Dormio in India plans to invest 12 million Euros in the next 4 years- Interview

The Dormio, a Made in India Mattress and Pillows brand launched by the German Mattress Company Thomsen for Indian market. Its parent company Thomsen has been in this business for over 40 years and now want to improve Indians sleep with help of technology advancements. According to the Dormio, they keep trying to give their customers a peaceful sleep and in the direction of same they have launched a Pillow with built-in speakers.

After online food and fashion trends, the Dormio said its time to have your mattress and pillows online with just a few swipes on your smartphone.  So, to understand this new brand philosophy and how it will help the peoples, we had an exclusive interview with Mr. Anil Gupta, Chairman Thomsen Europe GmbH & Spokesperson from DORMIO India...

Mr. Anil Gupta, Chairman Thomsen Europe GmbH & Spokesperson from DORMIO India
Mr. Anil Gupta, Chairman Thomsen Europe GmbH & Spokesperson from DORMIO India

What inspired Mr. Anil Gupta to get into the Mattress business?

– Mr. Anil Gupta is in the textile business for over 30 Years
– Founded, along with his brother and brother in law, Hanung Toys and Textile Ltd. in India
– Founded, Joyfill GmbH in Germany
– In 2007, he saw an opportunity to expand the core business from textiles to home furnishings with THOMSEN


What attracted the Dormio to establish its business in India?

With over 40 years of experience in providing good sleep in Germany, THOMSEN set its sights to bring that same knowledge to India. Dormio ( was launched in February 2018 to bring the same high-quality product and designs to the Indian consumer at affordable prices.

  • 93% of Indians are sleep deprived, getting less than 8 hours per night
  • 58% believe their work suffers due to lack of adequate sleep
  • 11% take leave from work because of lack of sleep
  • 11% have fallen asleep at work due to a poor night’s sleep and 38 percent witnessed a colleague falling asleep at work

With numbers like these good sleep isn’t a luxury but a necessity. This is the problem that Dormio wants to solve in India.

What is your channel ecosystem or distribution network?

We want to create a distribution network pan India. However, currently servicing north India. We are available on offline platforms in different cities across India such as

  • Ethnic Kraft Furniture(New Delhi)
  • Drapes and spread (Noida)
  •  Harisons ( Lajpat Nagar, Delhi)
  • Swani innovation(Lado Sarai , Delhi)
  • Home 360(East Delhi)
  • Jagdish store(Delhi- Lajpat Nagar)
  • The Handloom Emporium(East Delhi )
  • Baghban Babosa (Pitampura, Delhi)
  • J.K Enterprises (Agra, U.P)
  • Harmony bath(Agra – UP)
  • Krishna Carpets(Chandigarh)
  • Sajawat Handloom (Yamuna Nagar) and various other stores.

We also active in the online segment to ensure that Dormio is within the reach of most of the Indian demographic


Services offered by the company in India

The hardcore services we offer along Dormio products :

  • 100-day return
  • Online ( and offline sales channels
  • Excellent customer support
  • Guidance and advice about sleeping right

We firmly believe that coupling a great product with the right service leads to an exceptional buying experience. With the product launch superior and easier buying experience are brought, offering premium quality mattress and pillows as per the international standards, at an affordable price.


Is there any plan of the company to launch some new products according to Indian consumer requirements in near future?

Dormio plans to introduce more products to the Indian market and we want to launch a new range of pillows created specifically for the Indian anatomy.


Business Model of the company in India

Thomsen, a German mattress brand launched Dormio (Made in India) into the Indian market at the Pop Street Lifestyle Exhibition and Fashion Show on 16th February 2018, with a plan to invest 12 million Euros in the next 4 years. The event took place at The Lalit, New Delhi. In 2008, the well-known mattresses and pillows maker German brand Thomsen (premium products) was introduced in India in 2015.

Now, with the successful launch of Dormio in India, special thought and care have been put into designing the products that promise ultimate comfort at an easily affordable price unlike any other existing competitor in the market. Considering everyone has a distinct preference the special needs of each individual customer are valued. The target demographic is primarily urban professionals who value their health and are also price conscious. With the utmost confidence in the quality of our products, Dormio is providing 100 days free trial. If someone is not satisfied, then they can return the product, hassle-free, with a 100% money back guarantee.

Are these speaker enabled pillows are totally safe for users?

Dormio pillows are made using Talalay Latex, which is the most technically advanced foam to be introduced in the Indian market. It is world’s most breathable comfort foam with temperature and moisture regulating properties. Tinnitus pillow contains two built-in speakers with 3.5 mm auxiliary input. It can be connected to any smartphone or mp3 device for anti-tinnitus sound therapy. These pillows are totally safe for users.

Serving also as a music pillow it relieves pressure and provides great comfort and support with its huggable soft feel. The pillows are specially designed to relax the shoulders and neck, relieve pain around the cervical region, anti-allergic, mould and mildew proof. Also, as it is audible only to the user there will be no disturbance to sleeping partner when listening to sound therapy/music.


What is the company roadmap to expand the business 2018-2019?

The main target of ours is to serve more people throughout India through a better distribution network across India. Also, we are planning to introduce more products along focus on organic growth.


What are the target segment and consumers for Dormio?

Considering each one has a distinct preference the needs of each individual customer is valued. The target demographic is primarily urban professionals who value their health and are also price conscious.


Would you like to put some light on the current growth of Indian Mattress industry and its future ahead?

According to research reports several domestic factors like increased income level, infrastructural development (increasing number of residential units and increasing number of hotels) help in stimulating the growth of Indian mattress industry. Usually, in the current times, the market is dominated by a substantial number of unorganized players like the street side shops. However, the market research predicts a slow decrease in the number of these unorganized players.

With time Indians have become both health and brand conscious and as a result, their inclination towards international brands is visible enough. High quality and contemporary products are dominating the market. Online portals can be a strong medium for retail sales of mattresses apart from dealers/distributors or own franchised stores.