How to install VMware Tools on Windows 11 or 10 Virtual machine

If you have recently installed Windows 11 virtual machine on VMware Workstation player then download and install VMware Tools to get optimized performance.

After installing the Virtual machine, it is not going to detect the host display resolution, hence as we resize the virtual screen of VM, OS running over it will not adapt its res. Apart from it, few other core functionalities such as host to guest clipboard and drag & drop functions will not be there as well. To get all this with other functions for optimum performance we have to install VMware Tools on each guest operating system we are running. Here we know how to set it up for Windows 11 VM.

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VMware Tools installation on Windows 11 or 10 VM

The steps given here will be the same for all Windows versions running on VMware-free Workstation player software.

1. Run your Windows 11 or 10 VM

On your VMware player, select and start the virtual machine created for Win 11 or 10 operating systems.


2. Access & Mount VMware Tools CD

Once the virtual machine is started, click on the Player drop-down menu available on the top left side on VMware Player. There select Manager and then “Install VMware Tools” this will mount the virtual CD that holds the executable file to install.

Access Vmware Tools option for Windows 11


3. Start Vmware Tools installation on Windows 11

Now, click on the Folder icon given on the Taskbar that in return will open File Explorer. There double click on the mounted CDFS – Compact Disc File system.

Run Installation setup


4. Run as Administrator

As you double click on the CDFS, this will run an installer asking for rights to run the setup as an Administrator. Select the YES  button to give your permission.

Run the setup as administrator


5. Select Setup type – Complete

Select the Complete option that will install all the VMware Tools program’s features, so that you can use the same virtual machine with other VMware products as well, in case needed.

Complete Vmware tools installation on Windows 11 or 10


6. Restart VM- VMware Tools Windows 11 installation is completed

Once the setup of Tools is completed, a pop-up will appear to restart the system. So, that the configuration made by the Vmware Tools can be applied properly.

Restart your PC to apply Vmware tools

That’s with the help of this simple way we can install VMware Tools easily on most for the Guest operating system running on Player.