will enjoy playing the game for several factors. The game characters are cute sausages you have to control, giving the game a funky touch.

Android | iOS

Farlight 84

Farlight 84 replacemnet

The game is set in a world around 60 years from now and has a few of the most distinctive features making the game different from PUBG or other regular battle royale games, yet fun to play simultaneously. The game has unique vehicles, jetpacks, and joyrides to kill opponents in the most innovative ways, and you can acquire unique battle royale strategies. 

The game is pretty smooth if you have a modern smartphone with one of the latest SoC. However, you might still face some issues as the game is still in the development or Beta phase. If you are looking for a proper battle royale title or one of the best games like PUBG that has some real potential, and is improving with subsequent updates, download Farlight 84 today.

Android | iOS

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Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile like games

The futuristic PC battle royale is now available for Android with all the popular game modes optimized for playing on small screens. Team up with your friends around the globe, and plan your tactics to shoot other squads with avant-garde weapons.

While Apex Legends Mobile offers similar gameplay to other battle royale games made for smartphones, the game is hard to master if you want to be the champion. 

Each game hero has unique abilities, and you must master them to achieve victory. Talking about graphics, being a triple-A title by EA Sports, you don’t have to worry about graphics.

With a modern smartphone, you can experience console-quality graphics making the game a must to download if you are looking for the best games like PUBG Mobile.

Android | iOS

Battle Prime

Battle Prime Alternatives mobile games

Set on a battlefield, the objective in the game is primarily to get maximum kills for your team. Battle Prime, another Pubg alternative mobile game, offers console-quality graphics and big maps, where you can outperform your opponents by building your strategy. 

You cannot find any extra abilities like in other battle royale games, as the only thing you need in this game to achieve victory is implementing a proper strategy. While the game modes are limited, if you want to explore the adrenaline rush on a real battlefield, Battle Prime is made for you. Have fun taking down opponents in photorealistic locations in 6v6 multiplayer matches.

Android | iOS

Infinity Ops: Cyberpunk FPS

Infinity Ops Cyberpunk FPS

The battle royale genre, since its introduction, has come a long way, and Infinity Ops has taken it to a new level with some excellent additions to the game. Infinity Ops features a sci-fi aura where technological advancements have reached their peak. In Infinity Ops, you can explore some of the best and most cutting-edge weapons to fight your opponents in PvP matches. 

Some neat additions to this game include jetpacks similar to private flights, extra-realistic graphics like Cyberpunk, and a lot more. The game is also optimized for weak devices, and you can, thus, enjoy this clever battle-royale title even on older devices, where it wasn’t possible to run PUBG smoothly.

Android | iOS

Fortnite – PuBG Alternative

EPiC Games Fornite

Fortnite is a free-to-play game with a unique building mechanic that allows players to construct structures in the game, which is not available in PUBG. Fortnite is also the best alternative to PUBG because it is a Battle Royal game. It was developed by Epic Games and is available on their website to install on Android or iOS.

Both games have a large player base, which is essential in battle royal games. Apart from mobile devices, it is also available for various devices, including PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

Epic Website

Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile alternative

Call of Duty Mobile is another popular alternative to PUBG, developed by TiMi Studios and published by Activision. Like Pubg, CODm offers intense multiplayer action with fast-paced gunplay and movements.

COD is a free-to-install game with a large player base, meaning you will have a real person in an Avatar.

Android | iOS


As in battle royale games, you have to compete with other players. Hence it becomes essential that other players can join the game as well if you are interested. Besides all these games, which are pretty new on the Play Store or haven’t yet received much vibration, you can enjoy some other gems, too, like Call of Duty Mobile, Fortnite, etc. 

That way, the game will become even more challenging and fun. Otherwise, you will end up playing with bots or beginners, and you can quickly perish, and hence you will abandon the specific title for not being challenging enough. However, battle royale is a relatively new genre; therefore, we can see remarkable innovations in the gameplay through other games in the coming future.

So, that was all about the best games like PUBG. Do you think there’s a game that deserves its name on the list? Feel free to comment on the same below.

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