How to check typing speed in words per minute online or manually

If the work at your office on your computer is limited mostly to typing, the biggest way to skyrocket your productivity tips to type faster and the key way to type faster is synonymous with achieving the typing speed that you dream of. There are numerous ways to actually increase your typing speed apart from just practising blindly, however, today I am not here to talk about the different ways you can improve your typing speed when you are working on your computer. Today I will talk about, how exactly you can find out your typing speed so that you can achieve some confidence. 

Furthermore, if you are trying to apply for a new job, certain companies might even require a minimum word per minute count, which is the unit of typing speed and you should have at least that typing speed in order to be eligible for that particular post in your favourite company. Obviously, the company will also arrange a typing test to find out whether you meet the requirements. But, you can also find out your typing speed at home before you apply for the company. In a nutshell, knowing your typing speed can help you in numerous ways, as it somehow defines your productivity and you should keep the number in your hand so that you can at least brag about that, even to common people, who are talking about their own typing speed. So, today I talked about, how you can find your own typing speed right on your computer.

So, without any further ado let’s get started with how you can find the typing speed on your computer in the easiest possible way.

Test typing speed online free of cost

One of the easiest ways to find the typing speed is to find it online. When it comes to online typing speed test, you can find a number of websites where you can complete a three to five minutes test to find out your typing speed. For example, you can visit typingtest, and you can complete the English typing test of 1, 3 or 5 minutes to find out your typing speed. 

Find typing speed online
Find typing speed online

You can also visit Livechatinc, where you will give be given 1 minute, or 60 seconds and you have to type, whatever you asked to type on an existing overlay. After the end of one minute you can find out your actual typing speed you, and at the same time, you can also compare your results with the online leaderboard to find out where your standing. 

Test typing speed in 1 minute on Livechatinc
Test typing speed in 1 minute on Livechatinc

In the same way, you can also find out any other website where you can find the typing speed but I came across these two websites which are reliable and you can also find your typing accuracy on both the websites. Typing accuracy is equally important as typing speed, and that is why both the websites also pay importance and show you the typing accuracy, which can also play a vital role in the selection if you are applying for a job, and it is all about typing perfectly.

Calculate typing speed manually without any software

The second method of finding the typing speed is quite simple and is manual. Just pick a piece of newspaper, a story from a book or any other article from a magazine or somewhere else and start typing it on Microsoft Word or any other word processing application. You can also use LibreOffice or OpenOffice if you are comfortable on those word processing programs.

Now, before you start, you can use your smartphone as a stopwatch, or just have a look at the time and note it down. Now start writing one or two paragraphs and once you are done, stop the watch and find out how much time you took to complete writing the paragraph or any other text content that you have chosen. Simply divide the number of words that you have typed by the number of minutes that you took in order to complete the writing. The result that you get is your typing speed.

However, there is one thing that it should keep in mind at the time of calculating your typing speed in this way. It is simply a mathematical formula that you should keep in mind.  Instead of dividing the number of words by the number of minutes and seconds that you took to complete to complete the writing, better convert the time that you took into seconds and then multiply the result by 60.

For example, you took 3 minutes 47 seconds to write 450 words. Instead of dividing 450 by 3 minutes and 47 seconds, which requires converting that extra 47 seconds again into minutes,  simply convert 3 minutes 47 seconds into seconds. So, you have to divide 450 by 227, as 3 minutes 47 seconds equals to 227 seconds. So show the result that you will get is 1.98 approximately.  Now simply multiply 1.98 by 60, which comes out to be 118. So your typing speed is 118 words per minute or WPM.

Formula to calculate typing speed manually
Formula to calculate typing speed manually

So, it is really simple to find out the typing speed without going online. But with the second manual method of finding the typing speed, you should keep one thing in mind. With the manual method, you cannot find out the accuracy of your typing and at the same time, the results might not be that accurate as it will be if you use any online website or any other actual typing test platform. This is because, most typing test platforms or typing tests are designed in a way so that the complete set of text that will be typing will have different types of words and you can get a more accurate typing speed rather than typing something from a magazine or newspaper, which is meant for information and is not written keeping typing speed test in mind. Otherwise, you can follow any of the two ways in order to find your typing speed. The second method might not seem to be most accurate, you can simply consider the typing speed by any of the above ways as your threshold actual speed and use it as a benchmark so that you can keep improving it in the future.

So, that was all about, how you can find your typing speed through a number of ways. Do you know any other great way of finding your typing speed? Feel free to comment on the same below.