The Battle of music streaming services in India. Which one is the best for you?

We all are fond of listening to music. At least I am. Maybe that’s a reason you can find a number of music streaming services today. There are some, which are popular all over the world. Examples of Spotify, SoundCloud, etc. But you all know Spotify is not available in India. But don’t worry, there are some solutions. There are a number of music streaming services in India which are indigenous. They perform really great and serve the musical requirements of almost all the Indians. The most popular of them include Gaana, Saavn, Wynk Music and the latest Jio Music.

Each of the music streaming services mentioned above offer some special features, which fulfill the requirement of numerous users. But which one is the best? If you are fond of listening to Indian music almost all the streaming services mentioned above can serve your appetite. But are you fond of listening to some hard-core music? Are you fond of listening to some music which is not that popular in India? If so. You should read this article till the end. It is not only about the library of songs, music streaming services mentioned above offer. It is also about the features, which you can get and also the price of the premium subscriptions of the services.

So, without further delay let’s get started. And see some best freemium music streaming services in India.

Best music streaming services in India



Saavan Best music streaming service in India

Music Library: 4.5/5

Features: 4/5

Price: 3.5/5

Saavn is yet another music streaming service popular in India. With Saavn you can listen to almost all kind of songs which are popular in India. I mean regional songs. With Saavn you can even find a number of rare music collections from not so popular artists. I am fond of listening to such kind of artists and that is a reason why Saavn is my personal favorite. There is also a free and paid subscription of Saavn. With the free subscription of Saavn, the audio bit rate is limited to 160 Kilobits per second, while with the premium subscription, you can get 320 Kilobits per second.

Due to the massive collection of songs on Saavn, it is really my favorite. Saavn also comes with an inbuilt equalizer which is pretty handy. Most Android smartphones kill the background equalizer, making the sound mess up all of a sudden. But the equalizer on Saavn is embedded into the app. It thus, don’t relinquish the equalizer from the RAM, as it is tied up with the app. This is handy if you do some heavy multitasking while listening to songs on Saavn. For Saavn as well, the premium subscription is Rs. 999 per year. The premium subscription even opens the possibilities to download the songs for offline listening.


Gaana best music streaming service in India

Music Library: 3.5/5

Features: 4/5

Price: 4/5

Gaana is one of the most popular music streaming services in India. You can get almost all kind of India’s regional songs. It also covers music from different other countries and thus, you will not be disappointed if you are fond of listening to English songs. With the free subscription of, you’re supposed to get advertisements, and you cannot download music for offline listening. But advertisements hardly appear and that is something which actually makes the service impeccable.

Gaana Plus, which is a premium version of is offered at Rs. 999 per year. But on the Gaana Android app, the service is available at Rs. 399. It will obviously come with some limitations though.  With the premium version, you can download songs for offline listening. Not only that, you can listen to music at a quality of 320 Kilobits per second. But on the free version, the quality is clipped at 192 Kilobits per second. If you are fond of listening to some rare songs which are not that popular, you will get disappointed There are a number of artists whom you cannot get on Thus, if you are planning to listen to them on, better go for a different service.

Wynk Music

Wynk Muisc best music streaming service in India

Music Library: 4/5

Features: 3/5

Price: 4/5

Wynk is a music streaming service, which is favorable for Airtel subscribers in India. But that doesn’t mean you cannot use Wynk, not being an Airtel subscriber. Wynk is great for Indian music lovers but it doesn’t offer a huge collection of rare artists. Though it is better than Gaana for offering some rare collections of music, it is not as good as Saavn. The only advantage is that with the free version, you can get a music quality with the bitrate of 256 or 320 Kilobits per second, which is indeed good. The premium subscription comes with a price tag Rs. 99 per month.

With the help of the premium subscription, you can download music for offline listening. That is quite common for almost all the music streaming services. It will also let you free from the annoying ads, which pop up every time. The only thing I hate about Wynk is that it doesn’t offer any equalizer with the app itself. It also doesn’t allow the user to get the benefits of the stock equalizer, which come with almost all Android devices today. I wish the support for that is added soon.

Jio Music

Jio music best music streaming service in India

Music Library: 4/5

Features: 4/5

Price: Free

Jio Music is one of the best music streaming services, which is solely handmade for Indian users. Yes, it is developed by the Indian telecom market disruptor Jio. Though it offers some great tracks, you cannot find any rare musical collections on Jio music. Though I will not say, it is completely limited to Indian songs, but if you are fond of listening to a lot of English songs and songs of other languages, you might get disappointed. Jio Music is limited only to your smartphone. There isn’t any website to use Jio music from any web interface.

You can avail the services of Jio music as long as you are a Jio subscriber. You should have a Jio Sim card in one of your SIM trays to avail the service. Though you can also connect to a Wi-Fi connection for availing Jio music services, there should be a Jio Sim card in your smartphone. Another big advantage of Jio Music is that you can set most of the music offered in the app as your Jio tune. Other users will be able to listen to your favorite song when they call you, with the Jio tune service. The service is free for Jio users, the users can enjoy music at 320 bits Kilobits per second audio quality. Jio music offers the option to change the audio quality with the help of the stock equalizer on any Android device.

There are even some other mixed services in India. But they are not that popular or not that special. The existing services squeeze on your data is always a good idea to listen to songs from those services. With the help of such services, the artists can also get some royalty which will encourage them to make more such good music in the future.

Though, you can always try them out. Who can say it can become a personal favorite! Which one is your favorite audio string service in India? Let me know about it in the comment section down below.

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