Clubhouse is all set to make a comeback – What’s new?

The social app Clubhouse became really popular during the pandemic. People liked it because they could have conversations like podcasts, where they talked about things like making connections, career growth, and new concepts.

However, the excitement around Clubhouse didn’t stick around. In April of this year, the founders, Paul Davison, and Rohan Seth, had to make a tough call and reduce their team by more than fifty percent. They explained to their employees that the product needed to change and adapt to find its place in the world. This meant going through a period of transformation.

Now, the app has made a notable comeback. According to its founders, the revamped Clubhouse resembles a messaging app more than it did before. The most significant change is the introduction of “Chats,” a fresh voice-only chat platform designed for users and their friends.

This means you can have group voice chats, but they are no longer open to wider communities. You can set them to “friends only” or “friends-of-friends,” making them more private. As compared to WhatsApp group chats, Clubhouse’s user interface is more vibrant and personalized, which is likely a major selling point. The app has also undergone several other small updates, and some old features have been removed.

One noteworthy change is that live rooms are still a part of the app. However, Clubhouse seems to be moving towards a more intimate social setup, focusing on friends and personal conversations rather than larger communities. The algorithm, for instance, will give more prominence to interactions with friends. In a statement, it’s described as a significant evolution of Clubhouse, designed to make it easier for you to chat with your favorite people every time you use the app.