Amazon Launches AWS DeepLens AI Camera with Deep Learning

Amazon subsidiary Amazon Web Services has launched Artificial intelligence camera called DeepLens. The AWS DeepLens runs the deep learning models out of the box. The developers can also build cool apps while gettings hands getting hands-on experience with AI, IoT, and serverless computing.

The Amazon available at the price of $250 and on the software part it uses the Ubuntu 16.04 with preloaded AWS Greengrass Core, AWS Lambda, and other AWS AI. These tools will help the AI camera to recognize the different object, motions, and actions. According to the AWS, the camera even can detect the cats and dogs faces. Moreover, for flexibility, the device uses the framework such as TensorFlow and caffe2.

WS DeepLens AI Camera with Deep Learning

The AWS DeepLens AI camera is powered by the Intel Atom process which gives its the computing power of 100 GFLOPS. It has 4 MP camera that can capture the video of 1080P and the device can execute 10 frames per seconds of incoming video through onboard deep learning models.

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Talking about connectivity and storage, the AI camera has inbuilt 8 Gb storage and packed with dual-band Wi-FI, USB and micro HDMI ports.

The Intel clDNN library provides a set of set of deep learning primitives for computer vision and other AI workloads, taking advantage of special features of the Intel Atom Processor for accelerated inference.

Examples: How the AWS DeepLens AI camera works

The AI camera takes captures the video by using the inbuilt 4MP Lens enabled with the AI tools as shown in the given figure. Then the camera uses its inbuilt AI models to recognize the object.


AWS AI camera cat and dog dection models Deep Learning With Our New Video AWS DeepLens camera