Mercury Harmony Multimedia USB 2.0 speaker Review

  • Design
  • Sound
  • Value for money


The Mercury Harmony USB 2.0 PC speakers provide a noticeable improvement to the sound of notebooks and laptops. With the practical plug and play installation, even laypersons can use the boxes immediately after connection

Lots of sound for little money. Following this mantra, the Mercury, a brand of Kobian to offer a complete technology product portfolio, has recently launched a compact, simple and frugal multimedia speakers for PC and laptops.

I know lots of netizens might be thinking, what a bizarre I am talking about, in the world of wireless, why one should go for a USB wired computer speaker? The reason is simple, money my friend and usability.

The MRP of Mercury Harmony 2.0 speaker is just ₹400, the laptop users can get this small sound device to acoustically help the often somewhat lame sound of laptops or even smartphone. Moreover, it is better to have a sound on a personal computer rather than a dumb machine, of course, if you don’t have some high-end multimedia speaker.

Harmony Multimedia Speaker Review


Mercury Harmony features a stereo sound, USB 2.0 Plug and Play system, rolling wheel to control volume, lightweight, compact design and compatibility to most of the devices such as PC, laptops, tablets, and Television.

Harmony Multimedia Speaker Specifications:

Interface: 3.5mm audio jack + USB 2.0 for Power

Output RMS Power: 6W RMS max.

Speaker Driver Unit: 52mm (40mm magnet horn) * 2

Frequency Response: 90Hz- 20KHz

Impedance: 4 Ohms

S/N Ration: >=60dB

Separation: >=65dB

Distortion: 0.3% 1W 1KHz

Input Power: DC 5V

Colour availability: Black/White and Blue/White



The version of the speaker we got for review was Blue and White in colour. The size of the speaker was significantly small and can be compared to standard Rubix cube.

Mercury Harmony USB speaker review

Harmony Speaker of Mercury can produce stereo sound, thus it has two modules, for left and right arrangments. The main module consists of an audio circuit board (inside the body) along with a rotating wheel to control the volume level at the backside. The same also dispersing out three wires: USB for Power + 3.5mm standard jack and one to connect a second speaker or module of the Harmony set.

Harmony USB 2.0 speaker review

Cables USB

The front side of the speaker was blue in colour while the backside carried white. The 40mm magnet horn driver of the speaker can be seen clearly at the face of the speakers, silver in middle and black on surroundings which are basically a cone of Harmony. A cone is a very important material in speakers and liable to produce sound. One more thing, at the front of the Mercury speaker there is no grill and cone of speakers can be touched or pierced by something accidentally, thus a user has to keep these speakers out of the reach of small children.

Overall, the design is simple and not complicated which one cannot understand while setting it up

How to connect the Harmony USB 2.0 Speaker?

1. Take out the speaker out of the box.

2. Remove the polythene cover.

3. Grab the USB 2.0 cable and insert it in any vacant USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 port of the laptop or PC.

4. Now, grasp counterpart cable of the same which is 3.5mm and insert it in the female 3.5 mm audio port of the laptop or PC.

Cable connection

5. If the volume appears low than standard, use the volume control wheel present at the backside of the speaker.



A big advantage of Harmony USB 2.0 Speakers is their small size. With a height of around 6.5cm and a width of 6 cm, they take up very little space even on small desks, one can easily place them.

Furthermore, the size of PC Harmony speakers also ensures that one can easily stow them away quickly in the bag and ensure the right sound while travelling or any meeting.

Since power is supplied through a USB port, we don’t need any external or an additional power supply, even when having an outdoor picnic or garden barbecue; one can use their laptop or smartphone to play their favourite music.

On the other hand, cuts have to be accepted in the sound from such as frugal USB speaker. Emphatically, these 2.0 stereo speakers have a clear sound in the middle and highs, however, the bass production is totally vanquished in Harmony’s small size speakers. Yes, don’t expect a high amount of bass at all, at the price of ₹ 400.

I am not saying you won’t get the feel of bass in the songs but perceptible not in real sense. The wonderful thing even at maximum we didn’t find any trembling in the audio nevertheless somewhat flutter was there, especially in heavy treble songs. Overall, however, the vocals are clear, loud and without any significant noise or other noise that would become a snag, a person can enjoy the music.

For music from your own playlist, movies or videos, these speakers offer unbeatable value for money.


The Harmony USB 2.0 PC speakers provide a noticeable improvement to the sound of notebooks and laptops. With the practical plug and play installation, even laypersons can use the boxes immediately after connection. Since all necessary cables are included, there are no additional costs.


  • The USB connection for the power supply
  • Mobile design and size
  • Plug and Play
  • No cabling hotchpotch


  • Bass is restricted