Top 6 free casual multiplayer games for Android smartphone

Casual Multiplayer gaming is the new form of gaming in today’s world and most people prefer it over single-player games, where the board is almost set. But multiplayer games are played with actual human beings, which means, each player has his own strategy and they will possibly change it from time to time depending upon the competitors which at the end of the day increases the thrill of multiplayer games. Before Android phones become popular, multiplayer games were typically played on computers, which required powerful hardware with a high-speed, possibly broadband internet connection. However, on Android phones, you can play a handful of interesting multiplayer games with decent internet connectivity, even if you don’t own a flagship.

So I will talk about the top 6 casual multiplayer games, that you can try out on your Android phone. I will obviously not keep the most basic ones like PUBG or any other battle-royale game and 8 Ball Pool but will mention a few new and not so popular titles, which will effortlessly run on any Android device available. You might have already played a few of the games on the list, but I will try to keep the most interesting ones which are not that popular due to PUBG, 8 ball pool and other similar multiplayer games, that are dominating the market. I will try to keep different types of games on the list so that you can find the most perfect one as per your likeness.

Top six multiplayer games you should try on Android

Golf Battle

From the makers of the top-grossing 8 Ball Pool casual multiplayer Android game, Golf Battle is the rejuvenated version of the game of golf, where the objective is to pocket the ball with minimum shots or in the minimum possible time. There are some beautiful and fantasy field locations to pocket the balls, and you have to compete with five other opponents. Depending upon your rank on each match, you will be rewarded with some coins, XP and gems and those can be it used to play other games at more difficult locations and customize your club and stick.

Golf Battle is a very exciting game that you can try and I am sure you will enjoy playing it. The game is completely free to play unless you you choose to see advertisements to collect some coins, gems and other in-game advantages. Presently the two game modes available are classic and rush, but I am pretty sure Miniclip will add more game mode in the future to make the game even more fun.

Golf Battle casual android game

The game is completely free to play and all your progress will be saved if you login with your Facebook account. Besides that, you can even challenge other players on Facebook and WhatsApp who play the game of Golf Battle.

Battle Bay

From the makers of Angry Birds, Battle Bay is a 5-player action multiplayer game where your sole intention is to weaken other players within the arena. The complete game will be played in a water park, and you will have your own small ships to fight with other players. There are a plethora of weapons, you can choose from and after each time you fire a weapon, there will be a little delay before you can fire the same weapon all over again. However, depending upon your expertise in the game you can even upgrade your weapon inventory and onboard yourself with the best possible weapons to deal with the enemy squad. 

There is a different kind of weapons, you can choose from, ranging from water to air weapons, to water to water weapons, and the effects of the weapons can also be a treat to your eyes. Battle Bay is completely free to play and the graphics of the game are quite beautiful which is another reason you should try the game.

Battle Bay Android casual multiplayer game

Even after offering great graphics and interesting gameplay, you can enjoy battle Bay on almost all modern smartphones available today. The Battle Bay game also offers a platform to create a team with the players you know and challenge other players which adds more fun to the game.

Head Ball 2

If you are interested in the game of Soccer, Heal Ball 2 is another multiplayer Android smartphone game for you. Head Ball 2 isn’t just about scoring goals, but the game is spiced up with additional ingredients, like powerups, character cards, and many more to ace your opponent. Instead of 11 players per side in case of a normal soccer match, there will be a single-player representing each of the players, and you can control your player by moving it left it right on the two-dimensional stadium. Besides headshots, you can obviously kick the ball to score a goal.

Head Ball 2 might seem to be toned down version of the game of Soccer, but it requires a lot of planning, and a decent strategy to win a game against your opponent. The length of a single game is 90 seconds, and obviously, the player with the most goals wins.

Head Ball 2 Casual ANdroid multiplayer game

You can upgrade your player, and get new power-ups to move closer to winning a game. Besides strategy, Head Ball 2 requires fast reaction, instant decision making, and patience. Just get your hands laid down on the game to rejoice a fresh edition of Soccer, on your Android device.

Carrom Disc Pool

The game of Carrom doesn’t need an introduction and this is yet another game from the developers of 8 Ball pool, that is Miniclip. Carrom Disc Pool brings a complete pleasure of playing the most popular board game on your small smartphone screen and you can complete with opponents from all over the world to show off your skills in Carrom. If you don’t get time to play a full-fledged game of carrom on the board, this can be the perfect alternative for you. The game comes with easy and interactive control with good physics so that you never get disappointed while playing the game.

Basically, there are two game modes, the disc pool and the classic game of Carrom from where you will have to cover the red puck with another puck of your colour to win the game. Each time you win a game you will earn some coins, which can again be used to play games of higher bets. Carrom Disc Pool is completely free to play and there are no ads at all. Just in case, you don’t have a data connection, you can even play offline to practise the game before you play a real game with a player on the other side of the globe.

Caroom Pool multiplayer smartphone game

I wish the developers add a tournament mode in the game, and a few additional modes to add more fun to the game. Hopefully, Miniclip is reading this list and they will bring the necessary modifications.

Ludo King

The game of Ludo and Snake don’t need an introduction, and Ludo King is the best casual multiplayer game for smartphones that brings the fun of playing Ludo on your Android device. Just roll the dice and get started with the amazing game of Ludo, either with your mobile or AI, or your friends. You can either play with people sitting around you or enjoy the same with your Facebook friends or random players online. On Ludo King, all the general rules of the game of Ludo will be applicable, and there is no way a player can cheat or get some unfair advantages within the game. You can even chat with the opponents while enjoying the game.

Unlike most other games, a Ludo King match will not be terminated if you suddenly get a call, and the game will automatically get optimized depending upon your internet connectivity. Each time you win a game with your opponent, you can earn XP to level up and improve your rank on the leaderboard.

Ludo King

Ludo King comes with a very easy and user-friendly interface so that you do not face any problems at all while playing. Ludo King can be the perfect game on your long trips, as you can even enjoy the game with other friends and family members who are travelling with you.

Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2

If you are into action gaming, Mini militia aka. Doodle Army 2 is the best casual action + multiplayer game that you can go for. The objective of the game is to beat your opponent in a two-dimensional arena, where you will get a plethora of different weapons to attack your opponent and the one who survives till the end, wins. Beating your opponent in a two-dimensional arena isn’t a piece of cake, however, and you will have to prepare your own strategy and navigate accordingly to shoot and weaken your opponents. You can play with five other players over the internet, eleven players, if the other players are available locally on your Wi-Fi network.

Mini Militia does not offer very good graphics, but it is undoubtedly the best fun game you can play. The game controls are also very easy, but dominating your opponents isn’t that easy as you will have to be very responsive and take action very quickly while playing the game. Mini Militia requires a lot of patience and can be the best time killer at the same time. The game is very lightweight, and you can play the game within short breaks at work, at the time of commuting or at times when you are feeling bored sitting and doing nothing. If you do not want to play very high-end games, Mini Militia will really be the most addictive game for you.

Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2

So that was my list of top 6 multiplayer games you should definitely try out on your Android phone. A few games in the list is also available for iOS, as well. All the games, which I have mentioned here is quite lightweight and you will not have to think of your phone’s configuration before downloading the game as all the games should run on any device your pick. All the games, which I have mentioned here are casual multiplayer games which means, you can play the games anytime, without requiring any prior arrangements.

Hope the top 6 multiplayer games, which I have mentioned here seems 6 appealing to you! Do you know any other great ha6ve that deserves its name in the list? Feel free to comment on the same below.