Bluetooth 5.1 core specification officially announced

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The Bluetooth 5.0 has released in 2016 which features wider transmission distance (300 meters), lower power consumption, faster speed (2Mbps), and the ability to connect two audio devices at the same time and these are all the reasons why Bluetooth 5.0 rapidly gained popularity. However, the one step more advanced is already here now i.e Bluetooth 5.1.

This week, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) announced that Bluetooth 5.1 has been delivered to developers, and the most noteworthy of the new changes is the “direction finding” feature.

A new direction-finding feature in Bluetooth Core Specification v5.1 makes it possible for Bluetooth devices to determine the direction of Bluetooth signal transmission.

This new feature offers two different methods for determining the angle that a Bluetooth signal is being transmitted from with a high degree of accuracy. The two methods are called Angle of Arrival (AoA) and Angle of Departure (AoD).

The Bluetooth organization hopes to replace the Wi-Fi’s auxiliary positioning role with the 5.1 standards, which will help scenes that require location services such as GPS, including determining distances and even precise locations.

The Bluetooth SIG said that the positioning accuracy of 5.1 can reach centimetre level (currently 1 to 10 meters), and it will play an important role in indoor navigation and a quick search for the bracelet/remote control board.

Other features include an optimized GATT (Common Attribute Profile) to improve pairing and communication speed; a random channel index that helps avoid packet collisions ensures Bluetooth ad arrival rates and more.



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