5 Best offline games for Android worth to play: Editor’s choice

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Online games like PUBG are tremendously popular nowadays, however, it is really hard to find internet everywhere. For example, you are going out for trekking, stuck in traffic or during travel, it is very hard to find out WIFI connection or persistent data connection. In such stranded scenarios, if we want to kill our free time then offline games on smartphones would really be a boon. So, right to this context, here are some best offline Android games those need to download only once and then one can play them anywhere anytime.

All the offline games mention below are proclaimed as Google Play Editor choice

Soul Knight

The Soul Knight offline game is an action-packed gunning adventure. It has dungeons that one need to explore to collect or unlocked crazy weapons while the same time you one also need to save yourself; from bullets and shooting. The retro soundtrack of the Soul knight act as warmonger to gamers.
It features 170+ weapons, distinct heroes with unique capabilities, retro dungeons, and many more.

Price: Free
Download: Google Play store 

Paper Wings

If you are looking for a game to give your kids that is easy to learn and play plus increase the concentration level then the Paper wings would be the one. Not only the Kids even the adults can play it for hours without getting bored. In the game, we need to catch all coins falling from above with the help of a paper bird and the longer we catch all the coins, the longer the bird’s life will be. Besides the offline mode, the Paper Wings also supports online multimode gameplay.

It features  30+ birds species, daily challenges, 4 different game scenarios, and multiplayer online mode.

Price: Free
Download: Google Play store 

Adventure Llama

The Adventure Llama is the runner game in the Indiana Jones style and adventure. We don’t need multiple fingers to play this game as it is just a one-touch game with short levels of excitement. While in reality all llamas just sit and graze grass, the Adventure Llama is different it runs madly inside the temple to collect different artifacts. It can be deemed somewhere as Temple Runner.

It features jump, runs, and puzzle solving; touch jumping, cool levels, plus a shiny new endless mode.

Price: Free
Download: Google Play store 

Space Marshals 2

Are you a fan of shooter or combat games? Then this action cum tactical combat offline game could definitely be your time killing companion on the phone. It consists of 20 mission that one needs to accomplish in a storytelling environment in Wild West style. More than 70 kinds of weapons, it unleashes during the game such as frag grenade, drone, shotguns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, crossbows and more.

The gamer would not get bored during the play because it features tactical top-down shooter, beautiful HD graphics, 70 different weapons, Dual stick controls; also supports Gamepad controller and the wonderful thing we also get cloud game save support.

Price: Free
Download: Google Play store 

I Love Hue

This offline game is for those love the puzzle games with a great complicated concept. In I Love Hue as its name suggested us that it will be something with colors, yes, it is. In this game, the player can test his perception of colors by tile swapping and color matching. Its very light game and can be run easily on low configuration Android phones while consuming moderate system resources.

It features 300 levels, serenity soundtracks, color based gameplay, and puzzling environment.

Price: Free
Download: Google Play store 

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