How To Send Disappearing Pictures in WhatsApp

Ever thought of sharing a picture in WhatsApp to a random chat and as soon as he views it, the photo vanishes automatically. If yes, then you can simply do it right now, and for doing this, you need to follow this simple tutorial, therefore stay tuned till the end of this article.

  • Launch WhatsApp in your gadget.
  • Now, open the contact whom you wish to send a disappearing photo.
  • Click on the ‘Gallery’ icon located near the chatbox.
  • Now, select the photo that you wish to share.
  • Once the photo preview loads, just click on the clock-like icon present near the Add a caption.
  • Now, send the picture.
  • Once the receiver views it, the picture automatically gets eliminated or disappeared.

Send Disappearing Pictures in WhatsApp



What is WhatsApp?

It is a popular social media platform that enables you to share text messages, pictures, videos, and so on with your contacts.

Can the WhatsApp ‘Disappearing pictures’ be viewed more than once?

No, they get deleted automatically, the moment you view them.

Is there any way to save the ‘Disappearing pictures’?

Yes, there is one way, you can simply take a screenshot of those photos as soon as you view them.

Is this process paid?

No, it is completely free.