10 Best free Music Players apps for Android phones to download & try

With more people getting access to the internet, the popularity of music streaming services is increasing leaps and bounds. Even after that, we still feel the need for some local music players for Android devices to play some ripped music, podcasts and sometimes to play some music and sound files recorded locally by the user. When the world is moving towards music streaming services, we are also seeing most manufacturers not providing any stock music player with the handsets. But kudos to Google Play Store, where we can find a number of decent music players, which are really good, and keeping one of them on your handset will surely not be heavy on your hardware resources.

So, here I have come with the top 10 free mp3 players or music players for Android, which you can try out, or at least keep on your Android device just in case you need them. Google Play Store is filled with a number of music players from different manufacturers. But not all of them are actually good and deserve your time. So I am presenting the article after proper research so that you do not need to spend your precious time finding the pure gold from all those glittering so that it eventually fulfill all your musical needs. So no more discussions. Let’s dive into the list.

10 Best free Music Players apps for Android

BlackPlayer Music Player

BlackPlayer Music Player

I still remember the day, when BlackPlayer Music Player used to be my primary music player on the handset I used to use, a year or two ago. BlackPlayer is a music player with a lot of handy features, and there are many, which can be handy for expert users. BlackPlayer is a music player, which support a plethora of audio formats like Ogg, Wav, Flac, and others apart from the most conventional mp3 format. BlackPlayer also comes with a 5-band Equalizer along with support for Bass Boost, Surround Sound, Audio Amplifier and many more. Among other features to talk about, BlackPlayer Music Player supports audio crossfading, sleep timer to save battery, support for visualization and customizable themes. You can also organize the songs present in your handset in multiple ways making BlackPlayer the best music player for almost all types of users out there.


AIMP best free music player app for android

AIMP is another great music player, which you can choose if getting a good sound quality is your priority. AIMP features a 29-band Equalizer that is pretty perfect in delivering the most appropriate sound quality you want to get. Not only that, but AIMP also has support for balance control, which can be handy for a certain set of users. AIMP has support for Android Auto and offers a very simple and beautiful user interface, which most users will want from their music players. Apart from all the features mentioned here, there are a set of other cool features like support for live audio streaming from HTTP based websites and also has support for internet radio. Just like the other free music players for Android, AIMP as well, is free from any kinds of ads making it really worth trying, if you are looking for a decent music player for your Android device. Needless to say, AIMP has support for almost all the audio formats, which most people use nowadays.

Music Player – MP3 Player, Audio Player

Music Player – MP3 Player, Audio Player

As the name suggests, Music Player is yet another great music player which has support for a wide variety of lossless and lossy audio format making it the best music player for all the music enthusiasts out there. Just like other popular music players available at the Store, Music Player – MP3 Player, Audio Player has an embedded equalizer to fine-tune the audio playback, with a number of additional options like Bass Boost, Reverb, audio amplification and many more. The specialty of the Music Player – MP3 Player, Audio Player is its colorful user interface, which most users actually like in it. Just choose your favorite color and set it as the theme to give your music player the most customized look. Most sophisticated music players do not offer the option to search for music files in a playlist, but Music Player offers such a functionality and that can eventually be handy. So there are hardly any reasons, you shouldn’t try out Music Player – MP3 Player, Audio Player.

Pi Music Player

If you are looking for a full-fledged music player with the functionality to edit tracks as per your wish, the Pi Music Player is the one, which is worth trying out. This is the specialty of the Pi Music Player and that is one of the reasons, the app is worth trying out. Apart from that, Pi Music Player also features 5-band Equalizer with additional add-ons like bass boost, reverb, etc. Most users love playing songs from folders instead of the sophisticated playlist thing. For that, Pi Music Player offers the ability to search for mp3 and other audio files directly in the folders to play your best track with just a single tap. If you have the habit of going to sleep while listening to songs, Pi Music Player offers a sleep timer support that automatically turns the music off after a set time. Last but not the least, Pi Music Player also features a great and pleasing user interface.

