How technology has impacted the Media industry and added more value

Technology is a powerful sword that has made changes in everything and the media industry is not an exception to that. When technology has both positive and negative impacts on everything that we all can think of, the same is applicable in the case of media, and media is now more reachable to common people with the help of the technology and the internet that is now available almost everywhere in the world. The elementary aspects of media haven’t changed a lot nowadays but we depend more on the internet to consume content rather than reading a newspaper and watching the news on TV. 

Impact of digital technology on the Media industry

There is no doubt, reading newspaper regularly has its own advantages but that doesn’t mean, everybody stick to reading newspapers, as it is not possible for everybody, depending upon the work they do you and due to their everyday lifestyle and daily routines. With the positive influence of technology on media, it is more convenient for us to read the news, learn something new, and everything else that media has for us. So, today I will basically talk about how technology has influenced the media for good, and I will also talk about, how technology will keep influencing media in the coming days if it is relevant to the points why technology has a positive influence on the world of media.

Impacts of technology on Media industry
Benefits of Digital technology in the Media industry

More news online

As I just talked about it in the introduction, it is effortless for us to read news online on our smartphones or computers instead of reading the same in the newspaper as most people do not get enough time to go through the newspaper in the morning. Reading news on smartphones or on other mobile devices has encouraged us to get news as soon as they are published by popular news agencies. We do not need to wait till the news is aired on the TV, or till the time when we get it on the newspaper, as we can get the same on the smartphones that have allowed us to keep ourselves updated at every point in time. 

Furthermore, there are certain days in a year, when newspapers are not delivered due to public holidays or other reasons, but as we can get news on our smartphones through the internet, and thus, it is now not a big deal for us if our favourite newspaper is not delivered on a single day. Thus, it is easier for us to get the latest and revised news these days with the influence of the internet and Technology.

News from multiple sources

In the case of traditional media and newspapers, we can subscribe to a single or a limited number of newspapers at the same time. I will not go into detail, but most readers complain that different newspapers show the different viewpoints of the same story due to political biases or other reasons, and that is the reason, why they cannot know the prima facie of the story that they are reading. But with the advent of the internet in the world of media, it is now easily possible to read different versions of the same news from multiple news agencies. 

So, you can read the same news from multiple news agencies and find out the truth, or you can find out how exactly the different news agencies are explaining a particular story. There is always an advantage of reading the same news from different news agencies, as that will give you more specific information and you can get all the necessary information about a particular story as there will be a certain news agency, which will cover that particular information you are always looking for.

More freelancers and more individual blogs/youtube

In the case of certain news, there are a number of readers, who complain that most news is influenced by politicians, as a result of which they cannot get the correct news. Though the news, agencies strive to provide the most genuine information from time to time only after getting adequate evidence to print the same. But sometimes things can be too late and that’s why there are a number of bloggers and freelancers that can act as a parallel media to deliver the news.  

I am not telling that all the bloggers and freelancers that we all come across will give genuine information, but there is a handful of freelancers and bloggers who are quite reliable and they add more value to the media industry. Obviously, you should use accept the facts only after critical judgment if you think the information is incorrect. The freelancers and the blogs depend upon the internet to deliver news and other content and that is why the internet can be considered as a backbone for the new channel of information that is available to us through freelancers and blog posts.

Personalized content

Talking about traditional newspapers, you can get news about everything that you can think of from within the country and around the world. But there is nothing wrong with being interested in a particular topic, and as a newspaper has limited pages, you might not get more insights about the type of news that you are interested in. But that is no longer applicable in the world of technology when technology is having a massive impact on the media industry.  

Now it is very easy to get personalized content or news from different sources, and you don’t even need to do the hard work to find out the news that you are looking for. Your browser or news app will automatically understand your likes and dislikes and it will curate content that is based on your likes and the news that you have read previously. As I just said, there are a number of freelancers and blogs, you can also find topics of interest from the following content creators who are, in a way associated with the media industry.

Targeted advertisements boosting revenue

The media industry is backed financially by advertisements, and just like personalized content for the readers, the targeted advertisements for the specific readers are yet another way to deliver more useful and relevant advertisements to the readers. The days of printed advertisements, where you might or might not be interested in a particular advertisement, is gone, and targeted advertisements not only benefit the media companies but also the consumers at the same time. 

Advertisements these days are not just specific to the type of newspaper or magazine that you are subscribing to. Targeted advertisements depend on your browsing history, likes, dislikes and other aspects, and as these ads are personalized for you, there is more chance that you will click on the advertisements, which will, in turn, generate more revenue, and you will also get something that you were looking for, for a long time. Targeted advertisements have given a new financial channel to the media industry, which is far better and effective than the traditional mode of advertisements that is applicable in the case of traditional media. 

So, technology has a number of positive impacts on the media industry, and with more development in the technology, there will be further effective implementations of technology in the media industry. With the implementation of AI and machine learning in media, the media industry will see further improvements, and there is no doubt about it.

I kept away the trivial impacts away, like, it is easier to share the news that you are reading, with your pals, and the news is just in our pocket or on the desk with smartphones and desktops. Even trivial improvements have added some value to the media industry. 

So, those were the impacts of technology on the media industry. Do you have anything to say or add? Feel free to comment on the same below.

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