6 Best Card Games for Android on the Google Play Store

Game of Cards are still very popular among the masses and a lot of games of the same in the Google Play store are proof of it. Well, there are many such games available in the store, but now the question arises that which game should we download and play? 

Below are the best card games for Android:

I have the answer and it is pretty simple, just go through this article and at the end of it, you will be heading straight to the store to install your favourite games. Without any further talks, let us quickly start our show.

UNO! Card game

Mattel163 limited is the developer of this 166 MB size Card game for Andriod. It is no doubt one of the most popular and favourite cards games out there. You play it in the classic UNO mode or many other modes available in it. You can challenge your friends, family members, friends, foes, or any other real random players around the world and beat them for good. You can compete and win major tournaments and win them and ultimately go on to lead the leaderboard. You can also play quickly and start the game instantly in the quick start mode. In the 2 vs 2 modes, you team up with one other player and go on to face two other players and then let the best team win.

And then we have the elite no holds barred mode in which you put in your everything and also rake in a heavy sum in return. This one is also known as the ultimate UNO. So, in this very mode you either win the whole house or loose your own house, but wait, only in the game, do not take it seriously. All you need to do is play and play in order to beat your opponents, win exciting prizes and rewards, and conquer the leader board. The in-app purchases range from 79 to 7900 rupees and you can make this purchase if you enjoy it.

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This 14 MB die game from Solitaire card games for Android is here to win your hearts. It is very beautifully designed in a very small size just for you. If you love the game of cards, then you just cannot ignore it. There are 14 types of app backgrounds, 31 types of card backgrounds, the cards are also crystal clear and can be read easily. You can choose between the portrait or landscape modes as per your wish.

The interface is also simple yet elegant. With just one small tap, you can either place a card or drag it or drop it. There are also certain hints for you throughout the game, these hints are a bit difficult to understand but if you understand them then you can score better.

You can also customize the cards further with your own photos. Now let me ask you a question, are you a left-hander or a right-hander? Well, you can be either of them but this beautiful game is designed in such a way that it has both left-handed and right-handed options. You can also play it without the internet anytime and from anywhere or you can go on to challenge anyone around the globe with the help of the internet. The in-app purchase is 170 rupees and it is not that big amount if the gamer inside you is unleashed on playing it.

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Spider Solitaire

Another one of the best Card games for Android phones is from Solitaire fun, they developed this 28 MB size game for your entertainment. It contains beautiful themes which decorate your smartphone in a very beautiful way every time you open this game. The daily challenges are going to test your skills and also improve them every day. You can also customize the themes in the way you want. It supports multiple languages, and yes all your game is automatically saved and every time you open the game all your saved progress appears before you. It also supports features to undo a particular move, so even if you make any mistakes, you get a chance to correct it, yeah do thank technology.

Spider solitaire card game for Android

You also get hints from time to time and the cards are big and bright and can be read easily. Again here also with just one touch, you can drag, drop or move cards. It supports landscape mode and your top ten best finishes. You can play this game without the internet, isn’t that interesting? The timer mode is also there and the good news is that it also supports the iconic left-handed setup. The biggest astonishment of this game is that it has no in-app purchases and comes for free.

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FreeCell Solitaire

This 95 MB sized game is from Mobility-Ware. The daily challenges and goals are waiting for you every morning and you need to finish them emerging victorious. You can either drag or drop cards to test your fate and challenge yourself because at the end of the day it is only you vs you. Once you download the game, you will be guided with hints and other tips to progress through the starting levels and once you are fully trained you can go on to challenge everyone and make a name for yourself.

There are over 300 titles for which you can battle and earn them in this card game. Your each and every game is only going to be a lesson for you and you should learn from each and every failure to score better in the next game and raise higher and higher in the leaderboard and eventually lead it.

FreeCell Solitaire best card game for android

You can choose between the portrait or landscape mode, all your game progress is automatically saved as soon as you close the app and you never need to worry about losing the game data or starting from the beginning. It contains a crazy heck of over one million games in it and yes if you are that crazy gaming geek you can conquer them all.  The in-app purchases range from 160 to 2450 rupees and you can withdraw that much money from your bank account only if you want to.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

Konami is the maker of this epic 76 MB size game. In this list of Card games for Android is inspired by the famous Yu-Gi-Oh series and this game completely nails it. For all the beginners, the rules of this game are simple and you can understand them completely once you have played it for some time, the same applies to the controls of the game. You get a huge cast of the classic Yu-Gi-Oh series in your cards and it is quite interesting and if you happen to be a fan of this series(many of you would be) then it is going to be a real treat for all of you. And also get ready to experience goosebumps during the game, as the audio played during it is from the real cast of the original series.

You can compete with anyone around the globe and then defeat them and determine your worth. You should also collect all the different types of cards to strengthen your deck and beat all the opponents. The graphics are also stunning and you will hardly complain about it. The in-app purchases range from 80 to 4000 rupees and making this purchase is all up to you.

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Microsoft Solitaire card game Collection

This maker of this 78 MB sized game needs no introduction as it is the best and biggest and most trusted brand in the world Microsoft. The interesting thing about this game is that it offers five mini-games inside it. Now let us discuss them in brief. The first one is Klondike, in this mode, with a one or three draw you need to clear all the cards in front of you. The second one is Spider, in this mode, you need to complete the eight columns of cards with minimum possible moves. The third one is Freecell, in which you need to finish all the cards using four extra cells with a proper plan. The fourth one is TRIPEAKS, in which you first need to make a selection of cards in a sequence and then clear as many of them as possible before the time runs out.

The last and fifth one is the Pyramid, in which you first arrange two cards and then make a total of up to 13 and then climb to the top of the pyramid. Furthermore, you also get daily challenges where you can test and improve your skills every day and earn rewards. In short, you can say that this game is a complete package of its kind. The in-app purchases range from 70 to 650 rupees and you can make that payment if you enjoy this game.

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Thus, these are the 6 best card games available currently in the Google Play store which you can download and play any time you want. I hope that after going through this article you must have found the best game for you, all you need to do now is that head directly to the Play store, install your favourite game, and let the party begin.

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