Interview with Ms. Bhavna V, Co-founder,

In the bustling landscape of Indian e-commerce, where innovation and agility are paramount, Ms. Bhavna V stands out not just as a co-founder but as the visionary driving force behind Founded in 2022, has quickly established itself as a premier online marketplace for innovative on-the-go products, including the notable brands BluHeat and WARMEE. Under Bhavna’s leadership, specializes in unique pain relief and heating patches designed for modern, clean, and convenient living.

Ms. bhavna V Co founder
Ms. bhavna V, Co-founder, 

With a rich background that spans over two decades in entrepreneurship, Bhavna V has been at the forefront of several pioneering ventures before her latest endeavor with

She was the Founder of Motorsports and the first female owner of a direct selling agency for major banks and played a pivotal role in a boutique travel company. Bhavna’s academic credentials are equally impressive, featuring a bachelor’s degree in commerce, top honors in an IATA diploma course, and certifications in technical stock analysis and CFA Group 1.

In this interview, we explore the philosophy behind’s product design and strategic decisions.

Can you tell us about’s journey in the pain relief and body-warming industry and how it has evolved?

Since the inception of, we have eminently focused on bringing positive changes in the lifestyles of people around us and giving back to the community in some way or the other. Hence, the evolution of our products has always revolved around how we can improvise and add value to the pain relief and body-warming solutions crafted by us.

So yes, with a lot of learning, observing, evaluating, and researching, has made a mark in the industry as an unmatched platform for providing the finest warming solutions to our users. We have also expanded and diversified our product range, based on the trouble-causing area of the body, the purpose of use, etc.

What inspired to introduce products like BluHeat Pain Relief Patches and Warmee body warmers to the market?

The market is inundated with a variety of clothing alternatives for the cold weather. But at times, in extreme weather conditions, the clothing is just not enough to beat the cold. Even in certain situations, it is not possible to wear heavy clothing. For instance, sportspersons who are playing in the open, like cricketers or football players, have to dress up in their sports attire and cannot wear warm clothes like jackets or sweaters, even if they are playing in the cold weather.

Also, those attending winter weddings, need to be dressed in an attire appropriate for the event, leaving them with no option but to bear the cold. So we thought of creating a product that keeps you warm, irrespective of your clothing, and can be used discreetly in any place and situation. Products like WARMEE and BluHeat are your ultimate saviors when it comes to keeping your body warm on the go.

What sets apart from competitors in terms of innovation and uniqueness in product offerings?

By providing an efficacious synergy of science and innovation, our products deliver the most reliable comfort that our users seek for pain relief, as well as the need for warmth during their winter travels. Being crafted from absolutely natural ingredients, our products are extremely safe to use, making them ideal for children as well as the elderly.

Additionally, they do not require any external source of energy to heat up, as they are air-activated as well as portable, making them easy to carry while traveling. Our products render one-of-a-kind heating solutions for those seeking safe warmth and comfort in the cold. It is their versatile usability that makes our products a preferred choice for travelers, athletes, trekkers, and more.

How do body warmers like Warmee differentiate themselves in a market saturated with various heating solutions?

The various conventional heating solutions available in the market, are the ones that require an external source of energy to work. For instance, the hot water bags are required to be filled with boiling water, and the electric heating bags need electric power to work. Whereas, the warmers and pain relief patches available at are air-activated and work without any external energy source.

Also, they are portable and lightweight, making them easy to carry everywhere you go. They can be easily placed inside your clothing to work as a discreet source of warmth for more than 8 hours. This also enables the user to continue with their daily routine like working in the office or traveling playing a sport, etc. as there’s no need to confine yourself to a place for the heat and relief. So our heating and pain relief solutions surpass the ordinary methods and their relevant products available in the market.

Could you elaborate on the physiological mechanisms behind how pain relief patches work, and how they compare to other forms of pain management?

Pain relief patches work on the centuries-old and most reliable healing technique, which is heat. Our pain relief patches, when applied to the afflicted area, release slow and continuous heat for more than 4 hours. This accelerates the blood flow in the area, soothes the muscles, and heals the tissues, thus prompting comfort and speedy recovery.

Moreover, these patches are odorless and very thin, making them easy to use discreetly under your clothing without being seen. Hence you can use them at offices, social events, or any public place, and they magically do their work, while letting you do yours without any hassle.

In what ways does integrating sustainability and eco-friendliness into its product manufacturing and distribution processes?

The core ingredients used for manufacturing WARMEE and BluHeat are all naturally sourced and free from toxic chemicals. Hence, all our products are eco-friendly and safe to use. We believe and constantly work to bring a positive change in the lifestyles of all individuals with age groups ranging from children to elderly. also constantly undertakes R&D initiatives, based on our user feedback, to keep improving our products for superior and better performance in terms of usability and sustainability.

7. With the rise of e-commerce and online retail, how has the distribution and sales strategy for pain relief products evolved, and what opportunities and challenges does this present for brands like

E-commerce and online retail have erased the gap between the seller and the buyer, as things are now easily available with a click of a button. Moreover, it has led to the expansion of consumer’s appetite for everything, right from necessities to luxury goods. The ease of sourcing products from all over the world has opened up new avenues of marketing and sales.

This evolution has benefitted in many ways. We can reach out to a larger consumer base. People are now shifting from traditional pain relief methods to better and more convenient products. I strongly feel that the present-day scenario is very positive for brands like, as people have become more open and adaptive to new and innovative products. We look forward to an even greater upward surge in the markets in the coming months.