12 Best alternatives to replace Windows 10 to some extent

Lubuntu as Windows 10 alternative

It is undeniable that Windows 10 captures the largest market for operating systems in computer users. But if you’re considering getting windows 10 then you need to also consider other alternatives which also give a good user experience and an easy-to-access interface. Below is the …

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7 Best MX player like alternatives Apps for Android

Km player MX player alternative

One of the most popular video playing applications that are most commonly used by different people all around the world is the MX player. MX player is a very reliable video playing application that pleases any kind of video flawlessly. However, if this app is …

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7 Best alternatives to LastPass to store password

Passcamp to replace Lastpass like software

LastPass is one of the most famous password managers, which has more than a million users. But it will not be suitable for all. Some of the best password managers which can be alternatives to replace LastPass are listed below. Top LastPass like Password manager …

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8 Best alternatives Apps to Photoshop for Android

Photoshop app alternative for Android Smartphone

Photo editing is one of the essential things people do to make their photographs look a lot better. Everyone in today’s date clicks and lots of photographs. People love capturing any movement to ensure that any precious moment is captured in a single frame. There …

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