AVerMedia launches EA713-AAMN PC box with NVIDIA Jetson AGX

AVerMedia which has been providing NVIDIA Jetson solutions since 2018 recently announced a new product to boost the various AI computing and developments of developers.

The launched Aver AI EA713-AAMN Carrier Board and Box PC Series of Avermedia is powered by NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier. The launched product is designed to cater to the AI-related heavy computing for different industries such as robotics and automation. As per the company, the launched carrier board will consume less power but gives high performance.

In terms of hardware configuration, the Aver AI EA713-AAMN comes with 2x M.2 Key M 2280 and 4x mPCIe slots alternatively for AGX Xavier for receiving various video inputs. It also has PCIe Gen2 x4 lanes thus the user or developers can install multiple combinations of video capture cards such as 2x M.2 Key M 2280 slots, 4x mPCIe slots, and 2x mPCIe slots with 1x M.2 Key M 2280 slot.

Furthermore, it can also receive inputs via HDMI, VGA, SDI, composite video inputs, and even dual 4Kp30 HDMI.

With AVerAI EA713-AAMN, software developers not only can design their deep learning software on this system but also can market their software and the system as a complete solution.

Aver AI EA713-AAMN

AVerMedia develops both fan and fanless thermal designs and technology for NVIDIA Jetson Tegra, Nano, and Xavier modules to meet the environmental challenges.

Furthermore, at per user request, the AVerMedia can integrate its in-house Mini-PCIe/M.2 video capture cards into Jetson systems. This can greatly help to expand the adoption of video input sources to SDI, HDMI, and A/V signal interfaces, besides USB cameras, IP cameras and MIPI cameras. AVerMedia also aims to provide one-stop shopping customization services, including H/W, PCB, chassis, BSP, driver, and ID/ME/UI design services.