Anchor by Panasonic introduces 7w Emergency LED Lamp to address the issue of power failures

Anchor Electricals Private Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Panasonic Corporation has today added Panasonic emergency LED Lamp – 7w to its growing LED lighting portfolio. The newly launched emergency lamps are backed by an in-built lithium-Ion battery that uses LEDs for illumination and are convenient to carry around. Competitively priced at INR 600, these lamps are a perfect solution during emergencies like power cut and failures.

The product aims to make the life of the consumers hassle-free, as it does not require an inverter or UPS. Panasonic emergency LED Lamps, therefore, are the perfect solution for consumers who do not use inverters and allows them to stay safe during sudden power cuts in homes and offices. Backed by BIS certification with burning hours of up to 25,000, they can also be used as a ‘flashlight’ by holding the socket, making them extremely easy to carry around.

Emergency LED Lamp, Anchor by Panasonic

Emergency LED lamps are the first-of-its-kind addition to Panasonic’s LED lighting portfolio, which serves a dual-purpose of everyday use and are an ideal backup in case of power failures. These LED retrofit lamps can be easily attached into any existing bulb socket, making them extremely convenient to use. They continue to glow even when the main electric supply fails and has a battery backup of up to 2 hours, thereby providing uninterrupted illumination to consumers.

High-efficiency LEDs have become the preferred user choice, especially in the emergency lighting segment. These lamps are an ideal fit for any part of the home like a living room, bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen. Consumers also get an extra benefit of one-year warranty along with the product.