Call of Duty Warzone 200 Player Battle Royal Mode About to Launch

Battle Royal Games have become very popular in the past couple of years, and almost all the major publishers have a Battle Royal game of their own. Battle Royal game created a huge market for competitive gaming, as well as such games, owns a huge field for the content creators on YouTube and Call of Duty came into the scene of battle royal games with their launch of Call of Duty Mobile, but that game was not a big success as a Mobile based Battle Royal game. But, since the launch of Battle Royal Warzone, it has been getting traction due to the popularity of Call of Duty games on PC and Console platforms for over the last two decades, the Call of Duty Warzone Battle Royal received a very good response from the PC and Console gamers. Due to various uniqueness of the Warzone, it has become a more viable choice for many of the Battle Royal lovers even over PUBG and Fortnite.

The 150 players battle royal playlist already made Warzone having the biggest lobby in a single match among all other Battle Royal games. Also, the re-spawning and getting back into the game even after you are dead is something which none of the Battle Royal lovers have ever seen before in other BR games.

Now the developers of Warzone, the Activision is becoming even more visionary about the future of the game. As they are about to launch a 200 Player Playlist for the Battle Royal Mode, to make it more engaging and more intense. As the map of COD Warzone is very big so for many players 150 players also do look a small number of players, to compensate that, the developers are about to introduce a 200 player mode in the game.

What do We know so far about COD Warzone 200 Player Playlist?

During the last week’s Call of Duty Modern Warfare Free Weekend, where all the players could have played the Modern Warfare Multiplayer Mode for free, there an in-game notice had been displayed, where the developers unintentionally announced about the 200 player playlist on their BR mode.

COD Warzone 200 Player Playlist min

In the above screenshot, if you look closely on the left side tab you can see the “BR 200” and “Plunder 200” mode options, but as till now, there are no such game modes in the Warzone. So, we can believe that those were an unintentional tease of the upcoming 200 Player modes.

What to Expect from the Warzone 200 Player Modes?

As there are no other Battle Royal games that are offering 200 players in a single arena, so we can expect that the fans would love it. Also, the 200 player BR mode and 200 Player Plunder Mode are going to create a hype for sure, due to which there is a big chance that many new players would be landing on the game. Furthermore, many players who have eventually left Warzone, due to lack of content, would also come back. So, the Warzone is going to face an overwhelming number of players and a huge no of the audience when the new model gets launched.

Personally, I am more excited to see the Plunder 200 mode as already the Plunder mode is a very different but very enjoyable kind of non-conventional Battle Royal mode, which is good for learning the game, also the mode is very-very fun to play. On another hand, it features even more hard competition within the game, and more intense gunfights, due to the increase in third-party intervention within an ongoing fight.

The 200 player Battle Royal mode would be worth experiencing especially for those players who are stuck within the PUBG, Fortnite’s 100 player, and Apex Legend’s 64 player matches. Due to intense gunfights and also the unique Re-spawning abilities the 200 BR and 200 Plunder modes would be the most fun Battle Royal gameplay one can experience.