How to create multiple folders in Windows command prompt?

Although most of the users create directories using Windows GUI, however, if you want to make multiple folders at once, then use the command prompt. Here are the steps to follow.

Pro users always prefer the command lines to automate their works, because CMD looks creepy to new users but it is a very powerful tool in the right hands. That’s is the reason almost all Server operating systems users prefer to use a command-line instead of a GUI.

Create Multiple Folder at one using Windows Command Prompt

  1. Go to Windows 7/10/11 Search Box.
  2. Type CMD, when its icon appears click to run the Command prompt.
  3. You will have the command line. Now Switch to a location on your Computer system where you want to create multiple folders.
  4. To Switch Drive, simply type the letter of that Drive you want to Switch along with Semi-colons (:). For example, to Switch from C Drive to D, the command syntax will be D:
  5. Whereas to change the directory use cd command. For example cd foldername
  6. Finally to create multiple folders using the command line prompt either use md or mkdir command along with all the folder’s names. Example- mdkir foldername1 foldername2 foldername3 and so on…

To get an idea for all commands see the given screenshots.

Run Command prompt

Command prompt to create multiple folder in Windows 10 or 11