How to remove or unpin the People app from the Windows 10 taskbar

Windows 10 come offers a number of handy features. One of them is the People app. People app is not new in Windows 10 though. It was even available in Windows 8. But the new addition is the People app in the Windows taskbar. Most people do not need that. Thus, it is better to remove it and get some extra space on the taskbar.

Before finding out how to unpin People from the taskbar, it is worth knowing what it does. With the People app, you can easily get access to the people you mostly communicate with. It will be handy if you use Skype or use Microsoft Mail. Most people do not use Skype nowadays. Even if they do, it is easy to get into the app and initiate a call. It all makes the People app not so useful.

Though, in future, there can be additional possibilities with the People app. Hope Microsoft embeds the option to communicate with people in WhatsApp or Gmail in the future. If such a provision is there, the People app could actually make some sense. But as of now, it is a judicious idea to kick the People app out of the taskbar.

Removing or unpin the people app on Windows 10

Step 1: Removing the People app from the taskbar is easy. Just right-click on the taskbar.

Step 2: Unmark the option saying ‘Show People on the taskbar’. It will be instantly removed from the taskbar.

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Doing the same thing again will get you back the ‘People’ app on the taskbar. You will have to mark the option of getting the app though.

I am sure the geeks out there have already removed the app. But the tutorial is meant for not so expert users. Let me know if you found the tutorial to remove windows 10 people tray was helpful for you.