Twitch to Let Streamers Block Banned Users from Watching Streams

Twitch to Let Streamers Block Banned Users from Watching Streams

Twitch is set to introduce a highly anticipated update that will grant streamers the ability to prevent previously banned users from accessing their streams. Presently, while Twitch enables the banning of users from a stream’s chat section, these users can still view the actual streams. This forthcoming update marks a significant shift, as it empowers streamers with more comprehensive control over their viewer base.

In their recent Patch Notes stream, Twitch announced a forthcoming update for September. This update introduces a new option for streamers, enabling them to instantly remove individuals from both chat and live streams. As part of this update, banned users will be automatically prevented from accessing streams—a much-desired function that streamers have eagerly anticipated for quite some time.

However, the new feature will not be turned on automatically. Instead, streamers will have the ability to activate this option within their moderation settings. During the Patch Notes stream, Twitch’s Senior Product Manager, Trevor Fisher, clarified that this safety enhancement, which has been asked for by many, is just an initial move towards a potentially more comprehensive solution in the future.

“We’ve received substantial feedback over the years, to be frank, indicating that users desire stronger functionality from their channel bans,” Fisher expressed.

The upcoming option will naturally have ways to bypass it since it solely hinders blocked or banned users who are logged in from viewing a stream. For the time being, Twitch will not implement IP blocking and lacks clear methods for monitoring users who are logged out.