Microsoft Edge Browser now features an intelligent copy function

Microsoft Edge browser based on the opensource Chromium project is now available with a smart copy function that is significantly more intelligent than the previous one. It is already available in the Canary build of Edge.

The feature officially known as Smart Copy and gives us more choice when copying, yes, as compared to the regular copying function in any browser, this one allows us to copy only a part of certain elements.

For instance, earlier if it was not possible or extremely cumbersome to copy just one column of a table using simple mouse selection. But now it is possible without any problems.

Although the corresponding option to use Smart Copy currently grayed out, the feature can be used with the help of a keyboard shortcut.

Smart Copy function usage

To use the Smart Copy, the user has to press Ctrl + Shift + X together to mark the area with the content to be copied.

In addition to the smart copy function, Microsoft recently added a few more features to the Edge browser. When copying URLs, the browser generates hyperlinks that look much more inviting.

Apart from the Smart Copy, there are also others such as “Annotate and add text to PDF documents in Microsoft Edge”, for more info catch the changelog blog published by Microsoft.

In order to be able to try out the new features, the latest Canary build of the browser is required. The latest version with the number 89.0.712.0 can be downloaded from this official website. The experimental canary channel is updated daily and equipped with new functions.

Microsoft Edge Smart copy feature