How to take notes using Telegram or Telegram X & access on all devices

When it comes to cross-platform messaging WhatsApp should be the first one that comes to your mind, but Telegram is also a great alternative you can go for and with its plethora of features,  you can even use it for tasks beyond just chatting. I am not here to talk about all the additional features that you can get on Telegram and not on WhatsApp, but I am here for a different purpose. There is something we do almost every day from time to time and that is taking notes. I am not talking about the long notes in college and university lectures, but I am talking about small notes, which can help us get reminded about something or sort of.

From time to time we come across small pieces of information,  and if we do not pay proper attention to them, our memory can easily trick us by forgetting that. It is then when we should take notes of small things so that we can find them whenever we find it important. When it comes to taking notes, we prefer taking it on a piece of paper or use some note-taking apps, which automatically get synchronized, obviously in this age of cloud computing, so that we can find it even on our computers. But except very few note-taking apps, most of them come with significant limitations and as we do not open them often, we might forget what notes we have taken. So so today I will talk about how you can take notes using Telegram,  as it is a messaging app that most people open up from time to time, and they can easily get reminded about the notes they have taken.

So, today I will talk about how you can take notes on Telegram and access them later on, even on your computer or laptop, or even on a second phone if you have one. 

Taking notes on Telegram

Step 1: Open Telegram or Telegram X app on your Android phone, and tap on the hamburger icon (the one with three bars), and tap on ‘Saved Messages’.

Open Telegram or Telegram X app and save messages

Step 2: Now, type in the text that you want to keep as a note.

Save notes on Telegram 20 (Small)

Step 3: If you want to keep a link or image as a note, you can also do that by sharing the item on Telegram or Telegram X, and then by choosing ‘Saved’, as the recipient of the message.

Save notes on Telegram 30 (Small)

When you are within the ‘Saved Messages’ chat, you can use the attach button to attach any link, contact, photo, video or document and it will be within ‘Saved Messages’ so that you can see the same later.

Alternatively, you can even create a group chat with only you as the member,  where nobody else will be able to see what exactly you are sending in that group.  

Saved Messages’on Telegram

You can create as many groups as you want, with only you as a member and assign a name to each of them so that you can send notes related to certain topics in each of them. For example, you can use one group chat with only you as a member for taking notes at your workplace, one as a bookmark for the pages that you want to visit, one for having a list of grocery items that you want to purchase, and the list goes on. 

It’s upon you, how many groups you want to create and organize everything so that you do not mess things up at the time when you want to look at something important. However, if you can keep everything in the conversation named ‘Saved Messages’, you will never need any additional solo group to keep notes.

Even though Telegram can be used to keep notes, as it is not a full-fledged note-taking app,  you will still need a secondary note-taking app for different other requirements. However, if you want to take some quick notes, this is the best solution for you. Telegram or Telegram X can be used for taking quick notes, which is something that we always take from time to time. 

Even if you do not take quick notes, it is not because you don’t come across small things that require noting the same down. Most people do not do that to not go through the hassles of opening the note-taking app. However, if you can do that with the help of Telegram or Telegram X, you will never forget the small things in your life.  You can even take notes on the Telegram Desktop app, exactly the same way so that you can later find it on your phone.

So that was all about how you can take notes using Telegram and Telegram X. Do you have any questions?  Feel free to comment on the same below. 

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  1. This is a pretty useful feature I didn’t know about. Thanks for explaining how it works.

  2. do you know how I can read notes in a group discussion? I am in a group and was told to read the notes, I just can’t see how to find them.


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