Explore the 5G technology: Advantages and Disadvantages 

5G or the fifth generation of the cellular network is the latest and the fastest global wireless invention in the world of cellular technology. After 1G,2G,3G, and 4G the invention of this 5G has taken the cellular technological world to a totally different elevated standard. Three new features which are added in this fifth-generation network are more bandwidth, wider channels, and lower latency. Till date, this is one of the fastest technology ever. It does not only have a very high speed but also has the ability to connect many devices at the same time and quicker downloads too. Let’s explore what are the 5G network advantages and disadvantages we get once this technology available to access worldwide.

What are the 5G Advantages and Disadvantages min

5G Advantages

5G or the fifth-generation technology is much more enhanced and progressive in feature than the fourth generation and thus it is beneficial and useful for the common man as well as professionals of different sectors like teachers, engineers, doctors, and scientists, etc.

  • Speed upgrades: Every wireless network generation has always surpassed the previous generation in terms of increased speed. 5G predicted speed is up to 10 Gbps and this is 100x faster than that of the previous 4G wireless network. This could be really time-saving. It could take just take six to eight seconds in its highest peak download speed to transfer a high-resolution video or movie.
  • Increased Bandwidth advantage: 5G wireless network enables not only a very smooth handling of usage spike but also allows greater optimization of network traffic. A large amount of data can be transmitted, much more than what was possible with a 4G network because of the tremendous network capacity and increased speed. 5G has also helped crowded venues and stadiums to provide uninterrupted connectivity to a large audience. For e.g. this can be very helpful for the audience seated anywhere in the arena to live stream their experience. With the advent of 5G connectivity and increased bandwidth, it has also become very beneficial and possible for different divisions of different businesses to collect huge data i.e. the information from suppliers, teams, and customers, and then can process and analyze it.
  • Low latency: The 5G wireless network offers latency which will be faster than human visual processing and will be of 1 millisecond (ms) or maybe lower than that also. Latency means the measure of time a signal takes to go from its source to its receiver, and then back again. Each wireless generation aims to come with a reduced latency than the previous one and this will also allow controlling devices remotely in near -real-time. Many new applications that use 5G are expected to evolve which will involve machine-to-machine communication and much quicker than human’s response rate. 5G wireless network’s lower latency is also beneficial in manufacturing, logistic,s, and agriculture. It is also very useful for gamers and for virtual reality and augmented reality applications since it will give an immersive and seamless experience due to improvement in connectivity.
  • Enhanced capacity: Another 5G advantage that is, it will help us to scale up the technology initiative of different businesses by delivering up to 1,000xmore capacity than 4G, thus paving the way and creating room for much more development. New applications in healthcare, logistic, transportation, retail, factories, manufacturing industries, cities, schools, and farms will flourish due to the enhanced capacity of seamless communication between hundreds and thousands of devices and thus pave the way to new methods of production and distribution.
  • Using 5G will make it possible to provide not only consistent but uniform and uninterrupted connectivity across the world.
  • Another benefit is 5G will also make possible for private network and heterogeneous services to be supported by technological sound.
  • 5G technology efficiently and effectively facilitates subscriber supervision tools for quick action ultimately leading to better results.
  • Apart from the industrial and agricultural sector, 5G is also very beneficial for the common man. They can have the facility of parallel multiple services, in the sense while talking with other people they can also know location and weather.
  • Handsets can be used to control PC.
  • 5G will also be a great help to investigating agencies in searching criminals because of easy monitoring and thus this will lead to the reduction of the crime rate.
  • 5G will also help in detecting beforehand and much faster any possibility of natural calamities and disasters like earthquakes, tsunami, or storms.
  • With the help of 5G technology, it will also be possible to explore and visualize planets, solar systems, the universe, and galaxy.
  • 5G network will also facilitate the accessibility to online education to children sitting at any remote corner of the world.
  • If someone gets lost, it will be possible and easy to search and locate the missing person easily with the facility of 5G.


5G Disadvantages

Every network has some disadvantages, so 5G. Even though 5G wireless network has been launched after much research and conceptualization but due to lack and lapse in technological advancement and security factors in many geographical locations, it’s not being able to achieve what it is meant to.5G has its own disadvantages and shortcomings.

  • There may be a need to invest in new devices since old devices may not be competent enough for 5G thus it will become an expensive affair.
  • In most parts of the world the technological support is not very strong, thus to attain the speed which its claims seem to be very difficult.
  • Lots of expense is involved in developing the required infrastructure and 5G technology and services need strong and larger infrastructure support to flourish. Services like communication, navigation, and sensing all depend on the efficiency of 5G which definitely requires strong infrastructure support.
  • Again, there are privacy and security issues that are of concern and need to be worked on. 5G needs to ensure the protection of personal data.
  • Research on the viability of this 5G technology is still going on. There are many countries that are not even using 4G and are still working with 2G and 3G technology.
  • There are also chances of an increase of cybercrime and other fraud with the efficiency of 5G technology.



5G or the fifth-generation network will definitely gear the technological world with a totally new experience altogether. But not to forget this will be a total success only if it gets the right support and good and strong infrastructure. With technology embedded at every level of 5G or as we say the fifth generation, it will be an advent of a totally new digital and technological world.


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