Downloading videos from YouTube using online tool on laptop or desktop

Just we need a browser and an internet connection for downloading videos from YouTube on a laptop, Desktop, or any device running on (Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, or Android). 

If you are not a regular Youtube videos downloader and want to save some videos offline from time to time, then you don’t need to install any software. There are two options, for smartphone, the YouTube app comes with an inbuilt option to download and save videos for offline watching. However, when it comes to a Desktop or laptop this function is not available. Therefore, in such scenarios, we have several online YouTube downloader + converter web-based software.

The reason for saving youtube videos for offline watching could be any, maybe the user wouldn’t have internet access always and want to learn something from an online tutorial or educational videos; or simply to watch some events, videos songs, etc.  Moreover, after the pandemic wave, most of the students are learning online, therefore this tutorial could be beneficial for them to a great extent.

You first need the YouTube URL of the video that you want to download. Either you first call up the video you want on Youtube and copy the URL from the address line into the cache. Or you can right-click the video on a YouTube overview page and then copy the link to the clipboard using the browser context menu.

However, before continuing make sure you are not using this method to download some copyrighted material and later distributing the same.

How to download YouTube videos on laptop or mobile

  1. Open a browser of PC, laptop mobile, it could be Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or any other you are using.
  2. Go to the URL bar and type –
  3. You will see Keepvid page, one of the best online web Youtube videos downloader tool that offers an easy way to download videos in various audio & video formats such as Mp3, Mp4, and WEBM in 1080p, 720 p, 360 p, or 4K.
  4. Open YouTube in another tab of your browser and play the video that you want to download. While playing right-click on the video screen and copy the Video URL.
    Copy Video URL YouTUbe
  5. Now, paste the copied URL in the Keep Vid URL box and click on the Go button.
    Keep VId online video downloader
  6. The Youtube video that you want to download will show in several different sizes and formats. Click the download button given in front of the video or audio format you want to get.
    Downloading youtube videos mobile
  7. The moment we click on the Download button, the video will automatically open and start playing in a new browser tab. Now, to save the same on your PC, laptop, or Android mobile phone by right-clicking on it and selecting the “Save Video as…“. However, mobile users need to tap on the three dots given on the top left or right on the browser to get this option.
    Save Youtube video on Laptop

So, in this way, we can quickly the needed video for offline watch on PC, Laptop, or mobile.

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