How to transpose in Google Sheets? Convert rows into columns on Google Sheets and vice versa easily

When we have a raw set of data, it has to be modified or remastered in a number of ways to make it serve a purpose. That’s exactly when spreadsheet programs like Google Sheets, and Microsoft Excel come in handy. Among the several functions that we can do using Google Sheets, one of them is the ability to transpose the data. 

By transposing a sheet, it is possible to convert the rows into columns and vice versa. There are several use-case scenarios, when transposing a sheet can be useful, in both data analytics and everyday activities at work. If you are using Google Sheets, it is possible to transpose using the formula that is already built into Google Sheets.

So, without any further delay, let’s get started with how to transpose in Google Sheets.

How to transpose in Google Sheets web and mobile

Say, for example, we have some data in the sheet below, in the cells starting A1 to C6. Now, we want the same data, but transposed, in the cell starting A8.

Transpose in Google Sheets 10

So, the formula in the cell A8 will go as follows.


The result will go as follows.

Transpose rows and coloumns in Google Sheets

So, you should always write the formula in the first cell, and the entries in the subsequent cells will automatically follow.

This is pretty easy, but if you are transposing, you should do it in a new sheet to maintain the data integrity in the original sheet.

So, if you want the transposed data in the cells starting A1 in the new sheet, say Sheet 2, the formula in the cell A1 of Sheet 2 will go as follows.

Convert rows into columns

I did this tutorial on the web version of Google Sheets, however, the process is exactly the same on the Android or mobile version of Google Sheets. Unlike other functions in Google Sheets, where the application is different on the web and Android, you simply need to put in the formulas, in this case, and you are ready to go.

So, that’s how to transpose in Google Sheets. The process is, however, similar in most other popular spreadsheet programs, as well. Hope you found the small tutorial useful. Do you have any further questions regarding the topic? Feel free to comment on the same below.