“Spurt in buying Facial recognition system” Interview with Mr Manish Agarwal, Director, Secureye

While the world is adjusting to the effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the focus of companies and enterprises is shifting towards providing more and more contactless services. But inside the organizations’ peripheries, I am talking mainly about Indian health, manufacturing, outlets and other supply chains. It is yet not possible to deliver finish goods without a single touch of human and if some organizations have this capability, still they need someone to operate machines and for other administrative tasks. Companies can’t let their employees work forever from their homes, eventually, they have to come to the office once the lockdown gets lifted.

Hence, they need to be prepared for that, and that is the reason why there is a surge in installing face recognition for attendance rather touch-based or fingerprint systems. The fear of touching public surfaces sparked by the COVID -19 outbreak is spurring a shift from fingerprint sensors to facial recognition systems for allowing access to employees across offices in India.

Along with that temperature monitor, access control, hotel locks, or boom barriers are some other technologies businesses are adopting. One of the mentioned techs, which is also in demand right now is thermal scanning. It enables us to check body temperatures and, thus, minimize the possibility of people with the virus infecting others.

Furthermore, with automatic facial recognition, data from surveillance cameras can be used to determine who an infected person has been in contact with. In the context of the same, Secureye has already seen an almost 25% hike in the number of inquiries about facial recognition systems.

To know more about Secureye and how their security & facial recognition products are helping various companies in India; what are the products in-demand for the last 6 months and more, we recently had an email interaction with Mr Manish Agarwal, Director, Secureye, for a better holistic understanding of the industry.

Mr. Manish Agarwal Director Secureye
Mr. Manish Agarwal, Director, Secureye

“Mr Manish Agarwal, Director, Secureye, takes care of current Operations, Finances, Manufacturing, and Marketing of Secureye as a whole. Also, his role expands to Product Planning and Stock Availability. he manages the financial budgets and developing ‘quality and efficiency’ improvement methods. and he also ensures any issues or problems that may arise are repaired efficiently in order to meet the organization’s needs and to meet the output goals.”

How is security and surveillance domain performing?

The Indian Security Market is swiftly treading up the growth curve. With the ever-changing threat landscape, security concerns are on the rise. This is prompting organizations of all sizes to invest in security technologies and be proactive than reactive.

India being, one among the fastest-growing economies in the world at the moment, the security industry is expected to grow in tandem with the overall development. Further, Government initiatives like ‘Safe Cities’, ‘Make in India’, and ‘Smart Governance’ have also paved the way for a host of opportunities by opening up our country to indigenous manufacturing.

With the ever-changing trends in technology adoption, Secureye is restless to incorporate the latest technologies into their product. Secureye has come up with AI-enabled cameras which can do numerous tasks alone like – object mapping, human tracking, line crossing, heat mapping and face recognition.

To provide a perfect solution to smart policing and to curb nuisance, Secureye has brought Body-Worn Camera which enables security personnel to record live evidence of any incident.

Secureye emphasizes more on the development of better products and services – this will determine the way forward – some of them already revolutionizing the industry – such as HD Color Night Vision Recording, Ultra HD resolution, video analytics, cloud monitoring, et al, to name a few.

Which are the best performing product lines for the domestic market?

Secureye offers a long range of product across the Indian market that includes – Biometric Attendance System, CCTV Cameras, Access Control, Entrance Security Solution and Hotel Locks.

If we consider the trends of the last 6 months, Biometric Attendance, Entrance Security Products and CCTV segment are working great. We have seen a good surge in the number of enquiries for our products related to these product ranges.

In CCTV Domain products like – Color Night Vision Camera, Body Worn Cameras, WiFi cube cameras and number plate cameras have good requirements.

In Biometric Attendance System products like – Face Recognition System, RFID based Attendance System is doing good.

In Entrance Security Gates – Automatic Boom Barriers and Full Height Turnstile is going well.

In Hotel Locks – Bluetooth based Door locks and Finger based door locks are our hottest selling products for apartments and hotels.

How coronavirus is shaping the demand for facial recognition devices?

Since the World Health Organization and Government Agencies have started floating various precautionary measures to avoid the effect of Covid-19, corporate offices have started taking it seriously. From placing hand sanitizers to wearing a mask for their employees, they took all precautions to ensure safety. But yeah something even bigger was missing from the scene and that was Attendance Machine.

From the very first week of March, the number of enquiries related to face recognition devices has increased. Corporates presently using fingerprint recognition are ready to install face recognition machines for the purpose of access and attendance both.

Which industry verticals have shown more demand for facial recognition devices?

The increasing number of demands for face recognition devices is predominantly from corporate offices – either single location or multiple locations, manufacturing units and automobile sector. They are ready to install it as soon as possible and the companies having multiple branch offices are also ready to replace from their all locations.

And the best part is they are asking to replace Attendance cum Access control both and ensure facial recognition-based devices. This shows the level of awareness amongst the people all around and their approach to fight COVID 19.

What percentage of the hike is there in the queries and demand for facial recognition devices?

If we consider from mid of February 2020, companies have started approaching us for Face Recognition based systems. And we have seen almost 25% hike in the number of enquiries for face recognition-based machines. Our Sales Team present across the Nation are working on it to fulfil the requirement.

Has there been any surge in requests for use of face recognition in offices in last weeks?

Yes, in comparison to last quarter, we have seen a good surge in the number of enquiries for Face recognition. Almost 25% hike is seen and big corporates are asking for it to replace their present system of Attendance and Access Control. Also, Bluetooth based hotel locks are in demand for the last few weeks.

We have also seen a good surge in the requirement of the body-worn camera from various segment of industries across India.

What kind of solutions companies is requesting for?

Companies want to replace all their touch-based systems – may it be attendance system, access control, hotel locks or boom barriers. Now they want a touch-less system in all the above applications. And Secureye provides all these products to their clients.

What solution do you provide?

We provide – Face Recognition System for attendance, Facial recognition-based access control, Bluetooth based Hotel Locks and Apartment Locks.

Can you name a few companies who have reach out?

Airtel on record – have asked to replace 650 numbers of Finger based attendance system to Facial Recognition system across India.

SAIL – off record want to replace their existing fingerprint-based system to face recognition system.

And many small corporate offices from Noida, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Bangalore are approaching us for the same.

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