An Interview with Mr. Ashok Rajpal, Managing Director – Ambrane India

Founded in 2012, Ambrane India is one of the well-known IT firms in computer peripherals, Mobile Accessories and power banks. Headquartered in New Delhi, & the sales presence in over 393+ centers across India currently, the brand is reaching out to the customers with innovative products to challenge the status quo that Innovation comes with a price. Its PAN-India presence and online customer support infrastructure balanced with customer satisfaction, strengthens the core of its existence.

Ambrane has also come in alliances with leading ecommerce portals namely Flipkart, Snapdeal etc. and also the products are available with leading Retail stores namely Reliance digital, Croma etc. With rapid expansion in its network base the brand creates several touch points for the end consumers.

To know more about ups and down, and stratergies of Ambrane, we had an interaction with Mr. Ashok Rajpal, Managing Director – Ambrane India. Here is what we got to know…

Mr. Ashok Rajpal, Managing Director, Ambrane India
Mr. Ashok Rajpal, Managing Director, Ambrane India

What is the mantra behind the success of Ambrane, which helps to turn 10 lakh into 100 Cr turnover?

Well I firmly believe; our success formula has been undiluted as we focus on innovation and quality, balanced with affordability. This has reflected in our product portfolio which has expanded and also has led to a number of repeat customers. What we have gained today are not just brand followers but rather brand loyalists who are helping our brand to grow to the next level.

Which product category of Ambrane is giving more traction from the Indian consumer and why?

Undoubtedly, power banks. We have actually become synonymous to this category, not to miss this is one of the first categories we launched. We have stood strong despite growing competition in the market because of our quality and after sales service. We understood the mindset of Indian consumers who wanted the best quality at affordable rates and our offerings today resonate the same. Also our after sales service policy like No Questions asked Policy when a product has a defect or some other problem gives confidence to the customers. With changing times, we have made sure to modify ourselves according to consumer preferences.

Most of the products of Ambrane are affordable, how did you manage to do this?

One of the key reasons is “Make in India”, which we adopted early and before others could reap its benefits we had established ourselves in the manufacturing space. Our vision is to cater to the needs of masses as well as classes so we strike a balance between quality and quantity. With extensive online availability, healthy competition is maintained between portals in terms of price. Our supply and distribution chain across India is very well-knit that allows us to minimize overhead costs, thereby reducing the cost and maintaining affordability of products.

Ambrane has 20 to 30% of Power Bank share in Indian market, so what is your next target and strategies to increase the same?

Yes, we hold a strong market share in this space. Our next step is not just to continue our growth in numbers but to expand our product categories too. We promise to keep surprising our customers with innovation and quality. For this, we have already started working on technologies, some of which shall be the first timers in the Indian market as we envision to be seen as ‘An Indian Brand at par with International standards’.

How are you managing online distribution to far-flung areas of India?

We are thankful to our supply and distribution network across India who works round the clock. Our courier partners assure doorstep delivery even in far flung areas. Online listing of products on websites like Amazon, Flipkart helps us reach the remotest locations. We try quick shipping for every order as every order is a priority for us.

Do you have any product expansion plans? If yes, which category and why?

We are working on diversifying new product categories and have personal care in pipeline which shall be big news. We believe the personal care segment is largely untapped with only few players enjoying the monopoly. Our brand value and experience in the industry will help us in making this happen. In audio, we would like to offer products in Soundbar and home theatre categories too. Apart from this, we are also looking at Smart/IOT based devices in the category we operate. The future is technology and we are ready to be in sync with it.

Do you think the GST implementation and other business related steps taken by the government were helpful? Or would you like to suggest something to them?

Yes, certainly it is a good move. The “Make in India” movement by the government was a positive step and helped businesses like us to contribute and flourish. Similarly GST too moves in a similar direction. Earlier the taxes were paid multiple times and at different levels, GST has generalised many taxes in one and reduced the burden on business houses that reflects in the economic pricing of products eventually.

What kind of difference are you seeing between India and other countries’ market?

India and China are leading markets in terms of mobile phone users and accessories. In India price plays a key role, affecting demand of any product as many consumers are not even aware of the technological features. In western countries, awareness of product features and getting what you want from a product is of utmost importance. They don’t compromise their choice for price, which happens in Asian countries. A balance of quality and quantity has to be maintained in India to cater to the needs of people.

In Power banks, what kind of trends do you think are likely to be seen in the upcoming months or years?

The power bank market is rising mainly because of the rise in Smartphone adoption and technology in India. Apart from this, the low-price options available in the market and online are icing on the cake. The extensive internet usage also affects the demand of power banks as high battery consumption is a problem these days. In terms of innovations, fast charging devices and the ones featuring a compact design for handy use could dominate future trends.

At last, being a business veteran would you like to give some message to new start-ups of India?

Firstly honour and participate in “Make in India” movement even if you are starting a business at a small level, you will be supported by the government and appreciated by the customers in India. If you maintain price and quality balance with products, Indians are likely to opt for your products and don’t underestimate the country’s market, India’s demand market is huge. Believe in your vision when you start and don’t lose it even when you start getting successful. Value customer needs and provide proper service as customer retention is important to stay in the game for a long time. Be honest to your work and consumers, rest everything will fall in place.