How to create a mini sticker of yourself with Google Keyboard aka. Gboard

Nobody can deny, using emojis is a new way of informal communication. Whether you want to say something funny, or want to give thanks to your bestie for that mouth-watering treat, there will at least be one emoji for that. But today, informal communication is not limited only to emojis. Stickers are equally popular and are more attractive as they are big, clear, and obviously younger than emojis. It is also possible to get sticker packs with popular characters, making stickers even more popular. A year ago, Apple’s Animoji became the talk of the town for synchronizing your emotions with those cute animals faces. Well, if you are not lucky enough to own an iPhone, Google’s own Gboard can make your days shinier with the mini-stickers, which is kinda cool.

No, mini sticker, or minis, which Google calls the feature with love is not Google’s version of Animoji, but is a little different, and better. With minis, you can create a sticker with your own beautiful face. Just take a photo of yourself with Gboard, and let Google’s smart algorithm do the rest. Once your face sticker is generated, Google will automatically generate different facial expressions for different emotions, as well. So get ready to find out the animated version of yourself with Google’s minis. The service is now available for both Android and iOS, and thus, being an iOS user, why not give this amazing feature a try!

So, let’s get started with how to get Minis on Gboard.

The steps

Steps 1: Open a website or app, where stickers are supported. It can be a WhatsApp chat box, Facebook Messenger chat box or anything else and let the Gboard popup. Long tap on the ‘,’ button and tap on the middle emoji icon.

Making sticker with own face 1

Steps 2: The emoji tab should be open by default. Tap on the ‘Stickers’ button.

Making sticker with own face 2

Steps 3: Now tap on the ‘Mini’ icon, which should be the last one, and tap on ‘Create’.

Making sticker with own face 3

Steps 4: Now your front or selfie camera will open. Bring your face within the square, and once your complete face fits in, tap on the blue capture button.

Making sticker with own face 4

Steps 5: Now Google will use its artificial intelligence technique and will generate a sticker based on your face.

Though it is still not perfect. Just have a look at my face, and the sticker generated. Well, Google made me more beautiful, and I have no complaints.

You can either tap on the ‘CUSTOMISE’ button to customize various aspects of your face or simply tap on ‘Done’.

Making sticker with own face 5

Steps 6: You can change the shape of the face, your nose, hairs, and every other sense organs, except the sixth one with this tool. Once you are done, tap on ‘Save’.

Making sticker with own face 6

Steps 7: Now your very own, personalized, the mini stickers are ready and you can send it to your friends. Yes, it can be handy, when you are really frustrated with your work, but want to send that fake happy sticker, with your and only your face.

Making sticker with own face 7

Steps 8: Now on selecting stickers, you can send a relevant sticker, which is personalized with your face.

Making sticker with own face 8

This is really a cool feature that is introduced in Gboard. Hats off to it I would say. The process is simple. But I want Google to work more on delivering more accurate stickers based on the face of a user. That will surely make this feature a hot favorite and will help Gboard give a big blow to its competitors both on Android and iOS.

I know you will thank me later for this tutorial. Do you have anything to say about this tutorial? Feel free to comment it down below.