7 Most Downloaded Android Apps during Lockdown in India

This lockdown period has taught us a lot of things and also made us a completely different sort of person. No doubt that the number of positive cases of COVID 19 is only rising at a rapid rate and things are going to get normal only after a proper vaccine is made, till then we have to continue our hide and seek with this deadly virus.

So, today, in this article, I have included some of the most downloaded apps by people during this lockdown almost all are available for Android and iOS platforms. Without any further talk, let us start our discussion. 

Ludo King

ludo king most downloaded game in lock down min

This gaming app became one of the hottest trends during this lockdown and I can probably predict that almost all of you might have played it with your near and dear ones. The pandemic somehow had a silver lining for it, as this app became the talk of the town, almost everyone went crazy for it.

This app is of just 46 MB, and it has got a lot for you. It brings the wonderful experience of playing ludo right to your fingertips. But some of the craziest things that led to the surge of this app are – its simple interface, fun-filled gaming experience, and above all you can play it with up to three of your friends.

All these factors led to the amazing popularity of this beauty among masses. Its craze is such that most of the time you will not be able to find an empty slot to play and might have to wait for hours. Therefore, if you still happen to be away from this game, then now is your time, get it, and then enjoy it with your loved ones. The in-app purchases range from 10 to 12500 rupees.

Zoom cloud Meetings

ZOOM Cloud Meetings min

This app was one of the most downloaded and used apps and also continues to be so now. This is an app used for video conferencing, so you might have understood why it was one of such apps. As, being confined in the four walls of our house, apps like it make it easy for us to communicate with all our friends, relatives, family members, and all the well-wishers across the different parts of the globe. But, now the question arises what makes this app stand out among so many video conferencing apps?

Let me explain it to you. First, let’s have online video calls with almost one hundred people at the same time at that too in HD resolution. Moreover, you can send instant messages, share pictures, audios, videos, etc on a single click. Furthermore, it is also very beneficial for all the corporates, as they can easily conduct regular meetings over this awesome platform and manage all the work from home stuff. One of the most majestic things about this app is that it is absolutely free and has got no in-app purchases.


Aarogya Setu

The downloads of this app created a world record ever since it was launched, as it became the fastest fifty million downloads receiving app in the world. This app was designed especially for COVID 19, to help people remain safe during this troublesome situation. It is an app offered by the government of India and contains all that the government wants to convey to you. You can self scan yourself and check how much safe or vulnerable you are from this disease, by answering simple questions to the chatbot.

Furthermore, it also gives you relevant dos and don’ts. You can also check the number of positive cases in a particular range of areas from your hideout. And, you can also check the total number of cases, deceased and recovered number of people in India, with the proper breakdown of all the states. It also gives you the warning if you come within the range of six feet of any person affected with COVID 19.


Mitron App 1


The desi version of TikTok, Mitron app rose to fame after the banning of TikTok came into play, which was very much necessary. This app gives you the platform to showcase your skills, talent, abilities in front of the world. The virtual world of thirty seconds is all that you have got and if you have what it takes then you can surely emerge to the top.

You can bring out the hidden talent within you from this awesome platform. You can act, sing, dance, do role play, or be a motivational or inspirational figure, and so on. The thing that you are going to like about it is the user-friendly and simple interface and all these are set to keep you glued to it.

BYJU’S – The Learning App

BYJUS – The Learning App min

This app also emerged to be one of the most sought out one by the masses. The trend of online education was gaining popularity and reaching its momentum and the COVID 19 just added fuel to fire and shifted almost everyone into it, even those who never supported it are now relying on digital education, as there is no other way out there. Byju’s has been one of the big names of this segment and has a lot of fanbases. You can get various courses in it, ranging from school and college academics to the hottest one – the government sector exams, where millions of candidates try their luck every year.

So, if you happen to be one such aspirant, then you can halt and have a look at this app. What makes this app more popular, it is the fact that it is endorsed by none other than the biggest superstar of India, SRK.

NETMEDS – India’s Trusted Online Pharmacy app

Netmeds most downloaded app in lock down

Apps of this category saw one of the most usages ever. A large number of people preferred buying medicine from digital stores rather than from usual physical stores during the lockdown. Moreover, these apps also gave various discounts, offers to the customers even at the times of lockdown which are quite not possible in the normal shops. And, the fact that you will get medicines right at your doorstep is another thumbs up.

Furthermore, you can make payment in your choice, whether cash on delivery or any digital mode of payment to avoid further touch and to go completely cashless. Moreover, the fact that this app most of the time has no slot left is not alien, and this shows the craze that it had daunted.


bigbasket most downloaded grocery app in lock down

The online grocery and related stuff sector also witnessed a massive surge in demand and even the people who hated this online method of buying things were forced to do it and believe me most of them became its fan. There are a lot of apps in this category, but no doubt that it is one of the best players in this segment.

This app offers you a lot of things for your household, ranging from grocery to breakfast, snacks, almost each of your eatable items. Not only that, but you also get it in multiple languages, so chances are high that it may contain your regional or local language too. Furthermore, it has its presence in most of the major cities of India, again you are almost sure to find your town in it. One of the most astonishing features regarding this app is that it has got no in-app purchases and is absolutely free.

Thus, these are the seven such apps, and if you happen to be away from any of these apps, then now is the time, get them in your smart gadget. Almost all of these apps are very useful, especially in the present situation, when the entire globe is going through a very tough time. Therefore, this is all for this article, I hope it was beneficial for you all.