How to Enable Oneplus 3 USB OTG Cable Support

All OnePlus smartphone devices have Oneplus 3 USB OTG support but we really don’t know it. Before telling you how to enable that support in Oneplus devices: OnePlus One, OnePlus 2, OnePlus X or in OnePlus 3, I want to give you a quick look to OnePlus3 . It is the awesome smartphone both by design and configuration. OnePlus has announced it globally and get really tons positive review. It is a flagship smartphone which future proof with all the features required by a normal to the high end user. It OnePlus 3 has massive storage space i.e 64Gb along 6GB RAM . OnePlus flaunts AMOLED 5.5 inch Full HD display . There is no memory card slot in OnePlus3 so to full fill that shortcoming it comes with USB OTG support. But this feature is hidden and put people in chaos and let them think that it doesn’t exist.

You can use its USB OTG function to access files and folder from an external device such USB drives. It also allows you to connect the computer peripherals like keyboard, mouse, gaming consoles etc.

Many users have a Question in their mind : Does OnePlus come with USB OTG support?

The answer is Yes, it does.

Steps to solve the oneplus 3 USB OTG Pproblem


How to enable otg in oneplus 3?

Step 1: OnePlus 3 USB OTG supports the USB drives and here I m using 1TB Seagate Harddrive and it supports it perfectly. The main thing is that OnePlus 3 OTG will not work  if you just plug in a USB pen drive, you have to enable it.

Step 2: Open the setting option from the OnePlus 3 Menu.

Step 3: In the setting menu find out Storage and USB option and open it.

Step 4: After step 3, the storage will open. On the storage window, you will see three dots at the top right corner. Tap that 3 dots and you see an option called ‘ENABLE OTG

oneplus 3 USB OTG support

Step 5: Tap on Enable OTG option and plug the USB drive with the OnePlus OTG cable to OnePlus 3.

Step 6: Open the file manager and you will see your USB drive there. As you can see in the screenshot I have plugged 1TB Seagate USB drive into it and it works fine without any glitches.



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