Uninstalling the Phone Link App in Windows 11

Windows 11 apart from its fluid design offers a myriad of features to increase the user productivity and experience. Out of such features and apps, one is Phone Link which earlier was known as Your Phone. The key task of this Windows 11 default application is to provide an easy way to connect and access smartphone features and apps directly on the PC. It allows used access to messages, and notifications, making calls, and using applications via the Windows desktop. For many users PhoneLink is quite a useful application however others may find it not useful at all. Hence, if you are from the second category of users who want to remove the Phone Link app from the Windows 11 system then in this tutorial we learn a command to do that. 

1. Open PowerShell as Administrator:

Here we will use the command line interface to remove the Phone Link application from our Windows 11 system. Therefore, first access the PowerShell, to open it, right-click on the Windows Start button to select the “Terminal (Admin)” option. This will open the PowerShell with administrator rights.

Run Powershell or Windows Terminal

We can’t remove the Phone Link from the Settings or Control Panel like any other traditional third-party application installed on Windows. Therefore, we need to take the help of the Remove-AppxPackage command. On your PowerShell execute the given command and hit the Enter key. It will find and remove the YourPhone application from your system for all users.

Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.YourPhone -AllUsers | Remove-AppxPackage
Powershell to remove Phone link windows 11

3. Verify the Uninstallation:

After removing the Phone Link app to confirm whether it has been uninstalled or not, we can simply search for it in our Windows Start menu. It will no longer appear in the results.


All users won’t need the Phone Link app, hence they may want to clean and free up the storage of their PC by uninstalling the apps that are not required. Not only YourPhone even other system-inbuilt applications of Windows 11 can be removed using the command given in this tutorial.