Musicolet Music Player (free & no ads)

Musicolet Music Player [Free, No ads]

If you are having a smartphone which has a very limited RAM, the Musicolet Music Player is one of the best music player for android with equalizer, you should obviously give a try. In spite of the ability to run under very limited hardware resources, Musicolet Music Player has support for an embedded equalizer to allow its users enjoy the best music experience, and you can browse through through folders to find your music and start playing it. Musicolet Music Player also has an in-built mp3 tag editor, and you can easily change or assign album arts for the music files present on the local storage. One of the specialties of Musicolet Music Player is the ability to create multiple queues, which can be handy if you love listening to a different variety of tracks as per your moods. Just like the other great music players, Musicolet Music Player is also free to use and do not show any ads.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music

I don’t know whether it is worth keeping Google Play Music in the list or not. Google Play Music is the music player, which act like the stock music player on most Android smartphones nowadays. Google Play Music player is one of the best music players of its class, developed with love by Google. It offers a lot of ways to search for music, both on the local storage, and on the Google Play Music streaming service, if the user has a subscription for the same. Google Play Music is pretty minimalistic and it doesn’t come with a lot of features. Google Play Music relies on the stock equalizer to allow the user to finetune the audio settings and has the ability to generate playlists based on the user’s likeness. Everything makes Google Play Music one of the best lightweight music players for Android devices.

Pulsar Music Player

If you are fond of the Google’s material design UI, the Pulsar Music Player is the one most appropriate for you. Due to the material design user interface, it is one of the best of its class music player and comes with an additional set of features, which most users can find handy. It is pretty easy to change the play speed, edit the metadata of the tracks directly from Pulsar Music Player, which is something most users might want. Apart from that, Pulsar Music Player also has support for Google Chromecast, colorful themes and Last.fm scrobbling, which is great for users who love that. Pulsar Music Player also generate smart playlists based on the likeness of the user, like Most Played, Recently Added, and many more.

Phonograph Music Player

Phonograph Music Player

The Phonograph Music Player is yet another great music player that comes with Google’s material design user interface and is very simple to use. Even after offering such a great simplicity, Phonograph Music Player has Last.fm integration for a great scrobbling experience and it also offer a huge set of options for customizability. Phonograph Music Player comes with an in-built mp3 tag editor, and in spite of offering such a huge set of features, the app is available at a package of lesser than 5 MBs. There’s nothing very special in Phonograph Music Player, but if you are looking for a lightweight music player, Phonograph Music Player is worth going for, and the app consumes very limited hardware resources to play the songs.

N7player Music Player

The n7player Music Player is one of the best music players that comes with a classic user interface and a number of features, which can be handy for a number of music lovers out there. The n7player Music Player features a 10-band Equalizer and offers the option to adjust the bass and treble for enjoying a breathtaking experience of listening to music. Not only that, but it is also pretty easy to organize your music in different playlists, and also support a number of different formats, which include both lossy and lossless formats. Just like other popular music players for Android, n7player Music Player also download the album arts for numerous music files and albums from the internet if that is not available locally. The n7player Music Player also offers the option to cast the music that is being played, through Chromecast, DLNA, Airplay and a number of other protocols. All that comes in a small package of less than even 15 MB.




Windows users might be aware of the MediaMonkey music player, which offer a handful of options to organize the music collection in a useful way. Well, MediaMonkey is now available on Android, as well. MediaMonkey is more than just a music player. It can wirelessly sync the music files between a computer and the Android device, where MediaMonkey is installed. Apart from that, MediaMonkey also makes it easy to navigate through folders and play the track which you want to play. MediaMonkey also has support for third-party scrobblers, which makes it a great music player for those who love the same. MediaMonkey also has support for video files, making it the one-stop media player that do a number of tasks. There is also a MediaMonkey Pro and a MediaMonkey ringtone maker, which can be somewhat handy for true music lovers out there.

Musixmatch Lyrics

Musixmatch – Lyrics for your music

The bonus one in today’s list is the Musixmatch Lyrics. Musixmatch Lyrics is more than just a music player. It can download the lyrics of the music being played to show it in sync with the background music. This feature is supported on a number of local music players and a plethora of streaming services which are popular today. Apart from such a cool feature, Musixmatch Lyrics also allow recognition of music which is being played at the background, which eventually adds a bonus feather to the cap. Even after offering all such things, Musixmatch Lyrics also offers an embedded equalizer which can be used to fine-tune the music. Musixmatch Lyrics has an option for in-app purchase to upgrade it and enjoy the app without any ads or interruptions. Thus, if you are a true music enthusiast, and want to know even about the songs being played around and find their lyrics, Musixmatch Lyrics will be your best pal. It also has some nifty cool features, which you can reveal once you actually start using the app.

So that was it. Using one of the music players from the above list will surely fulfill all the requirements you might need from a local music player. Almost all the music players here are free from ads, and most of them are completely free to use. Hardly any apps are here in this list which requires exaggerated permissions, and thus you can use almost all the apps without any fear.

Hope the list of top 10 free music players for Android was informative to you. Missed out any great music player? Feel free to comment it down below.

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