Top 7 Simulator Games for Android Smartphone

There is a vast variety of the category of games available in the Google Play store and even in each category, there are a plethora of games present in it. And as we all know that almost every one of us is either a gaming geek or a normal gamer or an occasional gamer, whichever category you may fall, but you just can’t deny the fact that we all love the android games and playing them is one of the coolest pass time. So today I have come up with the best available simulation games in the Google Play store currently.

Best free Simulator Games for Android  

1. Truck Simulator 2018: Europe

Zuuks Games is the maker of this 150 MB size Truck simulator game for Android. Believe me or not this game gives you the feeling of being a real truck driver and it is an awesome feeling. This game is packed with thrills and adventures at each and every moment of your gameplay. You can choose from over 10 amazing trucks, each having its own definite characteristics and features. Once you grab the steering and are on the roads you get a feeling and responsibility of being a driver in real-time. Highway toll roads, realistic traffic system, etc all are proof of it. You can drive across entire Europe and experience the realistic weather of the continent in the different locations.

Truck Simulator 2018

Over 60 breathtaking levels are all set to give you goosebumps and challenge you at every second of your gameplay. The multiple language support, easy controls, good viewing angles and above all the stunning graphics are all set to blow your mind. The in-app purchases range from 55 to 750 rupees and if you happen to be enjoying your game then you can no doubt make that purchase.


2. Bus Simulator Indonesia

This 210 MB size game from Maleo is another contender in this Android simulator games list. Have you ever been to Indonesia? If yes, then you can cherish all your memories of your trip through it and if you haven’t been there, then you can visit it via this beautiful game. The controls of the game are simple but require patience to master. You get to drive entire Indonesia and explore new places. The horn sounds of the bus are also very cool and with mentioning.

One of the most astonishing features of this app is that it does not contain unwanted ads, which is one of the most annoying things and almost every gamer complains about it whenever they play most of the games, but thankfully this uninvited guest is not invited here.

Bus Simulator Indonesia Simulator Game for Android 

All your data is automatically saved in it and reloaded when you reopen the game any time. Your rank and position are displayed on the leaderboard and you can view it at any time. The viewing angles are praiseworthy and the graphics are just superb. Last but not least, it has no in-app purchases and comes absolutely free, isn’t that a crazy deal? Just grab it, fellas.


3. Car Simulator 2

Car Simulator 2 2019 from Oppana Games is one of the best simulator games for Android comes up with this 186 MB size game for you. It contains two modes, one is the online mode where you can challenge and kick some of the real-time players around the globe. And the second one is the normal mode which can be played offline. You can choose from over 20 super performance packed cars and burn the roads. The daily quests and bonuses are all set to attract you and incline you to play more and more. You can have a 360-degree view of the interior and exterior of your cars. The gas stations featured in the game are real-life like.

best Car Simulator 2 andoid game

The audio quality of your car, the traffic and the entire game is just rocking and you are sure to fall for it. The physics of the game, the balance of the car, the easy controls are all cool. The day and night modes seem realistic and the graphics of the game are just wonderful. And the viewing angles are also something you will that we can appreciate. The in-app purchases range from 75 to 12400 rupees and you can spend it if you love playing this game.


4. Motorbike Driving Simulator 3D

Pudlus Games has made this 68 MB size game and it is indeed worth your attention. Well if you happen to live both simulators as well as motorbikes, then you simply just can not ignore it. The controls of this game are moderate and you can master them easily with focus and concentration. The entire traffic system is well arranged and you can challenge yourself in it every time you play this game. The nitro power of the motorcycle will give you the feeling of travelling at the same speed with which your sound travels and it will be a totally adrenaline rushing moment.

Motorbike Driving Simulator 3D

The viewing angles are nice and all the game environment seems realistic and beautiful. The sound of the throttle, nitro and the engine will make you feel like you yourself are riding the motorcycle. The graphics of the game are just fantastic and will tempt you to play this game again and again. The in-app purchases range from 68 to 2222 rupees and you can make the transaction if you happen to be enjoying this game.


5. BMX Bicycle Taxi Driving City Passenger Simulator

This 52 MB size game is from Game Park. If you like riding Indian BMX bicycle then download the game right now. Well, you are not only riding it for fun but you have to complete certain tasks and challenges which will be put in front of you and they will only get harder with every challenge you pass.

You have to safely pick up and drop all the passengers of the city to their destination in time and you have to make sure that they are not hurt and they enjoy every moment of their journey.

BMX Bicycle Taxi Driving City Passenger

You will be provided with a map on the screen so you don’t need to worry about the location and the sound quality is also amazing and it will encourage you to ride more and more. The graphics are also good and the in-app purchases range from 170 to 380 and you can make the purchase if you want to.


6. Helicopter Simulator game 

Rortos are the developer of this 93 MB size game. You can choose from three levels of difficulty to play 24 jaw-dropping missions, and over 90 challenges to boil your blood. You are the commander of the helicopter and now all the hopes rely on you. A mysterious agency has waged war and you are the last hope of everyone. So in this game, you are fighting for the sake of everyone. The enemies are no doubt very strong and in huge numbers and they have dangerous weapons with them. But you are also not alone you have the hopes of the millions of people who pray for you and have trust on you so you have to stand up to their expectations and win this game for good.

helicopter sim

You have your helicopter, you have your weapons and last but not least you must have faith in yourself and beat the hell out of the enemies and show them who is the real boss. The graphics are decent and the in-app purchases range from 320 to 550 rupees and you can become a little poor as long as you are loving what you are playing.


7. Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Free

Fun games for free is the one behind this 78 MB size game. You get to choose from dozens of cool aeroplanes and wait, you can enjoy each and every type of them, like a single pilot, airlines, military aircraft, and supersonic jets. You get them all, yes it is a kind of complete package. The controls of the game are a bit difficult but once you have mastered them they would be as smooth as butter, and you can master them with daily gameplay and a bit of concentration. You will have to face some of the badass challenges which will get more and more painful with every passing one.

Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Free

Furthermore, it does n’t require an internet connection to play so this is a big thing up as you can play it anywhere and anytime without even worrying about the net. The makers of this game constantly work hard and try to give you more and more with frequent timely updates. The graphics of the game are eye-catching and sure to make you remain hooked to the game. The in-app purchases range from 132 to 4750 rupees and you can have them if you really want them. 


Closing thoughts:

Thus, these are the seven best simulator games available in the Google Play store at present which you can really look forward to playing. Simulator games are becoming very popular nowadays and everyone is just enjoying playing them. As we can see that this category covers almost all types of transportation and it is proof of its popularity. All you need to do is go through this article, then choose the game which is perfect for you, then head straight to the Play store, download and have a blast. So, this was all for this article, I hope you guys liked it and found it useful.