How to install Windows 11 on VMware Player virtual machine

Installing Windows 11 on a VMware player is not a difficult task, what you need is the Windows 11 ISO and Workstation player on your existing Windows 10 or Linux operating systems to experience this latest Microsoft OS. If you are not sure how? Then,  here is the tutorial to assist you.

VMware workstation player is a popular application to run virtual machines. It is free for personal usage just like VirtualBox. Its interface is quite easy to understand and also offers unattended installation for few popular operating systems.

Windows 11 is the latest operating system that is currently available as an upgrade for existing Windows 10 Insider users. Hence, there is yet not official availability of its ISO file, still, there is a way to download it to install Win 11 not only on Virtual machines but also on PC or laptops. The immediate improvement one can notice in the OS is its Start button placement and other Graphical enhancements that you can experience by yourself once you have it on your VMware.

Windows 11 installation on VMware player Workstation

The steps are given here can be performed on any current version VMplayer running on any operating system. Whereas the VirtualBox users can go for our other tutorial – How to install Windows 11 on VirtualBox VM.


1. Download VMplayer

First, we need this virtualization software on our respective operating systems. If you already have it then move to the next steps otherwise first download it from the official website and install the same. Whereas the Linux users can see our guide- How to install Vmware Workstation Player on Ubuntu Linux.


2. Download Windows 11 ISO

The next requirement to run Win 11 on any virtual machine is its ISO file. You can see our article in which we have shown how to generate the latest Windows 11 ISO with all updates using UUP Dump or form official Microsoft Insider Page (recommended one).  The method is very simple and easy to use to get the latest Insider Preview copy of Win 11.


3. Create VM on Vmware Player

I am assuming that you have both ISO and VMplayer, now run the latter one and go through the below-given steps to create a Virtual Machine for Windows 11.

1. New VM

To create a new virtual machine on VMplayer, click on the link “Create a new virtual machine” given on the right-side panel.

Create a new Windows 11 virtual machine on VMware player


2. Assing Windows 11 bootable ISO

Now, select the “Installer disc image file (iso)” option and then click on the Browse button. This will open a file explorer, navigate to the folder where you have saved Windows 11 ISO file, select it. And after that click on the “Next” button.

Add Windows 11 bootable ISO file


3. Set Guest OS Type

Select Microsoft Windows as OS type and in the corresponding drop-down version box, set it to Windows 10 x64 because yet we don’t have Windows 11 option here.

Select OS type Windows 10 on VMplayer


4. Name the Virtual Machine

To recognize the virtual machine on VMplayer, we have to give a name to our VM. Therefore, just set it to Windows 11 or whatever you would like to call your VM.

Set VM name and files location


5. Add Virtual hard disk

Although the Vmplayer will automatically set the VM disk space to 60GB, still you can increase it as per your requirement or what you are planning to do on Windows 11 virtual machine. After selection click on the “Next” button.

Assign Virtual hard disk size


6. Customize Hardware to increase Virtual RAM for Windows 11

For optimum usage of Windows 11 on VMware Player, set VM memory to 4 GB which is by default – 2GB. Hence, click on the “Customize Hardware” button.

Customize Hardware to increase VM RAM

Select Memory and drag the vertical slider to 4GB. After that close the window.

Increase Virtual memory

And finally hit the “Finish” button.

Finish creating Win 11 VM


4. Start Windows 11 Virtual machine

Select the created VM from the left side panel of the VMware player and then click on the “Play Virtual machine” link.

Start Virtual machine


5. Install Windows 11 on Vmware Player VM

Select OS language to install along with Time, currency, and Keyboard type. Well, in most cases you can leave the default setting as it is and simply select the “Next” button.

Start Windows 11 installation on Vmware player Virtual machine


Hit the Install button.

Install button Win 11

6. I don’t have a product key

Needless to say, it is a preview version, hence we don’t have the key. Thus, skip this step by clicking on the “I don’t have a product key” link.

Skip license key

Next, select the “Custom: Install Windows only (advanced)” option.

Custom Windows 11 Installation

Soon, the installation process will be started.

Installation in progress of Win 11 on VMware player

Once it is done, the Virtual machine will get started automatically. Follow the further wizard to install the OS.


7. Create offline Account

Well, I am not showing here the complete installation Wizard because it is quite simple and anybody can understand it. However, creating an offline account to use with Windows 11 while installing it can be tricky for new users.

Hence, when the installation wizard asks you to Add your Microsoft Account follow the below-given steps to create an offline account.

Click on the “Sign-in Options”

Windwos 11 sign in options

Select “Offline Account“.

Set Offline Account

Go for “Don’t Sign in with a Microsoft Account”.

Setup account without signning in Windows 11

Add username for a local account.

Add USername

Set a password for an above-created local user.

Add password

Once the installation is completed you will have a working Windows 11 operating system on the Vmware Workstation player to experience it.

Windows 11 virtual machine installation on Vmware Workstation Player

Install VMware Tools

Once the installation is completed, click on the Player menu option – select Manage and then click the “Install Vmware Tools” option.

Access Vmware Tools option for Windows 11

After that, go to File Manager, double click on the VmTools inserted CD. Follow the guided wizard to install the tools. Once the installation is completed, restart your Win 11 VM.

Run Installation setup



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