ZAAP Aqua-Xtreme Waterproof Bluetooth Headphone review

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Well! undeniably, the headphone performed well in terms of treble and voice clarity plus the waterproof feature capability of the device gives it an upper hand against its competitors.


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The Bluetooth headset seems to be at a point of explosion, especially the wireless Bluetooth headset.  The market is full of wireless headphones and after Apple has started a trend of true wireless earphones, the audio industry has shifted its focus to such kinds of devices. Well! whatever, traditional wire and wireless earphones or headset are still prevalent and they will for a few upcoming years. It’s because of the low price with good quality. Today, we will take a look at such a very cost-effective wireless Bluetooth headphone from ZAAP.

ZAAP is a US-based manufacturer of audio products including other lifestyle products and accessories. It has been in India for quite some time now and already has a wide range of different portable audio products in the market. And one of them is ZAAP Aqua-Xtreme Waterproof BT headphone fortified with IP-X7, which we have been using for around 2 months and finally, its time to share our experience. In the review of ZAAP Aqua-Xtreme Waterproof Bluetooth headphone, we will talk about its built quality, things we get in its box, water test overview and sound quality. Let’s start first with its specifications.

ZAAP Aqua-Xtreme Waterproof BT Headphone Specifications

  • IPX7 Waterproof rating
  • Rubberized rugged body with NANO-X coating
  • CSR chipset & Apt-X tech made by Qualcomm
  • Bluetooth 4.1 for connectivity
  • CVC 6.0 noise cancellation technology
  • Multi-Connect
  • 9-hour playtime on a single charge as claimed by ZAAP.
  • Built-in Microphone
  • Multifunction button
  • Compatible with iOS, Android & Windows
    • Inside the box, it has a headset, Shockproof case, Extra Ear Tips (2 Pair), Micro USB Charge Cable and User manual.
      • 12 MONTHS International Warranty Card

ZAAP Aqua-Xtreme Headphone Design

ZAAP Aqua-Xtreme packaging is very compact comes in a small conveniently box in white colour with all detail and specifications of headphones and its rendering on the front side. The upper corner is for the location of ZAAP ‘s LOGO. The whole package looks very simple.

ZAAP Aqua Xtreme waterproof bluetooth headphone review

Both the headphone modules or divers attached to each other using a rubberized cable, flat in design. On the right driver of the headphone, you will find the control buttons. Apart from the side volume button to increase and decrease sound intensity; there is also one multiple-function button (MFB) that works as power on and off along with the handling of other functions such as connecting to some Bluetooth device; Answering, Ending and Rejecting of a call.

Aqua Bluetooth headphone Volume control buttons review

To turn ON the Aqua Xtreme just press and hold the MFB for 3 seconds and then at the bottom you will see a flashing of blue and red LED light alternately, turn ON your smartphone Bluetooth and connect the device.

Aqua Xtreme Bluetooth LED light

The body material of both drivers of the headphone composed of a rubber that gives it a rugged appearance and safety from any kind external rough conditions. Furthermore, for safety, the ZAAP Aqua-Xtreme Headphone has been certified with IPX7 ratings. Which means it has protection against water or sweat. Also, the company claimed that it has a NANO-X COATING which gives it some added protection.

Aqua  headphone review

In the box of the headphone, we also get two extra pair of silicon ear tips apart from the one which assembled and comes with the headphone. While running or doing some kind of physical activity, the traditional earphones have the propensity to pop-up out, thus to attenuate such problem, the ZAAP has given fins. While donning the headphones the fins adjust themselves over the ear to stop any kind of accidental fall.


For charging, it has a micro USB  port and a charging cable for the same is provided in the box. Furthermore, to carry headphone along where you want, the ZAAP is supplying a Shockproof pouch with special zipper lock for safety and portability.

Water test of the ZAAP Aqua-Xtreme Headphone

We submerged the headphone completely in a glass of water to check how much waterproof does the headphones are? For around 5 minutes the device was in the water and after we took it out for usage. Indeed it passed the water test and without any damage, we used it afterwards.

Water proof test of Aqua Xtreme headphones HEadpgone ZAAP water proof test Water ZAAP protection review

Performance of ZAAP Aqua-Xtreme Bluetooth

The physical performance we already have tested by using roughly and immersing it in water. Now let’s talk little about the main aspect of any headphone i.e audio quality. We used it listen to variety of music from high pitch to low pitch, treble and bass. Although the voice clarity in the headphone is great, when it comes to bass, the audio fidelity lovers might feel a little bit discouraged because of even in the high bass songs it disappears somewhere due to heavy treble. Yes, indeed the treble and voice clarity, will not underestimate you at all. Also, the sound stability was there neither on the low volume, it had loosened the gist of the song nor at high volume started producing shattering or cracking sound.

Furthermore, one thing which I would like to appreciate in the ZAAP Aqua Xtreme is its battery backup which was very good, in our usage, it gave us more than 6.5 hours on medium volumes which emphatically not as claimed by the company which is 9 hours but still great if we see its price.

Another thing that is connectivity, the coverage of this Bluetooth is as claimed by the company. If there is no obstacle in the room you can get easily 10 meters of coverage from the point where your source device has been placed.

While using there were no drops in terms of connectivity, yes the mic quality is great but the noise cancellation is subpar, it didn’t work well for us. During a conversation over a call, the other person can easily hear all the background noises.

One more feature of Aqua Xtreme wireless Bluetooth I would like to discuss is its ability to connect two Bluetooth fortified devices concomitantly. And, yes, we were able to connect two devices simultaneously, empathically, the user can only listen to one connected device at a given point of time. What we like is as you pause the playing of a song on one device it automatically picks the audio of other connected device. No problem at all.

Another thing which I missed personally is the non-availability of magnets ear drivers ends; that makes users switch off the headphones very easily and also save them from dangling unevenly around the neck while we are not using them.

ZAAP Aqua-Xtreme Waterproof Bluetooth headphone Review Verdict:

Well! undeniably, the headphone performed well in terms of treble and voice clarity plus the waterproof feature capability of the device gives it an upper hand against its competitors. However, when it comes to bass and noise cancellation it is subpar a.k.a below average. Thus, if your requirement is not bass and noise cancellation then you can definitely go for the Aqua Xtreme Waterproof wireless Bluetooth headphone. Moreover, the device is available on Amazon at 2,499, purchase, if you don’t like you can return it against your full money back in a given amount of time by this e-commerce giant.


  • Bluetooth range is good.
  • Very convenient with multifunctional buttons
  • Around collar, the cable is of good length neither too long nor short.
  • Rugged body
  • Waterproof
  • Voice clarity and Treble were good.
  • Microphone responds better than other devices in the same price.
  • Good battery backup.
  • Nice coverage


  • Average Bass
  • Noise cancellation didn’t work well while our usage.