Windows 11 Desktop and Keyboard Shutdown shortcuts

Want to shut down your Windows 11 PC quickly then here is a way to create a Desktop shortcut and how to use Keyboard shortcuts for that.

Windows 11’s usage is similar to Windows 10, hence anybody with some basic knowledge can operate it easily. Even the shortcuts you learn to use in Win 10 will work on the Win 11 as well…  Especially useful are the shortcuts, which anyone can easily apply. For example, you do not have to use the mouse to shut down the computer but can trigger the shutdown using certain keyboard shortcuts.

Alternatively, for those who want to use just a double click of the mouse to shut down the system then that is possible as well.  Here we will show you three more methods to be able to shut down your Windows 11 PC.

Shortcuts to Shutdown Windows 11

Method 1: Create Desktop Shortcut

Step 1: Anywhere on your Windows 11 Desktop blank space, right-click and then select the “Shortcut” option to create a new desktop shortcut manually.

Create a New desktop shortcut


Step 2: Create Windows 11 shutdown desktop shortcut. For that go to the “Type the location of the item” box:

For shutdown, type the following line and click on the Next button.

shutdown.exe -s

In the same way, if you want to create a Desktop shortcut to restart Windows 11 then use the given code instead of the above one.

shutdown.exe /r

Create Windows 11 shutdown desktop shortcut

Step 3: Name the created shortcut. Here we are giving it a name – ShutDown. You can assign whatever you want. Finally, hit the Finish button.

Name the Shortcut


Step 4: Assign an icon to your Windows 11 Desktop Shutdown shortcut. This makes it looks good and lets you also recognize it easily.

For that right-click on the created Desktop shortcut and then select the Properties option.

Open Desktop shortcut properties

Step 5: After that, from the shortcut properties, click on the “Change Icon” button.

Change icon for Shortcut

Step 6: Select the icon that you would like to assign to your shortcut. Here we are selecting “power icon” for our shutdown shortcut. Then click on the OK button.

Select icon

Step 7: Save the changes by selecting the OK button.

Assign icon to the created shortcut

Finally, here is the Desktop shortcut that you can use to Shutdown your Windows 11 with just a double click whenever you want.

Create Desktop shortcut to turn off Windows 11


Set Keyboard Shortcut for Shutdown Desktop shortcut

It may sound confusing but we can also assign shortcut keys to the created desktop shortcut. So, even without touching the mouse, we can run the created shortcut to shutdown Windows 11.

Step 1: Right-Click on the Created Shortcut

Step 2: Select the Properties option.

Open Properties of shortcut item

Step 3: In the Shortcut box, type the key combination that you want to use to trigger the Windows 11 Shutdown shortcut. You just need to press the keys one by one you want to use as a combination to Shutdown the system.

Step 4: Click on the OK button to save the changes. Now, we can use the Keyboard shortcut of our choice to initiate the shutdown process.

Set Keyboard Shortcut for your Desktop shortcut


Method 2: Windows Key + X Shortcut

Another method is to take the help of the keyboard to Shutdown Windows 11 PC without touching the Mouse. For that follow the given steps.

Step 1: Press the Windows key + X on your keyboard.

Step 2: Now, press the U key and then S to shut down your PC immediately.

Those who want to restart the PC instead Shutdown can press the R button instead of S.


Method 3: Using the Alt+F4 shortcut to shutdown Windows 11

Step 1: First of all minimize all the active programs using the keyboard shortcut – Win key + D. This keyboard minimizes all the open applications at once.

Step 2: We have performed the first step because if we press Alt+F4 while any active application then it will close that particular application instead of opening the classic Windows shutdown dialog. As of now, we have minimized all the active windows, now press Alt+F4, select Shutdown from the drop-down box, and hit the Enter key.

Using the AltF4 shortcut to shutdown Windows 11


These were a few common methods to shut down Windows 11 using shortcuts…


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