Soon Meta’s Threads App will have a Web Version – But What will be Missing?

The all-new text-based app by Meta, Threads which is a close copy of Elon Musk’s Twitter (now X) was made available to the world on 5 July 2023. The app created a huge buzz as soon as it was launched and reached over 150 million downloads in less than two weeks of being launched. However, this success was short-lived since post achieving this milestone, the app’s engagement started deteriorating massively, almost dropping by 80% on Android.

The company has been introducing new features within the app post the decline in user engagement. They introduced the following feed which allows users to specifically see posts from the people they are following which was earlier missing since the app only displayed posts as per its algorithm.

And now, to attract more users, the Threads app is all set to get the most user-demanded feature, which is its own web/desktop version. The company announced that they have started rolling out the web version of the app which will enable the users to browse their Threads accounts even from their web browsers. The same was announced on Meta’s official blog post.

The web version is not yet available for all the users while writing this article but the ones who can access it will be able to like, comment, and post through their Threads account by logging in to their account on the web. However, the web version still lacks some of the important features that otherwise are available in the mobile version of the app.

Soon Meta's Threads App will have a Web Version

The Missing Features of Threads Web Version

The web version will not have the send posts to Instagram DMs features thus if you want to share a post directly to friends on Instagram DM, you won’t be able to, as of now! Also, the edit profiles option is missing from the web version so in case you plan to edit your profile, you will have to do that through the mobile app.

Another key feature that is inaccessible in the web version is the advanced settings option. The Threads web version doesn’t display the advanced setting feature for the users as yet so to access it, you will again head to the Threads mobile app.

The Persistent Threads V/s X (Twitter) Conflict

The Threads app gained massive popularity upon its launch as it significantly broke the fastest 100 million download records of ChatGPT. While some users were highly impressed by this new app, others criticized it calling it a copy of Twitter, and also less interesting. This also led to a strong rivalry between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg.

Threads was a direct challenge to Elon Musk’s X (Twitter) since the leading social media platform has been continuously facing the wrath of the users for its continuous change in its policies and the alteration of a few features. Amidst the continuous restrictions and modifications in Twitter’s content policies, DM limits, Twitter blue, and others, Meta introduced Threads as a platform that would grant users more freedom of speech and transparency.

The web version of Threads is supposedly another attempt by Meta to further challenge the established rival app and emerge as a better alternative to X. The platform has initially rolled out a basic version of the app to provide basic functionality to the users but will probably start adding other features and functionalities over time.

Whether or not the web version of Threads will be able to attract more users is still a doubt, the fact that Meta is constantly making efforts to improve the user experience on Threads remains undisputed.